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  1. Is there really that much liquidity in the USD/Rwanda Franc corridor or do you suppose they tee'd this up with local payment rail providers / exchanges? Either way, super smart!
  2. Nah, it’s all true. I’ve known this clown for 30+ years. Wish I had gone in when he told me to. Now I barely have enough crypto wealth to pay for the fuel tab on the private jet. Lol.
  3. Seagate ... besides being a very wise move to own a bunch of XRP (if the rumors are true) - what is the Ripple/XRP use case for them? Do they have a need like an Uber or Airbnb to pay entities around the world, hence the interest? I'm trying to figure out if a pending Seagate announcement will drive any meaningful XRP appreciation.
  4. Just connecting the dots... https://www.pymnts.com/news/b2b-payments/2018/unicredit-real-time-payments-epc/
  5. Trading volume on Poloniex coming back with a vengeance...price popping upward. Hold on...and HODL.
  6. I cannot wait until Coinbase has some real competition here in the USA; they are terribly managed and in way over their heads. They will end up going down in history as the pets.com of 2018.
  7. I don't see any leadership qualities in this Justin Sun character. He may be brilliant but I can't see him leading his way out of a paper bag. Somehow he's attracted extremely rich and powerful backers (most from SE Asia) but that's about it. I watched the video AMA a week or so ago and it was painful / embarrassing for him. I couldn't stand it anymore and shut it off after 15 minutes. English being his 2nd language or not, he was terrible. He seems to like to talk about himself an awful lot and just about breaks his arm patting himself on the back. Why isn't anyone giving Tron crap for a pre-mined crypto (or ADA, or IOTA, or NEM, or Stellar?). Didn't Justin essentially fork the Ripple source code to create Tron? I still don't understand what their business plan is. If it's P2P or IoT, then it's only a matter of time before Ripple squashes them on both accounts.
  8. The way I read that post was that they can sell $10M worth of XRP per day for those looking to cash out. I'm sure that number will get higher as their liquidity pool deepens.
  9. Fair enough. My guess is these Amazon vendors will stop accepting returns since there's been such a sudden wave of paranoia. If you ordered from a Prime vendor, they probably are obligated to refund your money no questions asked.
  10. Since you already bought it, what I'd recommend is to configure it, enter the wrong PIN 3 times, and have it generate a new set of 24 words. That's the rough idea anyway but double check the FAQ on Ledger's website.
  11. OP, you ate every ounce of BS that the FUDsters fed you. Too bad, so sad. Good luck to ya!
  12. Looks like XRP filled up the tank full of haters' tears and now is using it as rocket fuel to climb back up.
  13. You're right; I should not have said libertarian, the correct term is (crypto) anarchist. Apologies.
  14. Like most on this board, I've been watching with great interest all of the developments over the past week and in particular the last couple of days. I've been scouring Twitter for any posts with #xrp #ripple #xrpthestandard and also watching the feeds from many key Ripple employees. Here are some observations: - Enormous amounts of FUD being spread by crypto-bruhs, bitcoin zealots, libertarians (destroy the banks!) and bots...yep, bots. - A special category exists for bloggers, journalists, and other high profile folks (e.g., Charlie Lee) and publications (e.g., Coindesk) who all have readily apparent biases and see Ripple/XRP as a threat to what they are "invested" in. It's hard to understand why people view this in such black and white terms - as if there can only be 1 winner in the digital assets space. The amount of vitriol towards Ripple is astounding and I can't recall there being this much animosity towards any other coin. Conclusions: - People are afraid of what they don't understand. - Entities with deep pockets are driving some portion of the online FUD campaign and fanning the flames. I honestly think these entities (individuals, corps, and even countries) are paying some of the groups in the above categories to wage this campaign. - Just HODL.
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