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  1. Hello RobertHarpool, Thank you for your short summary about the internal development of Ripple and the handling of the XRP on the escrow accounts. Without mentioning it, I assume with my forum post that these general informations, which can be read in some news articles and Ripple reports, are already known. But maybe it is good that someone has briefly bundled these informations again. What I'm about is the questionable use of the XRPs, which have been kept out of the free market and have been used for years to raise capital without XRP owners getting anything in return. Why
  2. Hello friends, I've been following the topic of Ripple and XRP since 2018 and I noticed that there is a lot of talk about the visions, the benefits and the expansion, but little about the tokens in the escrow accounts and the OTC trading. I have a few questions that I want to be answered. What is the legal status of the XRP on the escrow accounts? What legal obligations do owners of XRP have on escrow accounts? -> By that I mean Ripple, Mccaleb and buyers of XRP over OTC trading. I ask this because over the years, trading XRP from escrow accounts has been the prim
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