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  1. Intresting and 'shocking' report about the energy hunger of Bitcoin. "1 transaction costs the energy of >6 households (for a day). Total bitcoin power consumption is at this moment 0,08% of the Total world power consumption, this will rise quick the following years. Question remains how long will this be sustainable, when will the maintain costs become to high and Bitcoin will implode... Good times to come for our beloved XRP. https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption
  2. As ever a great enthusiastic and nice written article Hodor. it reasures me to hold my beloved XRP. I only want (and get) more of them every month.
  3. Last week thursday I deposited an amount fiat (Euro)/ sepa and It was confirmed next day (friday) 16:00 Amsterdam time. So far never had any problem with bitstamp.
  4. I don't think they sell secretly XRP, else the volume (marketcap) should already be higher.
  5. Still lots of fiat is flowing into XRP.. the best has yet to come.. Time is our friend.
  6. And all of that makes Ripple by far the most professional Crypto coin company. They can hire who ever the want and use their networks to. The founder of BC is like a mister anounymous Maybe wearing a huge sweater with hoody.. who knows? The banking scène has to be handled with care on a professional way, I think Ripple can do that from all coins the best.
  7. Bullmore nice name for a crypto editor. Let's write something about some a crappy altcoin as Bruce Bearmore
  8. ICO regulating will not be a problem for ripple.
  9. Momentum will come following month. First XRP will rise, so they have change of getting mentioned. Second we see an increase of ripple xrp mentioning on twitter. Also by normal non pure xrtpto twitter users. Third: SWELL and the news what will be presented there. When MSM gives XRP the attention FOMO will come in.. and then.... Merry Christmas and a nice end of year bonus for sure. However I'll Hold them all!
  10. Every month (paycheck) I'm more in. To get as much XRP as possible for the big rise will come. If only I had heard of it 4 months earlier. The n I would have almost 10 times more... Still the best time has to come. I'm a holder for long.
  11. The worldwide Google search for Ripple peaks, so finally XRP is getting knowed by growing amount of people. https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=%2Fm%2F078rys
  12. China will alway's have a "what's in it for us" mindset. Ripple must not give away anything to China (although a few XRP to play with isn't a problem). Don't give anything of your technologie away, as they can use it against you. China would be wise to invest in XRP as worlds biggest exporter they can make huge benefits from it. Also it's great to shapeshift a part of their multi billion (3 trillions total) fiat base to XRP, they could great things with it. In the slipstream our OWN XRP base will also profit. Only concern is Where do I get more fiat to get more XRP while it's still cheap...
  13. It would be huge. If China it selfs, changes only a small percentage of her fiat, to XRP. XRP could skyrocket to 1,2, 3$ or even more
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