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  1. I see fascism went stronger under Biden. My feelings matter.
  2. Only I can predict it. Am I wrong? no. 1.07$. 100%
  3. S'okay, you can make fun of me np. All of your triangles are wrong. ALL OF THEM. All of your speculations were/are/will be wrong. You lol at twitter people posting triangles, and you do the same. XRP is 1.1$ today. 0.25$ tomorrow, 12$ in 25years. You're all wrong, you can not predict a crypto market. Bearish 100%
  4. I am 100%. Parameters are great, no need to reset them. It goes up, I make money. It goes down I make tokens. Any token. I was like you a HODLer. A noob. Never again.
  5. Making money on trade bots. And you dream on HODL. Maybe in 30years. Maybe.
  6. Hi. People still see it bullish? Bearish 100%.
  7. Fells good to be right. BEARISH. 100%
  8. March and April were bullish. May and June were bearish. July was a joke. August is fake bullish. Winter time is bullish time.
  9. This is what I'm talking about lol. You are even speculating at what price I bought my XRP. Where are your triangles of my portfolio?
  10. Okey let me get some triangles out and type some 1000word essay and then you'll believe me. Everyone that did that here, was wrong in everything so far. I'm just keeping it short and real my G. Bearish.
  11. I have no idea what you guys are seeing. I'm still bearish. Old coin as hell, and just 90c. Amazing.
  12. People saying XRP is breaking X number. This is it! We are going to 5$. Then it drops below X number.. This is it! if we hold it we are seeing X number again. XRP again breaks X number this is it! We are going to 5$. Things never change.
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