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  1. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to Kiwi in XRP range 2021-2023: $17.00-$35,349.00 ??   
    Ok, so XRP will be worth as all world currencies combined.
    BG will be able to buy South America and CL North America. 
    Seriously, are people really that retarded to believe in this crap???
  2. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to brianwalden in How do I move Assets from XRP Toolkit/ledger to other location?   
    If you bought anything other than XRP on Ripple's built in ledger, what you bought is an IOU that can be redeemed for the thing it represents (ETH in this case). But to redeem it you have to go to whoever created the IOU. For example, if it was issued by Bitstamp, Bitstamp's website will have directions on how to redeem it.
  3. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to at3n in How do I move Assets from XRP Toolkit/ledger to other location?   
    @Sharkey There can be multiple "issuers" of the same IOU on the XRPL. This is represented by a dot after the IOU name, followed either by the name of the issuing entity, or by the address of the wallet that issued it.
    So for example it's vague to say that you own USD on the XRPL, but accurate to say that you own USD.Gatehub or USD.Bitstamp.
    Before you trade on the DEX, you should be made aware by your wallet software who the issuer of that particular IOU that you're buying is. The issuer is the entity that "owes" you the value of the IOU. Even though you may have no contract with Bitstamp, you could hold their USD IOU and technically they are liable for it.
    If you wanted to turn the USD.Bitstamp into real USD, you would need to set up an account with Bitstamp, follow their procedure to return their IOUs to them, and then they should send you real USD in return. Alternatively you can trade it for another IOU whose issuer you do have a contract with, or you can trade for XRP, which of course is not tied to the fate of any company (or so they say )
  4. Sad
    Sharkey got a reaction from stickynoodle69 in Ledger Nano S hacked   
    Wow, I was never expecting this to happen, and I hope that someone on this forum has an idea of how I should proceed. 
    I have three Ledger Nano S hardware wallets, and I have purchased all directly from Ledger's website.  I have never shared the seed phrases, have never stored them electronically in any way, never printed them, etc....and the Nanos themselves have been kept in a locked safe where no one has had access to them.  Also, the seed phrases are kept in a separate and secure area, where no one can access them.  This evening, I connected one of the Nanos to my Mac to make a transfer of some BTC to my Kraken account. I have been using the Ledger Live app through the App Store. Later this evening, when  I checked the sending wallet's balance, I discovered  that an additional 0.5 BTC had also been sent to an unknown BTC address, obviously without my knowledge.  I believe that I have taken all precautions possible, so I am pretty shocked. 
    Interestingly, there is still a BTC balance in the original sending address, so it was not all taken.  My questions are:
    WTF happened to allow this breach?
    How I can safely access the remaining BTC balance, as I am afraid to reconnect the Nano to the existing Mac, and using the same Ledger Live app??
    I have emailed Ledger, but don't really know if/when I will receive any help from them...ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks! 
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    Sharkey reacted to Cambridge in How to Solve the Crisis?   
    Ripple should probably look for ways to settle. They made a lot of money from speculators in the secondary market. Many of us have been completely slammed financially. We didn't have the inside knowledge of the "happenings" to consider "de-risking". 
    Although I will say many here warned us. 
  6. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to peanut56 in Statute of Limitaions   
    "Yesterday, in Gabelli v. Securities and Exchange Commission, No. 11-1274, the United States Supreme Court clarified that the 5-year statute of limitations applicable to SEC enforcement actions that seek financial penalties begins to accrue when the alleged violation occurs, not when the SEC discovers the violation.  This decision may have implications not only for SEC enforcement actions, but for other government proceedings seeking a civil fine, penalty, or forfeiture."
    It seems to me, this is saying that Ripple being a security would have had to have been filed within five years of its founding, which would have had to be done prior to 2018.
