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  1. I don't like the style. If you want your site to be a functional hub I'd read up on some web marketing and design principles. Your site as well as the designs look amateurish, which is fine, but slapping them on merch to sell seems like a money grab.
  2. Do they provide a source or quote from Brad for their claim?
  3. Wouldn't call that a hack, more like a bug exploit. Wouldn't want to have funds on that exchange though at the moment.
  4. As far as I know, usually the main reason for a company to go public is to raise funds. If XRP keeps on being successful I don't see it happening very soon.
  5. So how if 1 is true does 2 come into play? Why should Ripple be liable for people buying/speculating on XRP and the XRP price? The class period stated is from July 3, 2015 through the present, people who bought before 2017 should be in the green.
  6. CZ just keeping doors open in my opinion.
  7. Critical mass sounds cooler.
  8. Interesting to hear that, since Arrington's fund is denominated in XRP, it's more profitable for the fund that XRP's price falls than that it rises.
  9. What are you implying? What does the FCA say? What does that mean for their(Euro Exim Bank) services? What does that mean for Ripple? What does that mean for XRP?
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