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  1. Thank you for the response. This helps as I am just learning. What is cheaper? the XRPL correct? I want to create a bot to trade on the XRPL. I know how to create a bot on an exchange like Binance using the API, but where would I code a bot to buy and sell for the XRPL?
  2. Hi everyone, I am pretty new to XRP, and looking to get started. I am looking to create a bot in Python or any language that buys and sells XRP instanty. Where would I start to code this? On the XRP toolkit that is connected to a XUMM wallet?
  3. Is there a difference? I was going to buy some Spark Tokens (got XRP after dec 12) so I could earn interest on an exchange. I thought the Flare Network was unique, but is Kava Labs doing the same thing? Earn interest, farming, etc? It might be a little different like the exact interest earned, coins minted, etc, but is the overall idea the same between Flare and Kava Labs? Thanks!
  4. Last question sorry. I read this: How can I deposit or withdraw XFLR? XFLR is an IOU token and cannot be deposited into or withdrawn from your account. Deposit and withdrawal functionality will be shown as “Disabled” in your Poloniex Wallet. does that mean I have to wait until it’s converted into a spark token before I can move it to my wallet? Or will I never be able to withdraw and only can trade it? Thanks guys for helping an older guy just trying to catch up with this technology.
  5. So bitrue is selling FLR for roughly .3 per coin. Is that an IOU? That’s expensive if I need a few thousand. Polo is at .08 per coin. What’s the difference? Bitrue you will get the full coin and polo you get 15% upfront and 3% a month every month for next 2 years roughly? What a rip off haha sorry. I wish I could get a full coin now because when DAOflare airdrop comes I want to get the full amount not 15% and have to buy the rest.
  6. On Polo you will only receive 15% on the first day, and then 3% a month after that according to the Flare Network if I buy 5,000 FLR coins, I will only get the full 5,000 FLR in about 2 years according to the distribution, correct? Does that mean when DAOflare or any other airdrop comes I will only get 15% if I was only distributed 15% of my FLR coins? Or will I get the full 5000 of my original? Thank you!
  7. Big difference in price. Bitrue is .30 and ploniex is .08. I hear the difference in price is because On Polo you will only receive 15% on the first day, and then 3% a month after that according to the Flare Network
  8. Can anyone in USA buy FLR IOU? I know it’s on Poloniex, but US residents can’t buy it. I bought XRP after Dec 12, and don’t want to miss out on future airdrops. Looking g to make a purchase but don’t know where.
  9. Yes I am not looking for an airdrop of SPARK. I’m looking to see how much FLR is so I can buy it. What exchange can I buy an IOU at? Will it be cheaper or hard to say when it goes live. If I have IOU or if I have the FLR coins when it’s live then I can get DAOflare as an airdrop right even if I owned XRP after dec 12? Thanks! I know I’m not eligible for the airdrop for Spark but wondering if I will be eligible for DAOflare if I buy the coins. I just don’t wanna miss out on fee stuff going forward I guess. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you @brianwalden for your kindness. Took me awhile to read this and understand it so thank you. What happens if I bought XRP after Dec 12? Can you purchase Spark today? Or do I have to wait? I heard something about an IPO or ICO or something but not sure if I could purchase it. I heard prices of spark all over the place from .30 to $3.00 a spark coin. Not sure what’s true. If I purchase SPARK since I won’t get a free airdrop, will I be eligible for the next airdrop such as DAOflare, or will that only go to people who got XRP prior to Dec 12th. Many thanks excited to learn all this.
  11. When does Flare go live in Q2? Then I would get DFLR for free? is Flare and YeildFlare and Spark all the same thing? Thank you guys so much I am an old man and looking to pass something to my 6 grandchildren. My wife passed away, and we were both hard workers our whole lives in the painting and carpentry business. I would like to show my grandkids that our hardwork did something for them. Thanks eveyone!
  12. Nope, I only got in on Jan 2021. Oh well what can I do. I guess hope for another airdrop with a later date. Thanks everyone! I guess I’ll miss out on anything else they stack on top like DAOFlare and YieldFlare, etc. well that’s a bummer, but nothing I can do. Thank you!
  13. I am an investor in XRP because I believe in the technology and think it’s the future. I just got some coins last week. Can I still get Flare or Spark coins for free? What do I need to do to get them? Or is it too late? Thank you!
  14. Thanks @pascales! You guys are like family, I already love the forum. Thank you guys!
  15. Wow thanks everyone I appreciate it! I never expected anyone would respond, so I really appreciate it! I think I’ll keep it in CB for now since it seems safe. I agree I highly doubt SEC will say it’s a security now, just Ripple and the CEO will have to pay fines.
  16. Since I am from the USA, I am wondering if I buy ripple coins will they be safe with Coinbase? Or should I move somewhere else offshore? I am here for the long run until each coin is worth 100M USD. hehe,jk. But seriously if I buy some coins should I keep my coins in Coinbase or do you think after the SEC trial Coinbase or any USA company will say: XRP is now a security and you can’t move it or sell it? Any suggestions?
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