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  1. This is an interesting review of what’s going on. Very interesting regarding the potential of some competition to XRP.
  2. Interesting. Thanks. I do recall an interview that Brad G gave a few years ago in which he basically said that of all the banks to be onboarded, “Citi will be the last.” Maybe his comment was a reference to this historical “experimentation.”
  3. LOL, Vegas is sweet. GF and I are considering moving there. Very nice climate and pretty big influx of people, which tells you somebody likes it! Aria, eh? Nice place!
  4. Ha! I thought you played cards!! When XRP moons maybe we can play the WPT in Vegas.
  5. That’s a well known Gestalt picture, Sometimes called “the beauty and the hag,” and shows us that perception is very subjective. Some people are able to see both, but you can’t see them both at the same time. Anyway, I am a believer in body language analysis and it goes beyond subjective perception. There are many universal and unconscious cues that poker players have used very profitably to capitalize on their less suspecting opponents. This is why many professional card players cover their faces, wear sunglasses, avoid all facial interactions, etc. I for one would be very appreciative of @CaligulazBaby to venture into this project since all data can be useful. Cheers!
  6. LOL, how is this pestering anyone? This post is clearly about CSC, and you are voluntarily reading it. Cheers!
  7. Wait for the actual bull run. If we ever see one again.
  8. Was just kidding, based on your other post. Cheers, and happy new year!
  9. A total of 30 corridors in a year seems to be a bit ambitious, but I hope you're right!
  10. OK, here's my guess: On January 23, 2021, XRP will be worth $2.27 USD or 0.00005031BTC. Just kidding, no clue, really, but I'm not waiting around for "a miracle or for XRP to be used by 50% of the players in the cross border payments field." If you think you (or we) are holding "gold," then, great for you to believe this, I guess. We can indulge in any number of fantasies about some future price, but we all know that it's nothing more than pure guessing at this point. Adding another variable like a date ("What will XRP be worth on _____ ?") is even more speculative, IMHO. So much will need to evolve further, and perhaps there will be some wild card factors we can't control or perhaps even fully imagine, with the impact of regulation certainly being one such factor. In the words of JK that are so often quoted by the moonboys from that ancient reddit post, "It all depends how big you want to dream." All anyone can do at this point is guess and/or dream. From the way things seem to be going currently, my very uneducated guess is that we won't see much upward price movement for at least another year or so, if then, although I acknowledge that this could change suddenly, especially if a number of world events were to occur in perfect harmony to catalyze adoption of crypto in general our XRP specifically. But probably not likely... As is evident from the ghost town vibe on this site and others, it seems that most people have opted for a reasonable course of action and have decided to live their real lives rather than spending too much energy guessing at some vague and ethereal future price of an asset that most of the world doesn't even know about yet. I think that's a good thing to consider. So, wishing you a nice holiday season and a good 2020, with lots of real-life enjoyment and rewarding experiences!
  11. Agree, but it's nice to have stacks of both, for different possible utility purposes!
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