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  1. So we tripled in price right? XRP is still banned in the US. Means little I guess?
  2. Tbh, I totally forgot to set sell order after I bought the first dip of today. Wanted to get more, but hey maybe next time xD
  3. Anyways I'm angry (not woke angry) I missed this "dump" since I'm not only a hodler. I really want to maximize my XRP in value and in stock (when possible). Hard to cook (job) and play trade xD Hope someone made some cheddar from it!
  4. Dude, you're going to make me delete this forum. 100/0.002=50000, 50000*0.375=18750$. Please stop.
  5. Original. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just missed my shot at selling xD
  6. So why not daytrade then? Have a hodl stack. And buy/sell stack. I bought alot in this dip lol.
  7. Jump now. In a few hours. Need to sell and maximize profits!
  8. Time to buy xrp? Or It will go down moar xDD
  9. I guess if jokeDogecoin can do it, why not XRP. XRP soon 550$ haha
  10. It's going up nicely! I do wonder, if there are going to be 20% gains in a day again. I do make more money on those days
  11. But will it get to 500$ though? That’s what everyone is wondering. At the end people don’t curr about the tech.
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