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  1. Thank you for your interest in Euro Exim Bank. I trust you are well, and in order for us to open your account please would you send us the following:- IF YOU NEED A BUSINESS ACCOUNT, THEN: 1) Company registration certificate 2) Brief description of the company & nature of business 3) Director's Address proof, ID proof (Passport copy) & Company's address proof 4) Expected T/O (Turn Over) of the company 5) Shareholders details (Full names, their addresses) 6) Company's email / Directors email along with contact numbers (Daytime & Mobile) 7) Certified true copy of the directors' resolution authorising the opening of the account. The resolution should also contain information on the signing authorities and the sample signatures of the authorised signatory. ** Attached form to be filled in ** Please also note that all KYC documents should be certified as true copies of the originals. IF YOU NEED A PERSONAL ACCOUNT THEN: 1) Brief description about the business & nature of business - IF APPLICABLE 2) APPLICANT’S Address proof, ID proof (Passport copy) 3) Expected T/O (Turn Over) of the business - IF APPLICABLE 4) Applicant’s email address along with contact numbers (Daytime & Mobile) Please also note that all KYC documents should be certified as true copies of the originals. Once we receive the above documents, subject to due diligence, we will be able to activate the account, for which there is a monthly charge as follows: USD account monthly charge - $30.00 EURO account monthly charge - Euros 20.00 GBP account monthly charge - £15.00 * * Minimum Balances on each A/C (& Penalty) - $1000 ($60) / £650.00 (£30) / €900.00 (€40.00) Each Outgoing Swift transfer will be charged - 2.0% / $40.00 / €36.00 / £26.00 or Equivalent to $40.00 Each Incoming Swift transfer will be charged - 1.0% / $40.00 / €36.00 / £26.00 or Equivalent to $40.00 ** Corporate account and special transfers will be charged at a higher rate. Account opening fees - $6,000.00 Annual Fees - $1000.00 If you have any questions or need more information regarding your account with us, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please note that all customers are expected to read and agree terms and conditions relating to account opening, (I have also attached them for you) including initial online account opening fees and other charges, which are available on our website. Also, please note that accounts come under the jurisdiction of The St Lucia
  2. Sorry for bothering but would it be possible to create Minecraft server for XRP just something like http://bitquest.co has done for BTC and DOGE? https://www.coindesk.com/minecraft-bitcoin-economy/ but with ability to also deposit and withdraws? If so I'll definitely start playing there
  3. This is clear misunderstanding of the question. Natalia didnt confirmed that xrapid is use for Propy's cross border payments but they use XRP as a payment option.
  4. May 2018 I was on holidays in Mallorca, I was there for 7 days in 4 star hotel with the most beautiful view and all inclusive (cause we all know all inclusive is the most important thing when you book your hotels) I have managed to make the best relationships with security gaurds so I was the one one who had access to booze after closing hours but how I went with one of them to brothel without knowing spanish language is another story this time I'll tell you how I crashed some wedding party. On my last night of holidays when I was already super intoxicated and pretty much partied with everyone at the hotel I went to bed but I coundn't fall asleep because somebody outside was playing music too loud. Because I was "little" bit too drunk I thought I will go there where the music is coming from and tell 'em to turn it down a little bit, but as soon as I have walked out of my hotel room I met one of the mates I was driving before and he was complaing how he couldnt get any alcohol at 1AM so I told him I had some connections and in less than a minute we walked out of dining area with full glasses of Mallorca's beers (I'm not a big fun of beers but those spanish beers are really good) we set down and talk about economics and how to run a business before he went to his room and I was back to a mission to "turn the music little bit down". After walking around for 15 minutes towards that music was coming from I have managed to walked into the most bueatiful villa in the forest where everybody was so drunk they didn't even noticed I wasn't from the wedding and as soon as I have arrived they stared making me my favourite drinks (vodka with orange juice 50/50) so I didn't tell 'em to turn the music down but up and we have partied till the sunrise I managed to dance with bride and had great time even tho there was language barrier but at around 6AM I realised it was time for me to go becasue I was supposed to leave my hotel room at 10AM and I had plane taking me back home at 2PM. For my surprise Mallorca in May is very empty at night and when I was walking back to my hotel room I didnt see one soul but I cant really tell beceause I remember only half way home before my film cutted off (maybe because they gave me few drinks on the way back xD). I woke up at 9:50AM only 10 minutes before I was suppose to leave with some girl sleeping right next to me and bunch of broken booze on the floor so I left my room with 100 euro on the bed in hurry super hungover barely making it to the airport. xD I dont think I will ever find out how this girl and that booze got to my room but the spanish wedding was mad!
  5. 2.) Weirdest “this one time I was intoxicated” story. In this case I pretty much could use every weekend of mine but this one time in 2012 when I turned 18 everybody was talking about the end of the world predicted by Mayan calender, and I thought it was great time to make The End of The World Party. December 21st of 2012 I invited around 20 people to my brand new rented apartment and they were the closest to people to me mostly friends and family members. I was ready to welcome everybody of them with 1gram of lemon haze 1 ninja turtle (120mg MDMA) and of course half a liter of the finest polish 40% vodka. But for my surprise over 150 people showed up which most of 'em I obviously didnt even recognise because they were over 20 and 30 and only I had some connections with friends of the "friends". And I was kinda worried they will demolish my place (as it usually happens) but for my surprise most of them brought their own goodies and they were the most polite people I have ever party with. Even when the police showed up to quiet us down at 4-5AM everybody started cleaning my apartment and quielty leaving and only few of the closest friends staying over. It was the wildest and the most organised party I have ever been at even tho most of those 100 people were total strangers to me and it was only planned for no more than 25 people. I would never expected that from people I dont know cause I know how some times I can be when I crash to some strangers 'party The End Sorry for all the gramma and spelling errors but it's already friday night and I'm way over intoxicated... I could also tell you about my resent holidays and how I crashed some wedding party in Mallorca xD
  6. It used to be 3% in first half of 2017. Compering it to BTCmarkets they have the lowest fees now.
  7. Well if nobody wants to express their feelings then I'll start. At the end of last week the only person I love had the breast cancer removal. The operation didn't go as well as planned and next the day she needed a new operation to remove hematoma that had created inplace of that 4 centimetre cancer. Meanwhile the crypto market has been evaporating and I had to pretend to her that I'm doing fine leaving me in this mental limbo. (Already feel better you guys should try it )
  8. Hey guys. Anybody feeling depressed about the current price drop or fear of XLM overtaking XRP or fo anyr another reason feel free to express yourself we are here to help I certain this is what we all need right now. (I know I should post my number so people could call but this is crypto space)
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