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  1. I had a similar question, and although this answer is a good start, I need more info. Can you please point me in the right direction? What does it mean to "go through the organisation that issued the IOU?"
  2. This is great, thanks! Do you have a link for more info about the DFLR? Appreciated!
  3. I'm not hearing anyone rationalizing "the fervent pleading of worn out staff in hospitals.." Several people have posted legitimate perceptions and interpretations off only partially known facts. I am beginning to believe that you have very little interest in knowing what others think, unless they think that you are the undisputed arbiter of absolute truth, and righteousness. So, for that reason, I will not respond again to this discussion, as there is no point in endlessly debating equivocal viewpoints. Cheers!
  4. Yes, indeed it does, likely due to different life/world experiences. Cheers!
  5. OK, so labeling my comment (shared by a large and growing number of people) as "an extreme overreaction" is not exactly a personal attack, but certainly dismissive. What happened to sensible and calm discourse?
  6. AMEN!!! This healthy debate has been great to read through, and I appreciate everyone's thoughts and well-researched interpretations of some very complex (and sometimes elusive) factual data. My personal view is that this is a very poorly understood infection, although great strides are being made to understand the short-term and longer-term consequences. Yes, it can be deadly, and has been for far too many people. But there almost certainly is a "spin" that is being promoted by certain entities for a massive power grab. I believe that we may never fully "know" all of the specifics of this virus, but with some historical perspective, we will eventually know much more. I agree that lockdowns are generally very dangerous, as they push us down a slippery slope of losing autonomy. I am also older than many of the people who are posting on this forum. I have no known health issues, but I am taking more precautions than I would have been if I were a decade younger. So in the words of @jargomanI agree that it's wise to "practice some common sense," but I suspect that each of our definitions of "common sense" will be somewhat idiosyncratic. I'm looking forward to a day when a discussion like this will be 100% retrospective. Cheers, all!
  7. Acronym? Hardly....This is an acronym: LOL. Anyway, who deserves such hostility here?
  8. Agree, I used this process and it was easy and smooth.
  9. I really appreciate your time and efforts. However, I entered some hypothetical figures into the "profit planner" calculator, and indicated a hypothetical plan to see 50%, but the calculator yielded a total of a 100% sell. Unless I'm totally misunderstanding, there's an error at this point. Thanks!
  10. LOL, yessir, Captain (Obvious). Cheers!
  11. I found a cool exit plan file in Excel form, would you be able to look at that and use the formulas for your calculator?
  12. Just curious, why did you just join now, if you were an early adopter?
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