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  1. Magickarp

    Ripple's UNL was updated again

    ice cold jets
  2. Magickarp

    XRP Quarterly Sales Growth

    Hmm according to Ripple: 39.997.634.397* * As of September 30th, 2018. Total includes business development agreements that are still pending. So it may already have passed 40billies
  3. Magickarp

    XRP Quarterly Sales Growth

    If circulating supply says anything, it increased from July 1st 2018: to September 30th 2018: 39.870.907.279 Difference around 608.000.000.
  4. Guys, cool the jets.
  5. Magickarp

    When's the Q3 report coming?

    And what will you do then?
  6. Magickarp

    XRP Voted as The Best Crypto to Buy Under $1

    Does anyone outside of crypto look at weiss ratings?
  7. Magickarp

    DZ Bank and Ripple

  8. Magickarp

    Brazilian Exchange Mercado Bitcoin to list Ripple

    Listing ripple shares? Nice! ?
  9. Magickarp

    DZ Bank and Ripple

    Why is what, the connection? People in crypto, and general too, have a nag to over analyse information. This may result in hype, expectations and disappointment Speculate all you want, I don't see a strong connection between a DZ Bank employee mentioning Ripple in a speech about blockchain and RZ Bank implementing xCurrent and xRapid.
  10. Magickarp

    DZ Bank and Ripple

    The author of the mentioned presentation, Dr. Udo Milkau - Chief Digital Officer, Transaction Banking, has talked about Ripple before. Wouldn't put too much thought/value into this connection.
  11. Magickarp

    DZ Bank and Ripple

    So, what are you trying to say?