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  1. I think it's a turning point that we've been heading towards for a long time. But it's definitely possible that the incentive made an immediate difference.
  2. SWELL Debrief

    Imagine if that deal had worked out though. You also have to consider that we have evolved considerably since then.
  3. I don't know that I checked every one of them, but I am active in that Discord and the ones I checked were me.
  4. If you want a cryptocurrency that doesn't have anyone with the resources and incentive to spend money to promote its use, there are plenty of them.
  5. Any time the amount of XRP held by Ripple goes down, there is some dilution of XRP. If Ripple is releasing XRP in a way that doesn't produce direct revenue for Ripple, it would be because we believe the upside (in growing the network and incentivizing adoption) exceeds the downside (in dilution). Of course you can disagree with our calculations.
  6. XRP And Ripple doubt!!

    There is no guarantee or insurance of any kind. The value of XRP is entirely based on what people are willing to pay for it on the market.
  7. How would that work though. I receive a million dollar payment from Thailand and then I want to wire the money over a conventional domestic payment rail. What does the central bank digital currency do that we don't already have? We can already move USD and THB easily.
  8. This looks like just a payment system. Ripple is building payment systems because the existing ones aren't good enough for our use case. If someone else wants to do that for us, that's just one less thing we need to do to execute our XRP strategy.
  9. Unfortunately, I really can't disclose more than I have already disclosed. But I think I definitively shot down any "Ripple has to sell XRP to pay its employees and keep the lights on" claim, which make us very different from any ICO.
  10. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ripple-labs https://www.crunchbase.com/search/funding_rounds/field/organizations/funding_total/ripple-labs Number of Funding Rounds: 8 Total Funding Amount: $93,600,000
  11. The page was recently redesigned to work more efficiently internally. I suspect something went wrong in that process. I reported it to the appropriate people.
  12. Generating Keys on Ripple Site

    If you have access to a machine with node.js and npm, it's just about five lines of code: Save that as "coldwallet.js". Type "npm install ripple-keypairs" (ignore a warning about no package.json file). And then type "node coldwallet.js". Boom, you have a secret/account pair. For extra paranoia, run the tool a few times and don't use any of the first few results.
  13. I discussed it during my talk at Money 2020. Unfortunately, the video quality is poor and I talked way too fast. Here: The slides are here, starting at slide 107:
  14. XRP price time

    I'm pretty sure that's just looking at the price some fixed time in the past compared to the current price.