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    Sharkey reacted to enrique11 in SEC chairman Jay Clayton publishes resignation letter and will step down after today   
    They surely wasted our f&cking time.  I came back to this forum in late 2017 just to see what the SEC was up to with cryptos.  After all these years, they have f&cked us over royall and f&cked up royally as well.  Have they no sense how important and critical cryptos will be to the new emerging political and financial global order?!?   Some Asian country will run away with this tech and use it the way it was intended to be used.  The US is becoming a regressive crony capitalist system.  Your typical American citizen doesn't matter any more.  It's just more and more and more government, and a destructive symbiotic relation between government insiders and the corporate board members and their loser lobbyists and the revolving door between them (76% of federal politicians go into lobbying after leaving office, a number of which will wind up with executive positions at the very corporations whose lobbyists supported them. 
    If you are a good politician with a good heart, you don't last long outside of this crony capitalist system because you won't get the support of the corporations, so your support will have to come from the people, and people don't have that kind of money to throw around, nor the time, to become informed and challenge the paid lobbyists that go to argue on behalf of their corporate sponsors.
    Whether your a good person or a good politician, the system is rigged.  The good guys wind up losing in the end, and there's no way to change it.
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    Sharkey reacted to VanGogh in SEC chairman Jay Clayton publishes resignation letter and will step down after today   
    I didn't sell, and am not going to, so right back at him with that finger.
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    Sharkey reacted to PunishmentOfLuxury in Cannot ignore in Zerpbox   
    The facility to ignore chats by selected people in the Zerpbox has been removed. Please can we have it back?
  10. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to joe91 in Spark tokens: Are you selling or saving?   
    For me, this response, is a silver lining proof, that JASCoder is indeed, maybe, possibly, technically, de facto, is/are Hodor!!!

  11. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to Scout in Spark tokens: Are you selling or saving?   
    The Flare Network is not even live yet. How can you buy more when you haven't bought any yet.
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    Sharkey reacted to Skippy in Spark tokens: Are you selling or saving?   
    I don't even know any exchanges that would support trading them. Nor that I care. But I will take anything that's free. Well... Not anything. 
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    Sharkey reacted to pucksterpete in Spark tokens: Are you selling or saving?   
    depends how much you get and what price they will be when they hit the market
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    Sharkey reacted to smoothy in Ledger Nano S hacked   
    And why would you need to connect the ledger nano to check your balances? I have my crypto on a nano, but I only connect it once every three months to check for firmware updates. I check my balances throug bithomp or other ledgerscanners
  15. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to BillyOckham in Ledger Nano S hacked   
    @kanky I suspect your problem occurred at step 2.  You entered your recovery words.  Into what?   Almost certainly that piece of software or computer was compromised.
    Once the hackers have that it’s game over.
    Sorry to say I think that you’ve been hacked,  not your ledger.
  16. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to Delvin in Another Airdrop - This time from Flr.Finance   
    Hi, I'm from the team. KarmaCoverage mentioned that we should have a representative join to answer any questions and concerns. 
    I'll check in every few days to respond as necessary. 
    For people concerned that we may exit scam or rug pull and somehow disappear cause we're anonymous, it would be fairly simple for either the Canadian or US Govenment  to track most of us down given all they need to do is send a message to Discord and get them to pull our pinned messages from the #team-random private chat or just pull the emails connected to our banking information (home address, same phone number, postal code) to directly locate our residences as the domains were purchased with our accounts. We will also be required to go public to form a foundation in the event that we receive funding of any kind.
    There are many legitimate reasons to go public but also many reasons to remain "annonymous".  After much deliberation we've decided to remain annonymous as even if we show our faces we will still need to make the codebase public and conduct security audits.
    If there are trust worthy XRP community members capable of auditing our work we'd welcome you to look over our codebase.
    Someone on Twitter suggested we submit to the XRPL Foundation. Not sure if they'll audit though if you have a direct contact we'd welcome an introduction we will also inquire about an introduction with the Flare Network team.

