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  1. No idea why you all trippin. Still 100% bullish.
  2. I thought any crypto rising on its own, despite BTCs rise is a good thing. XRP hanging around this price is sweet. Still 100% Delegate SGB.
  3. Need to refresh this pessimism. Still, 100%.
  4. Interesting. 100k is 10years of work where I am from. Good thing I live in a poor country.
  5. Today's 100% was about going beyond 2$+. Money rules the world, politics moves it. Ok well, short story shorter... Energy cost went up, natural gas, electricity (just one of the reasons of my 100%) Triangles are lol, where were they when 4chan said there would be a massive short in May.
  6. Done. Bullish 100%. China did one hard idle.
  7. Weekend soon, bears are waking up. I'm on 60% atm for bear, China making waves. Np, np SGB is here.
  8. SGB will be the money maker. Start wrapping. Start delegating.
  9. Still not 100% for over 2$+ in Oct, Nov,. Will say, in a few days.
  10. People that blocked me, missed on 100% posts. Guess they weren't... certain. A lil joke, no? Ok.
  11. Read my other 100% posts, please don't quote me anymore peasant.
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