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  1. Hi sorry I lost yo again yes I’m at that stage of the screen shot you sent regards
  2. at3n i have a new wallet now , the wallet that got hacked is full access is that correct ? thank you
  3. at3n, hi can thanks for your reply i have i have migrated too XLM but not sure to have it as full access I will create a new wallet now then I’ll go to community applications then I will get back to you, thank you for your guidance 👌
  4. H can you please guide me through this?changing the key with XLM regards, no pressure and if it doesn’t work,thanks anyway best regards
  5. I wanted to contact Flare network to report the theft and see if they could stop transfer to the scammers so was looking for the correct link so I don’t get scammed again regards and thanks
  6. Yes this is the Same destination address from my toast wallet 🙁 I was just looking at XLM you have been very helpful, cheers
  7. Hero, thanks again, I’m just trying to find out how to change disable the master key, struggling a bit😩 regards
  8. I have activated my Toast wallet again , if I change the master key to a regular key won’t the hackers be able to change it again ? Do you think Flare network will help if I inform the that I have been hacked thank you
  9. Can anyone tell me Flares address so I don’t get scammed again by someone else best regards
  10. Hero thanks for your reply, this scam wallet has my keys ( Droplet ) so doing what you have advised could stop them getting my Spark tokens? best regards
  11. What about my Spark tokens are they safe ? Or will this be taken when the time comes I move my seeds from Toast wallet so I could receive my Spark tokens. can anyone tell me if the Spark tokens will be taken as well also can I stop this ? Best regards
  12. This is the same address that my xrp was sent to, mine was taken from the Droplet wallet, the worrying thing is can they take my spark tokens when the time come ?
  13. I would much appreciate some guidance on a migration from toast wallet because I think I’ve been scammed, I migrated to a wallet called Droplet wallet. best regards
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