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  1. ohh ok now i understand.this was the peace i was missing.thank you. and last question,this is the app right ? xrpl labs ou.thats the one ? beacuse this app can easily be copycated with malicious intentions.thats one of the reasons i am scared of mobile apps and the second is that i lost some coins(not xrp) in a malicious mobile app after i read people recommand it .to me 99% of them are malicious.just want to make sure i dont do the same mistake again.thanks
  2. does xumm has exchange service ? can i trade it to bitcoin ? or usd that i can send to exchange site ? or i only can transfer xrp to another account (like xrp address in an exchange site)and activated this address as well and lose 20 xrp ? i downloaded the xumm app but i dont see trading options..so i will must make another address ?thanks
  3. i heard about this bithomp but i am scared to do a mistake and lose the coins.its not user friendly. at the xumm wallet i can use the old address ? does it have exchange service also ? do i have to write destination tag at the xumm app also ?
  4. i think i am gonna pass on gatehub with all of thier proof of residence and all the forms.so annoying. i will not keep it in the exchange. i just need a solution to get my xrp to an exchange website,from there i will trade and send those to a diffrent paper wallet. how can i get it on bittrex or some other exchange and lose only 20xrp ? you said i dont need a new wallet on other exchanges.how do i do that ? do you have a guide or youtube video ? thanks alot
  5. hello. im affriad of using unfamiliar code from the web.and i think phone apps are less secure.those the xumm have desktop version ? is there a web exchange that can do it ? is gatehub ok ? do you have another websites like gatehub? thanks very much
  6. hi all. i have some xrp in paper wallet and i want to transter them directly to an exchange site. is there a website where i can import my paper wallet and its also an exchange site ? i dont want to use another wallet and then send it to a exchage site because i will leave there another 20xrp and 40xrp total. i heard gatehub is a good solution.is it an exchange site also ? is there alternative to gatehub where i can import from paper wallet with the same address and use market exchage services ? thank you in advance
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