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  1. lol i was about to say the same. A 1,000 sat bull trap or a natural rise. It would be a strange bull trap thats for sure if it was one. I'm not even sure if that would liquidate anyone.
  2. Interesting why there is a huge 7 million xrp wall on polo and nowhere else it was actually 10 million to start and got lower no walls even near that on binance, bitfinex, hitbtc, or bittrex
  3. CEOs are more for the business side versus the technical side of things I would not consider him to be the source of information on how well the pilot is going until they are finished the pilot.
  4. When you think about it wouldnt this be the perfect time to dethrone BTC. Btc in a low range compated to ath, take a run at it even temporarily could shake up the entire crypto universe
  5. That makes sense too because of what i was watching. It was going over 68.4 cents on poloniex and then i looked like not even a minute or two later and it had gone way down and i was like thats quite a dump not sure if thats a sign its about go break higher now
  6. It went to 24 hour high before it dumped down quickly. Almost seems unsustainable like a quick rise usually is
  7. It doesnt even necessarily need to be an ATH. Get in before SBI takes it higher over this next month or depending how rich those 20k are maybe theyre the top 1% and the rest cant equal them, nobody really knows
  8. lol true. I guess in the border crossing application that's not the best example. I would almost feel better cashing out to fiat first beforehand leaving any crypto wallets locked away somewhere
  9. They can't seize your crypto any more than they can seize your bank account. It would have to be proven to be linked with criminal activity. Tiffany has deffintly got it wrong on this one. She is human after all. And if you hide the private key they can never touch it as much as anybody else.
  10. Aren't all markets always bogged down this time of year even stocks?
  11. I can do the following in Canada: Buy instant off coinbase then transfer using litecoin for minimal fees to buy xrp somewhere Several ATMs around me have now added litecoin and ethereum some are also 24 hours. I can go there and buy instant and not only that I can cash out unconfirmed payments instantly now at some atms that have lower limits
  12. without even reading it I can tell you that is not even possible. There's only 16 million in circulation and lots of it is locked up too.
  13. all in XRP no question at this price. Anything under 2 bucks all-in for sure
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