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  1. The rebound didnt even hit .5 and the rebound volume is pretty weak. There was a high volume on the second try to push the price lower and eventhough the 4 hr bars were red, they had big wicks and didnt really make progress. I was a little bullish with that but the volume off the bottom isnt what I'd like to see for a W bottom. Its going to be interesting this weekend. I bought the bottom but sold already. I'll be surprised if we are at this level by the end of the weekend.
  2. What better way to understand what people are doing than see what they are spending money on, where, and when and sell all that data? I saw an article where a few anonymous Chinese were asked about the digital Yuan. Responses seem to be unfavorable for the reason that people really dont want Big Gov to know everything. Its probably naive to think Visa doesnt sell my information though ): I dont know how anyone would want to feed the FB empire.
  3. HBAR hasnt been kind to me. Just getting back to my buy-in. Amazes me that it's taken a 55% drawdown from the high.
  4. I'm not a big btc fan, but I'll buy it in times like yesterdays panic. I believe that BTC will keep us in the bull run or move into a bear market cycle where nothing will eventually perform well. I've been bearish on BTC because I think there's too much profit to create a good risk/reward (short term) - the Elon tweet was all it took. Medium term, I've come to believe this is a correction wave within the bull cycle that will be the foundation for a final push to 75k or who knows how high. I've had a few ideas, but I came across this analysis today. It's worth a look because it gives a goo
  5. In XRP terms I agree. We are only down -1/3x against BTC versus -3x. The volume doesnt support XRP going up - only going down slower. Very few green bars above the average volume and many many red ones above. BTC is now in a correction wave. Every indicator shows that. XRP followed BTC's lead down today much more severely (25% in 13 hrs). XRP is technically in a correction wave. There's been a looming concern that we'd go back and test .70. Better get ready for that. I wish I had your optimism.
  6. XLM made a new ATH. XLM has lagged XRP this whole cycle. Too me, this is not good news. Last night, XRP wanted to pop, but someone was selling at 1.6 with enough to knock the price back all night long. When BTC dropped, XRP retraced from pushing that resistance. That said, the buying volume on XRP isnt very strong.
  7. I'm not very savvy with derivatives, but I was reading that the path of least resistance ensured BTC was going to stay below 60K until Friday. So, here is a question for the old-timers. Is the derivatives market having a different influence on BTC price than it did in the past? I've heard that the volatility is less than in the past, and could that be the result of big money managing the price to pay out the least in derivatives?
  8. I did a deep dive into XRP in Feb. I've read everything I can put my eyes on, and I'm really optimistic about XRP. My portfolio is heavily weighted with it. I'm concerned that I dont know the competition very well though. I'm not sure who the true competitors of XRP are. I've deduced that Stellar XLM, JPM coin, R3 Corda, Hedera (HBAR)and maybe Tezo's (XTZ). What do any of these (or others) bring to the table that XRP has to really be concerned about?
  9. I guess I read "external agencies" as relating to the MOU's. She didnt say external US agencies. Wouldnt the SEC have to read that as all agencies that arent internal? She also mentions "market participants" which are comm's related to companies involved with the sales of XRP. This, too me, ties even more close to the MOU's because the SEC admitted they used the MOU's to get information from foreign exchanges.
  10. I've noticed that at almost every UTC midnight for at least the last 3 there is an amount of XRP that hits the volume that is excessively high. I've always seen this as JED. I compare that volume and find its on the same order that I see people predict JED is selling daily.
  11. Shorts got rekt, covering is long over, FOMO was reset with the new day, and day traders will be taking the exit. I expected this sell off at the start, but I'm struggling see where the new buyers will come from until 56k (.5 fib). I'm texting them right now to put on the afterburners.... This would be a big springboard. The good news is that XRP and XLM seem to have a mind of their own.
  12. I dont agree that BTC is out of the woods. It has not broken the .618 fib. This will be the 3rd attempt. I hope it does because, too me, this will signal the possibility of a mid alt season...best case scenario. Its potentially a critical moment.
  13. https://youtu.be/XxCij_2cMYw You need gold grillz on that emoji or you're just a wannabe
  14. It's ironic that the SEC isnt just ignoring the reason they exist, they are threatening those they are supposed to protect. It appears XRP holders seeking refuge through John Deaton's work are also the enemy. More reason for the judge to understand the coinholder's predicament and reason to plead for a voice. It amazes me how they demonize Deaton as one who just wants to increase his web presence. I'm starting to have dreams of picketing the SEC with my sign "FREE RIPPLE". I dont have Twitter but maybe the equivalent would be #FreeXRP (or however you do a hashtag ) No...I'm serious.
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