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  1. given the plural use, I deduct that @Eric123 isn't sitting on the pitiful bags us autumn 2017 XRP buyers managed to get a hold of. Just kidding. I wish you to be able to buy anything your heart desires. I mean, the good stuff is for free anyway. Can't buy the sunset, so there's that...
  2. Thanks. So, the follow-up question to that would be: What to do when you sell some of your XRP this bull run? Given increased adoption of BTC as a legal tender (world wide adoption, well noted), will you convert your XRP gains into BTC, or will you stay in fiat for a while, because you assume that there is somewhat of a usual cycle that will cool off and you'll get more BTC for your fiat? I guess the question is: Have you moved (when will you move) to the Bitcoin standard already?
  3. @Eric123 I have some high-level questions for you. What is the endgame in terms of cryptocurrencies for you? I mean, you're long BTC, but also other alts like XRP and ETH. Do you think BTC will be the world currency, ultimately? Given El Salvador (and maybe others) are adopting BTC, and given monetary networks seem to follow a winner-take-all dynamic this looks to me like a logical position to take. However, why then are you buying all these alts? Do you believe that before BTC becomes the dominant money, these alts have bigger percentage gains to make in USD terms and therefor
  4. Anyone else other than El Salvador? Can you share more info?
  5. @Eric123at the current sub 80cent prices for XRP, I imagine you're a buyer, right?
  6. @Eric123 speaking of taxes, did you see this? Staking rewards being taxable getting challenged in the US. https://decrypt.co/71943/tezos-users-sue-irs-over-crypto-tax-staking-rules
  7. did they communicate an exact date when the first batch will be airdropped?
  8. So, you think $1.68 is what it would be worth if it was distributed today? Everybody here who has claimed their FLR would add twice the value of their current XRP stack in USD terms. Hard to believe FLR is worth twice as much as XRP...
  9. and the battle against resistance is 49k
  10. Like, I still don't know how this is gonna look like. I provided the ETH address and signed the message from my ledger S. Then what? Spark is not ERC20, right? So, how will this thing appear? When will I actually get to see my Spark tokens? Do you know how this will all work?
  11. why did you draw the two downward trendlines on close and the upward trendline on the low?
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