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  1. agree...they might be hiding behind their under-reported hack mess...can't say I'm sure they are unrelated.
  2. You can also just check your balance on https://www.blockchain.com/explorer assuming you have your wallet address handy.
  3. Ha, maybe I will. I have a 9mm S&W that's been sitting in the vault for awhile, and i could use some practice.
  4. Thanks, man. Everyone here has been super helpful, and it's appreciated. Sadly, Ledger hasn't been very helpful at all so far. One email from them, and they asked me to reconnect the Nano to get some screenshots. I replied to ask if that was safe, but no response, and it's been almost 24 hours since this happened. And they have NO phone support. In answer to your other question, I did NOT confirm the second transaction, only the legitimate one. But the "tagalong" theft was literally sent at the exact same time. They were confirmed at the same time, like one sending wallet to two receiving wallets. I am more and more frustrated, since I have taken EXTREME security precautions, other than using one laptop for crypto and also other internet activity. But, I had updated the firmware, used Apple's recommended malware protection software... no opening of any attachments or files, no entering or saving of the seed phrase online, no printing of the codes or PW's, no electronic entry of any info, etc... Their slow and inadequate responses make me think this may be related to their recent hack of "customer names and emails..." I just don't know what else to think. It's not an experience id wish on anyone.
  5. My virus software is up to date and scans daily. Also, I scanned the drive after this occurred to be sure. Nothing was found in the scan. I use the virus software recommended by Apple (Malewarebytes Premium). I was on the phone with Apple support for over an hour today, and also screen shared with the tech...they found nothing at all. This is quite disturbing.
  6. Yes, I definitely will post anything that they advise me. So far, the communication has been disappointingly slow and incomplete.
  7. Yes, I was prompted to enter the code and confirm the transaction, which was the transaction that I wanted to send. There was never a second prompt for the unauthorized one.
  8. Yes, I did confirm the authorized transaction. There wasn't a second (unauthorized) transaction shown on the Nano.
  9. thanks, and yes, I did verify the amount and the receiving wallet address.
  10. @LetHerRip, I really, really appreciate this. No further transactions have occurred from the wallet in question. Do you believe that once I've reformatted my Mac and re-installed Ledger Live, I can safely use the same Nano to transfer the remainder of the balance? I will certainly wait to hear what Ledger suggests, as well. Yes, I just updated the firmware yesterday. Thank you for the great info!
  11. Yes, does that have a significance at to the source of the breach?
  12. Thanks, and yes, I actually did do a device update yesterday, just before the "nightmare" began...hard to imagine that this would be the source, but I really have no idea. Still haven't gotten a word back from Ledger.
  13. Thanks, and I did see this. Ledger had recently sent emails out to inform customers about this issue. The email, and also the description on their site seems to be adamant that any data impacting the hardware was not impacted. But now, I don't feel as sure about that, given the "coincidental" timing of this mess. If I get any helpful response from Ledger, I will post it here, if that could be helpful to anyone else.
  14. The Ledger Live app that I used was downloaded from the App Store. I have used it without any issues for some time. I was not prompted to provide the seed. I do want to move the remaining BTC to an exchange, but I'm actually afraid to use the Nano (or the app) again before learning how to rule out both of those as the source of the breach. I have sent the info to Ledger and included the transaction hash. I'm somewhat reluctant to share the hash on this forum, although I am very motivated to solve this problem, and know I can't do so without expertise. I really appreciate your thoughtful suggestions, thanks!
  15. Thanks, but I haven't opened any attachments or files from anyone I don't know. But I wonder if there's an issue with the Ledger Live app, after reading more online about the vulnerabilities.
  16. Do you mean the actual computer? It's mine, and no one else has ever used it. it's about a year old.
  17. Wow, I was never expecting this to happen, and I hope that someone on this forum has an idea of how I should proceed. I have three Ledger Nano S hardware wallets, and I have purchased all directly from Ledger's website. I have never shared the seed phrases, have never stored them electronically in any way, never printed them, etc....and the Nanos themselves have been kept in a locked safe where no one has had access to them. Also, the seed phrases are kept in a separate and secure area, where no one can access them. This evening, I connected one of the Nanos to my Mac to make a transfer of some BTC to my Kraken account. I have been using the Ledger Live app through the App Store. Later this evening, when I checked the sending wallet's balance, I discovered that an additional 0.5 BTC had also been sent to an unknown BTC address, obviously without my knowledge. I believe that I have taken all precautions possible, so I am pretty shocked. Interestingly, there is still a BTC balance in the original sending address, so it was not all taken. My questions are: WTF happened to allow this breach? How I can safely access the remaining BTC balance, as I am afraid to reconnect the Nano to the existing Mac, and using the same Ledger Live app?? I have emailed Ledger, but don't really know if/when I will receive any help from them...ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  18. I noticed that! LOL...Looks like he was voice dictating. and basically just talking to a buddy...and didn't bother to proofread. But the content was pretty much spot-on.
  19. Thanks for sharing this. Great to see more crypto exposure on such a mainstream site. I do think the OCC announcement will have a very significant impact on the crypto market in general, given the wider reach of the banks, and potential pressure on the exchanges to compete with these banks in a variety of ways. And of course, the unique utility of XPR to get banks up to speed, literally, could be game changing. Cheers!
  20. LOL, OMFG...don't be waiting for that, unless "the next peak" is in the next century, when cabbage soup is $10,000 per cup.
  21. LOL, sorry to say, there's only been slight success in flattening that curve.
  22. WOW, document is already gone! Anyone have it saved?
  23. Exactly!!! Stupidity is highly contagious.
  24. Totally agree. I'm good with 2022 as my target year, and if it materializes as we had all hoped in 2017, then life will be spectacular for many of the patient among us. If not, oh, well. If nothing changes by then, my best-case scenario predictions will be revised. Meantime, there's a stupid pandemic to overcome.
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