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  1. So today I needed to import a private key with around 14600 XRP on it and transfer the money to an exchange. I have a new iphone that doesn't currently have a wallet on it. So I went to the app store and downloaded the first wallet that came up. I did quickly google is toast wallet safe and the results said it was considered safe. So I went ahead and imported the private key and instantly before I could send to the exchange all the XRP was transferred to address: rnmmg1qsvjzitv5toy32dsh8zgdqsw6dzf which is a known scam account. The software company that produces toast wallet plus also does drop wallet. "Peninsula Software S.A.S. de C.V." https://apps.apple.com/us/app/droplet-xrp-spark-wallet/id1526070300#:~:text=Store.-,Peninsula%20Software%20S.A.S.%20de%20C.V.,-Designed So what to do now? I know the coins are gone but I have a new mission now, to get them taken down. Been buying and selling and mining crypto since 2010 and first time I've gotten scammed. What makes this worse is these weren't my coins, but a friends who wanted me to buy them because he didn't know how. This friend is in a bad situation and needs money now which is why I was converting them.
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