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  1. Magickarp

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    What are you implying? What does the FCA say? What does that mean for their(Euro Exim Bank) services? What does that mean for Ripple? What does that mean for XRP?
  2. Magickarp

    Opening bank account with Euro Exim Bank

    Ok, what clients do they target?
  3. So the title is a claim, the post says a tweet seems to claim it yet the tweet itself isn't posted? Could you please provide said tweet?
  4. Magickarp

    Price manipulation

  5. So a few random people on twitter = XRP Community?
  6. Magickarp

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    Welcome to fintech. Plenty of results imo.
  7. That movie was about stock brokers earning a commission on every trade, not about a company selling off portions of their asset holdings.
  8. won some, lost some, result is about the same.
  9. Magickarp

    New hardwarewallet from Ledger?

    is that the hack-resistant one?
  10. Magickarp

    Bakt delay launch date

    They can frame it how they want.
  11. Where does he state that?
  12. like cz says, google it. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/basecurrency.asp
  13. By definition xrp is now a base currency for trx and xzc on binance. Do you mean domestic currency?