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  1. Magickarp

    Get MemberBerry back!

    so he was banned for something he did on an other forum?
  2. Magickarp

    Get MemberBerry back!

  3. Magickarp

    Get MemberBerry back!

    why was he banned?
  4. Magickarp

    ING Launching on Ripple This November?

    why are you frustrated?
  5. Veel plezier, kan er helaas niet bij zijn.
  6. Get Kanye to speak at Swell, then we're talking.
  7. So she was gifted 1 bitcoin? 1 bitcoin for 1 post, not bad.
  8. Magickarp

    Weiss Ratings pro XRP tweet

    Looks like their twitter-account. Don't think they have any cred left though.
  9. Magickarp

    ING Launching on Ripple This November?

    Where is your source for this? Haven't read anything about ING looking into Ripple, let alone making statements about xCurrent.
  10. A little description might help instead of just a clickbaitish link.
  11. Magickarp

    New validator added to the recommended UNL list

    So when will the ledger be decentralized?
  12. Magickarp

    Ripple's revenue model?

    Like what?
  13. Magickarp

    Stefan Thomas Understanding Ripple

    Video is 2 years old, original
  14. Magickarp

    XRP Bounce!

    wow, I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight.