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  1. Daytrade4life. Holders gonna hate.
  2. We are going to hang around 1$ for years now.
  3. We going back to 0.25$, buy then. Not now. Don't forget ChainLink.
  4. Made money while I was gone. How's everyone on this dipping day?
  5. My shit country can’t see what I have on bitstamp. So I really don’t care. Nor will I pay tax, nor do I have anything on my name. Can’t take anything if I don’t own it. I would LOVE to pay tax. But here even the DOCTORS steal money (they log in to work, but they are at home). And noone is in jail. Total shit country. So **** them. Tax is mine.
  6. Don’t read this and think I’ve panicked. I sold all of my xrp and invested in other crpyptos. I don’t see it recovering for a long time. I’ll buy back later with the profit I’ve made elsewhere. Time is money right why I sold all? Cmon it’s xrp. Shit coins go up. We ge down down. Stay down. Maybe someday. Maybe. Was fun!
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