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  1. It would seem all major stakeholders are in agreement something is SWELLing behind the scenes at Ripple. Yet we are not seeing the movement north in the crypto you would expect right before a big announcement to take advantage of the opportunity. I guess Ripple stakeholders are cautious and the recent indicators with Ripple continue to expand their presence around the world with bank connectivity and a larger presence with new offices in many key financial areas around the world it would seem the currency's value has already taken these into account. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the incredible Coincidence of the timing and location of the major SWIFT announcement conference. Industry Insiders are suggesting there may be massive news in the works. What could it be? Possibly announcing a JV with Swift? Some type of Technology Exchange? Both Swift and Ripple making major announcements at the same time and location. It is potentially one of the biggest announcements in crypto's history. Ripple & SWIFT will announce a full-fledged partnership and a interbank payment sytsem linking SWIFT into the Ripple network. Connecting SWIFT would then connect every bank and payment service in the World including government Central Banks. Providing and facilitating this solution to the SWIFT network providers is the perfect scenario. This would be far more effective than convincing and on boarding each and every bank as World wide banks are connected to one current hub SWIFT. As we all know SWIFT is behind in developing an effective block chain solution. It only makes sense they would look to Ripple as the perfect solution. Where would XRP move to with an announcement like that..... well the sky's the limit and SWELL she goes.......
  2. Can someone explain why the Ripple XRP "Validatory Registry" https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators has not been upgraded since the 17th August 2017. It is now the 4th Oct 2017.
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