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  1. So this is a description of the Howey Test, how does this relate to your initial post? I don't see a point about digital asset/crypto sale in comparison to product sales.
  2. So how does this work, the writer puts his thoughts about what someone has said in quotes and suddenly it her quote? @wrongbenson Where does Lagarde mention XRP?
  3. 'Nominated to become president of the European Central Bank' Don't know if this basically means it's a done deal, but sounds like it.
  4. Why are you regurgitating old articles?
  5. If no likey, ignorey. That's how I filter this forum. Dreventures is cool in my book though.
  6. Blockchain sounds sexier than distributed ledger.
  7. I've taken my own precautions, but I'm just wondering if there are specific wallets/accounts that might have higher risk at the moment? Things like wallet creation date, viewing/copying secret on gatehub, use of Gatehub API etc What are the similarities we know at the moment?
  8. Did any of the victims with an XRP wallet at gatehub view or copy their secret? Just wondering.
  9. I don't like the style. If you want your site to be a functional hub I'd read up on some web marketing and design principles. Your site as well as the designs look amateurish, which is fine, but slapping them on merch to sell seems like a money grab.
  10. Do they provide a source or quote from Brad for their claim?
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