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  1. The ignore button is quite helpful in such instances.
  2. Would you mind keeping us posted on SOLO and post the one or the other chart with some comments once the airdrop is through? Much appreciate your insights as always.
  3. Fantom's 6.5b market cap is about 50 times too high for my taste. 20-50mio is what I look for, which is why I moved 1/3 of my XRP holdings into Covalent (CQT). The hope is that they become a multi billion project, which would be at least a 40x from here.
  4. did you? I still got nothing. I wasn't holding any SOLO to begin with. You got those SOLO based on the XRP you were holding?
  5. @Eric123Thank you for your continuing analysis throughout this entire year. I wish you all the best for next year and hope to read your posts in 2022 as well. They are very much appreciated and it's part of my evening routine to check in and see what your thoughts are. I wish all of us big green candles for each and every coin we hold.
  6. RSI is diverging from price by printing higher lows. Once we break through resistance, reversal will be assumed to be complete. I'm going out on a limb here and calling it now. Let's see if I'm right. There's always a chance of an overnight spike down. This is crypto after all...
  7. @Eric123 I'm calling the bottom on this sell-off. MINA is pumping as I write, XRP, too. That was it. I think we're in recovery mode.
  8. I work for a USD 500billion+ Asset Management company and your comment reads like an excerpt of the monthly letters we send out to our investors. Well done.
  9. What would the possible outcomes of such reevaluation be, assuming BTC is at say $95k by end of 22Q1? (say it got to 95k without much price actions and has been on a bit of a random walk path to that price)
  10. "backtest" means testing a set of trading rules on historical data in order to determine the profitability of said rules. What you refer to is a "re-test" of a previously relevant price point/area. Sorry to be the school teacher here. BlockchainBacker also mixes up these two. Yes, agree, ETH seems to have retested the previous level. Guess there was some liquidity to fetch there.
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