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  1. OK, this is what contagion looks like: The Ultimate Contagion: China Sovereign Risk Is Starting To Blow Out Eight Bond Deals Pulled On Evergrande Contagion Volatility Spike Could Trigger Up To $40 Billion In Forced Selling and finally: US Equity Indices Crash Below Key Technicals and: US Stocks Hit With 2nd Biggest Sell Program In History
  2. 42k better hold. Evergrande might be the big story this week and the following ones.
  3. I guess that big engulfing bearish candle is the obstacle.
  4. Although the 50 SMA is crossing the 200 SMA, that engulfing bearish candle which is forming on the daily is looking nasty.
  5. Thanks for the continuous updates, @Eric123 as well as you insights. We all appreciate them. Much love from the plebs on the other side of the pond.
  6. For XRP, IMO the thing that matters is a daily candle to close above 1.28602. See below.
  7. May 2020 to April 2021 is almost a year. How long do you see this run going? January 2022? Also, Do you anticipate another blow off top with a subsequent 80%+ correction, or is the buying and hodling so much stronger than in 2018 and maybe we only have to see a +/-50% correction this time, that maybe even doesnt last that long. Kinda hinting at the "supercycle" theory or "the last cycle" by Willie Woo.
  8. isn't 50 & 200 the standard? (not that it matters, at this rate there'll be a cross on these two, too). Below screenshot is with SMA, not EMA. Not sure it makes that much of a difference anyway...
  9. This is indeed a tasteless tweet. I have to revise my statement and say that his take on finance is worth listening to. The rest needs closer examination.
  10. Have you seen Willy Woo's recent on-chain analysis? He makes the case for this being the last cycle. We'll see about that, but I have a feeling that the daily-DCA movement is gaining ground and it might just be that stubborn everyday buying by a price-ignorant retail crowd will avert a 2018-like bear market. Maybe we won't see 80%+ corrections again and more something like the May 2021 action. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for your inputs, highly appreciated.
  11. politics aside, even the recent infrastructure bill and the associated attack on BTC will prove to be a Streisand Effect, just like bitcoin magazine pointed out in a very recent article. It's all about adoption. It will be political suicide to be campaign BTC, when a third of your population owns it, which might very well be the case before the next US election. Max Keiser said it - we might have a Bitcoiner in the White House by 2024. Again, no politics here, just game theory.
  12. Right on. I had a trader tell me not to long ago: "give it a target, but not a timeframe, or give it a timeframe, but not a target" I agree. There have been some very successful corporate driven coins. I wonder if BTC will ever reach those 60%+ levels again. How do you see this?
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