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  1. https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/xrp-price-underperforms-crypto-market-but-technicals-reveals-75-breakout-in-the-works-202103011939
  2. 😂 at least then you can be less of a target of ridicule and most importantly, you’d be well on your way to joining the BTC_maxi_club ! lol now back to the OP orig inquiry... not so sure conversion is anymore “safe” or even less volatile ! cold wallet whatever coin you choose.
  3. Yes, bad news for ledger on the leak for certain. They messed up but just as we are responsible for securing : maintaining our private keys & security thereof, let’s also be a bit more diligent, responsible and recognize a phishing expedition when/if it happens. Like what occurred with Ledger. These scams only works if you actively participate and fall for the trick. Surely we all have had a chance to help a president of some third world country bank to move currency for a long lost relative. Lol. When in doubt go to the source. DO NOT CLICK THRU, FOLLOW or otherwise res
  4. I don’t know about xummm, downloaded the app but never used it I store my XRP to Ledger Nano X
  5. Kinda like the Dec 22 SEC lawsuit vs Ripple announcement did..far from your suggested price projection tho @ .17 quite certain many folks would buy the dip, if it even comes close. Doubtful let’s not forget, this is the US SEC not the world....others have already addressed this, not bound by US regulation. UK, Japan, S. Korea to name a few Even so .... quite an interesting way of protecting US investors by your suggestion .... inducing panic selling which could harm more than it would help. Seems to me more nonsensical FUD tactics. best to HODL through the current correction
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