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  1. First off, welcome Ather. I think you will find with this community most here do not spend a ton of time with idle speculation. All here believe that XRP will be worth substantially more in the future, as far as what that price might be exactly? who knows. I personally think that XRP, the XRP ledger and the company Ripple are some of the few doing meaningful things in the global marketplace today and that XRP has real world value and use cases, it's my opinion that when this market matures to the point that functionality wins out over speculation for speculation sake, XRP will come out as one of the biggest winners!!
  2. I use a nano S its also what I used to set up my trustline the the flare drop
  3. That silence you hear is me trying to process what you said, see the Newb in my name? I am confused buy your explanation but its not you JAS its me you are just speaking a little over my head is all.
  4. Yeah sorry I may have used the wrong word, I say exposed because I self-custody my XRP so having it all sitting in my Xumm wallet feels exposed to me personally is all.
  5. OK wow so for this I would need to have all exp exposed on my Xumm wallet for the time of the airdrop at least and also have the solo trustline set?
  6. all that really need done is to set up a trust line though to get the airdrop as I understand it correct? you can set a trustline in Xumm without moving your entire stash to that wallet if I am right?
  7. I dont understand why anyone would need to move their XRP from anywhere? its a snapshot, your XRP should be visible on the ledger no matter where you store it, am I wrong here?
  8. One of the members here Stedas has a great website where he breaks down all the XRP related airdrops and a lot of step by step on how to claim them, here is a like to his website and you can always just search for his posts here. https://www.stedas.hr/index-en.html
  9. First let me say how lucky I feel to be a part of such a wonderful community, that being said we have an opportunity to really make sure our voice are heard in congress and with our elected representatives right now. This is a link John Deaton has created that will allow each of you to send an email directly to the representatives for your area no need to look them up or the contact info for then the link does it automatically for you. https://www.crypto-law.us/connect-to-congress/ There are already over 5700 emails sent surrounding the manner in which the SEC is regulating the crypto space, please don't waste your opportunity to be heard! This is a copy of the email I sent earlier today it took all of about 5 minutes to make my voice matter. It is time the SEC is reigned in with regards to the crypto space, this regulation through enforcement is not only smothering innovation in the space but hurting hundreds of thousands of investors the SEC claims to be charged with protecting. There is mountains of current evidence showing potential conflicts of interest in the SEC surrounding what digital assets have been targeted and which have been given free passes, the current action vs Ripple labs is a prime example and one where over 50 thousand investors have already made their voices heard with a overwhelming objection to the manner in which the SEC is claiming to be looking out for their interests. As our elected representatives it your job to represent OUR interests, we ask you do so by bringing forth legislation to stop the mismanagement of the space by the SEC. The site automatically fills in the greeting to whatever representative is yours and places a sincerely blah blah at the end for you also, all you need to is fill in content body and send. Oh and for any of you unsure what prefix means when you fill out the form its Mr or Mrs Ms
  10. I just hope this thing makes it to an exchange at some point or never going to get any real adoption, I paid like $130 or something in gas fees for the same amount of the actual coin lol on MM
  11. Is there any talk at all of it actually being listed on any exchange ever? LOL
  12. Let me know what you get charged to move your DogeGF to ledger live I dont want to leave billions of my dogegf on MM
  13. ok brianwalden that was funny as hell!! but seriously that is way high right?
  14. so gas right now is like $135 to get $85 worth of dogegf
  15. Hey all, have any of you actually claimed your SGB tokens yet that self custody, Like I use ledger live with my Nano S on my desktop. If you have might you share the walk through you used?
  16. LOL, I would take $35 I need my wife off my back after three years Seriously though 35k seems little outlandish but probably going to dream of how I would spend it tonight!! Thanks
  17. This is incredibly frustrating for a number of reasons! 1st whether on purpose or not every extension the SEC gets put's Ripple further and further behind in adoption from a truly global stand point, not only are companies in the US waiting on clarification on the status on XRP but even companies outside the us are forced to take a second look before getting on board. 2nd The more time that passes without clarity around XRP the more time other projects have to target potential ripple clients or even try and disrupt previous ripple partnerships similar to Swift with MoneyGram. The more time Ripple is inhibited from being able to sell it's product which is meant to be global with out restriction the more time competitors have to copy ripples business plan and sales strategies, develop truly competitive alternatives, or otherwise just build a better mousetrap, sometimes you can have a better product but still lose out to someone first and bigger to market. This needs to end ASAP so Ripple can get back to building a company without having to try and do it with one hand tied behind their back and a huge question mark hanging over the status of XRP
  18. Just an FYI for anyone with a Trust Wallet, I was hacked somehow about 36 minutes ago and and had BTC transferred out of my wallet, I was not logged in, I did not click on or answer and phishing emails, I did not respond to any email saying my account was compromised, I got an email about a BTC transfer that took place on my Trust wallet, figured it may have been a phishing email, got my phone and logged into my wallet only to see sure enough I had been a victim of a hack.
  19. Question? I self custody my XRP on a Nano S, I did complete the process for claiming my spark tokens though setting up an ETH address for which to receive the tokens, I used the xrp toolkit walk though to complete it and I show good to go when I go to xrpscan , it shows me how many spark tokens I am set to receive. My question is what do I need to do as a self custodian to make sure I am set up to receive the songbird drop? is there a walk though out there like there was for the spark tokens?
  20. LOL, I am just waiting for the first drop! Not sure I should get my hopes up for a second
  21. I use uphold and have had probably 20 transactions with them and have not as of yet had any issues, this is over the course of about the last 7 months. Not saying I recommend them over any other exchange but I started using them as an outlet to buy XRP in the US when few exchanges would allow it and have found it easy and problem free.
  22. I Picture a XRP NFT more like bridge over a river of hungry wealth stealing monsters or something That or if an artist could truly capture a picture of hope for the future in some way? Something that depicts a family across the world separated from a loved member all alone working to send money home in order to provide medical care for a sick child or something like that, and the money saved by using XRP being the difference between getting care and getting a cure!! It seems a one in a million to one scenario I understand, but the reality is people all over the world are working outside of their native country and in a lot of cases doing so in order to better the lives of those they love and care for and and extra $15 dollars a week or more saved on transfers makes a tremendous difference, that is compounded on a national scale and only helps the economy of that country by having more spendable $ moving around. Cheesy I know but that is what I would hope a XRP NFT could convey in some way.
  23. Just wanted to say THANKS to you all, I was able to complete my claim last night due to the help you all provided. Truly great community!
  24. TYVM all of you!! you have been supper helpful, all but Kiwi, you just reminded me what a newb I am still to all of this
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