    We are here to build on Flare Network to enhance it's utility and will continue to release Dev Tools to make the Network more inviting for Devs.
    If any Devs are looking for a block explorer (flarescan.org search works on mobile will push updates to explorer soon) we've also built a RestAPI (RestFlare) contact for access. Still upgrading as well.
    Besides the work on establishing basic Dev Tools we've been testing on Ropsten Testnet (Eth Testnet accessible through Metamask) and are nearly ready to deploy onto Coston (expecting an update to Coston this this month first).
    Lastly, we've elected to do an airdrop instead of a pre sale due to potential legality issues and will make no promises of work beyond launching our initial products as advised to avoid a breach of the Howey Test. 
    I am curious how people think they will be scammed from an airdrop? How exactly would it work given you hold the keys and coins are dispersed to the snapshot address?
    Can you not simply swap your XRP to a new ledger address before claiming with an empty address? This would be the most risk free method of claiming any snapshot/airdrop. (Community Suggestion) 
    The first scam immitation page popped up today for Flare Network so we'd like to reiterate the following:
    We will never ask for any holders of $FLR or $XRP (or any for that matter) to provide us with private keys, payments, or personal information to receive this airdrop.
    4.52 USD for a 3.76 USD transaction... ETH is begging for disruption.
  17. Like
    Sharkey reacted to buh in Another Airdrop - This time from Flr.Finance   
    i would agree to that if they would request individuals to put in first their money to pre-fund their project but that is not the case. We can all judge their motives, but this project will be "financed" from an airdrop on top of an airdrop.
    i agree everyone should have their due diligence and be careful with their money. But this project is no different than others, including scrutiny from exchanges. 
  18. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to KarmaCoverage in Flare Finance Introduction video   
    This is from the FF Discord,  "Flare Network is taking their snapshot of the XRP Ledger on December 12th. You will receive your Spark Tokens (FLR) sometime after that. Exactly one month after you receive those Spark tokens, we will be taking a snapshot of the Flare Ledger and distributing DFLR."
  19. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to LetHerRip in #XRP The Security   
    Gary Gensler, a Washington and Wall Street veteran who has closely studied the budding cryptocurrency field, will lead the financial policy transition team for projected U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.
    Who is Gar Gensler?


  20. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to LetHerRip in Let Her Rip Goes Bronze!   
    Lets remove Brad from CEO and MAKE XRP GREAT AGAIN!

  21. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to StrangeDays in Let Her Rip Goes Bronze!   
    Over 570 posts of anger, despondency, repetition and refusal to take responsibility for his own actions. Yeah, that's worth celebrating! How tedious can you get?
  22. Thanks
    Sharkey reacted to JJJ2 in China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign   
    I have 3 relatives who were tested positive. No symptoms at all and after the quarantine they weren't even tested anymore. Nobody cared about their health. they were just important to build the number of ill-people.
  23. Like
    Sharkey reacted to retryW in Ripple Community Update: Incentives and Support for XRP holders ???????   
    Well this is a ******* sketchy post if ever I've seen one. 
    I'd heavily advise against clicking this URL. 
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    Sharkey reacted to WarChest in China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign   
    @jargoman you have been busy doing all of this research. I am impressed.
    I live in a very densely populated part of Europe. I have a huge web of friends, acquaintances, business contacts and their secondary contacts. None have died from Covid-19. None.
    I know lots of people that have had Covid-19, I had it, my wife and Son had it. I was quite ill for 2 weeks but not hospitalised and it took a lot longer to eventually clear up. I believe the virus exists, I don’t believe in the death rates that governments publishing. I don’t believe that the economic damage being done is the correct response to the death rate of this virus. I don’t believe that young people should have their way of life spoiled, businesses close and people not getting treatments for other ailments because of what I see with my own eyes which is that no one that I know has died of it.
    As for your computer model? Well, how long did it take you to develop that?
  25. Haha
    Sharkey reacted to elias in China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign   
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