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  1. Lol one of the most cryptic message i have seen . Its like the new iphone or samsung teaser .
  2. Nothing Great just a regular post . I doubt anything new coming they just recently announced there product suit .
  3. I feel the reason XRP is going down is it has no strength against BTC . with BTC going up XRP is staggering . If XRP/BTC is strong . XRP/USD fill follow suit . If its week it will follow suit .
  4. I think what he meant was it is failing to break past resistance zones . Thats a really hard question . It is a possibility . Also a possibility is to drive prices down so that smart money can flow in . But if actual smart money is flowing in no one knows despite it being a public ledger .
  5. @brb Essential yes . Thats what i look at most of the time before i buy , sell . A site i like (but not all content is free) . https://hacked.com He provides a lot of statistics .
  6. Yea it could reduce spammer's because this cost's money it would be a legit way to keep open chat boxes and make them paid with a small fee(less than a text message for now . But if prices of XRP go up then that price may become something not everyone will pay for text.
  7. Hi, I am no Trader but i have the basics from my understanding here. Order books only denote the orders placed in that Particular exchange in your case Kraken . The best bet to check momentum is order books and bids(highest ,lowest and last bids). Although i know a lot of traders use MACD etc. indicators for momentum but you may need to devote more time to them as i did not (obv) . I guess if you are a day trader you need to study the market more thoroughly .
  8. $1 is a hard call . If SBI gets into using XRP then i can see why(any bank using for the matter of fact) . But upto this point its just is a liquidity asset and not a bridge asset (yet). But that is a great figure but i am not seeing a bull market just yet to support that claim. But let the speculation go on we will see what happens at the end of the year in a few month . and i really hope to see $1.
  9. Yea we are out of the downtrend but to be safe and sure i would keep $.20 as that marks the break out of downward trend and get rid of all that bearish market .
  10. New Product xVia . Allows corporations and companies to send international payments !! https://ripple.com/solutions/send-payments/
  11. Yup , hidden orders are only for big buyers and sellers . And i am sure there are a couple sitting behind .
  12. Oh we reached the moon already in May . But we crashed so we have to re launch luckily just from the space station this time and not from earth . I was hoping for a good base on moon before setting of to mars . PUN intended . Reference : Moon : 40c , Space Station : 13c , base : 35c , mars : $1 .
  13. Oh and Bitcoin was at $800 and ETH at $8 . Relatively speaking after spike compared to other CRYPTO.
  14. To be honest XRP is at its lowest compared to other crypto, where bitcoin is almost as close to its all time high after the recent crash. XRP was at .40 at its highest and if numbers speak XRP should at least have been at .25 as XRP did not have any problems like bitcoin scaling issue.Probably panic sells and underling no real use case yet . i highly doubt it will go lower but if it does .18 is a good support or .15 .
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