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  1. Nobody gives a fk about what you like or don't like. If people want to crack jokes on the forums about buying an island/country, then let them do so. You were the one insulting someone here, how dare you call him a supremacist. People like are a cancer to a free and prosperous society.
  2. There are very few people who own coins directly, but the number is slightly bigger if you add in derivatives like ETF's or ETN that are directly tied to BTC. I have a few friends who were too lazy to do the whole wallet thing who just bought ETF's instead.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Yes I agree the coin flipping example cannot be applied in an adequate way, it was more of a example of pattern recognition. Look, I understand what you are saying and you are right in your reasoning. Like I alluded to in my previous post, there is nothing "wrong" with these TA's in and of themselves. They work until they don't. But somehow everywhere I look around in crypto blogs/forums/YT and whatnot, almost everyone is referring to this pattern, "price will go to X because of this pattern in the past". All I am trying to do is reign in this line of thinking because people kind of take it as a guarantee that it will repeat itself, when nothing is guaranteed in the world of trading. Lastly I am not in particular directing this rant to you or anyone in this thread really, it's more of chance that I posted it here after seeing this sort of stuff all over for such a long time. Disclosure: Yes I am long XRP and believe price will reach much higher than it is today, but not based on repetitive patterns, but because of demand and utility fundamentally.
  4. People need to be careful with all these projections. I'm not particularly directing it to you but everyone who extrapolates the movements based on previous movements. There is no guarantee that it will move like that just because it has moved like that in the past. It's akin to the logic that I flipped heads 3 times in a row so the next flip will be heads. Also, with this flawed investment logic the price has to touch 5 quadrillion / XRP given enough time. It works until it doesn't. Don't base your investment decisions based on copying past TA performance if you are wise. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with these kind of analysis but they all rest on the very assumptive foundation that history will repeat itself. It might for a number of times but most certainly it will not indefinitely.
  5. I guess this is the announcement as it came 13:00 sharp, i.e. after lunch.
  6. Yeah, I have a faint memory that we did, didn't we? At least we did counting with all the 99,99 billion XRP in existence, one or the other.
  7. We're only $1B from overtaking the volume of BTC. Have we ever surpassed the BTC volume historically? I know we briefly overtook BTC mkt cap in January, but don't remember the volume.
  8. Judging from the price action this week after the 4 run ups we had, my guess is that price is consolidating in a range, like we saw. So that's what I'm thinking is going on right now. But in the end your guess is as good as mine, so either way, buckle up and enjoy the ride ?
  9. We were talking about this in another tread just a moment ago. Last time we saw XRP going against all other major coins was back in December 2017... It's too early to draw any conclusions, but in my opinion this wouldn't occur for no reason. Let's see how this develops.
  10. I've stayed pessimistic for 6 months, hence not posting. But something unusual is brewing judging from the price action, I can't remember seeing this price action in XRP in relation to all other coins since, well, December 2017. Not getting my hopes up, just pointing out the anomaly ?
  11. Hi, Haven't been posting in a long time, but been reading on the forums and following the XRP price during these bear market months. As I'm writing this, something has gotten me quite excited, look at CMC, XRP is diverging big time from all other cryptos. Right now 2%+ up whereas others are down 3-6%. I haven't seen this in a many months. So take into account that SBI might have gone live with their testing and adding XRP as base currency as well as many other good news the last weeks, it looks like someone knows something about something. Anyhow, hope you guys are doing well, and I can't wait to sit in the live chat again with you guys posting dancing bananas ?
  12. Warg

    Day Trading

    You can trade XRP against the fiat EUR and USD. The most common site where you could trade XRP directly vs dollars would be like Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitfinex You can look at this site to see all the different markets and trading pairs. Good luck! https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets
  13. People rarely mention the crucial aspect of XRP being a deflationary coin. For every transaction of XRP, a small amount is destroyed. So far around 7-8 million XRP's have been destroyed and who knows how many will be destroyed in the future. There does not and will never exist 100billion coins again. The point is though that for every passing second, there are fewer and fewer XRP's in circulation and this is one of my favourite aspects of XRP.
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