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  1. Sharkey

    You will make your first million with XRP

    OP, you have managed to insult almost everyone. Kudos. You have no idea how much anyone has invested, nor should that be your concern. Now run along and play.
  2. ...seems to be highly unlikely, IMHO
  3. Sharkey


    OMG. That is the best four minutes I’ve spent in a LONG time!! Thanks!
  4. Agree that guy/gal is a loser and serves no useful purpose here. Looks like he/she joined in December and prolly bought during FOMO at the ATH. #butthurt.
  5. Sharkey

    Trading and Taxes

    Kraken allows USD to XRP and vice versa. Crypto has (historically) had gains. Each trade is called a "tax event." Please get professional tax advice, or at the very least DYOR. bitcoin.tax is a good start.
  6. Sharkey

    Trading and Taxes

    Agree although calculating capital gains is more than just a quick calculation of the total difference between money invested and money earned in total profit. Read some about the lack of clarity about using the “like kind” accounting method. The IRS has been as vague AF in giving any substantive guidance.
  7. Sharkey

    Trading and Taxes

    If you live in the States, you would be wise to seek professional tax advice. The laws are not very clear and they can be complex. You can go to this site for some relatively good info, however. Bitcoin.tax.
  8. .....Not to mention how many people will go crazy over this, unless they see the date
  9. Sharkey

    If you wake up and XRP is at $50, you'd...

    I think some anonymous guy/girl online predicted it a while back, maybe it was Bearableguy123? Anyway, all the tinfoil hatters jumped on it, LOL.
  10. Sharkey

    Stable-coins vs XRP

    it's already covered in this post:
  11. Probably true for lots of us. 😉
  12. UGH. “I’m not gonna comment on that...”. The dude didn’t give any unequivocal answers to anything. Except he seems to be a BTC fanboy. 🤮
  13. Sharkey

    The Final countdown.

    AH.....love the big hair except now I can’t get the dang song out of my head! LOL.