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  1. He’s a genius. We need him in the XRP Army, LOL.
  2. No doubt he’s skilled. Still, there’s something to be said for “public perception” and how that impacts the behavior of the masses, including popular awareness of crypto.
  3. Agree 1,000%. I’d love to see Negreanu wearing an XRP cap!
  4. I love a good card game and I hope this guy won something, but I wish that since he's "endorsing" XRP, he didn't look so dopey, LOL...
  5. Also, this author isn't up for a Pulitzer Prize nomination...
  6. Sharkey

    Proposed Badge: Salty

    If so, I can think of a few candidates to be nominated to be first in line...
  7. Anybody catch the content of the final Q and JK's response, starting around 45:49? He made a quick reference to xPool, and said something like, "I'm definitely not allowed to say anything about xPool."
  8. Hmmm....most people discourage asking or disclosing the amount of their holdings. And it is a lot like asking somebody's age, weight, or IQ, and even a bit worse...also it could put somebody at a certain risk to reveal that, as they could conceivably be targeted by a clever hacker....
  9. Just curious: Trading, or buying more, or getting interest somewhere?
  10. Hi Since you have just joined, you would use your time wisely to read previous topics before asking people to analyze the link you posted. There is a wealth of information already written here, but obsessing about the hypothetical future maximum value of XRP is probably not the most productive way to educate yourself. Nobody can say when or if XRP's value will go up. We can all speculate, but nobody can honestly give you an absolute number. Also, I think that new members are discouraged from posting random links, so you might want to check the rules... Anyway,
  11. Can you elaborate? I haven't seen everything that was asked of Bob, and all of his responses, although I realize that he's a great resource.
  12. Agree, zero value and hostile, to boot. What is the point of so much disdain? Thankfully, these kinds of posts generally don't get reinforced with "Likes," "LOL's" or anything else.
  13. Thanks, @Cryptolinks, it seems that you put some time into this. Just curious, how did you determine the rankings? For example, what determines that Coinbase is #2 as an exchange, while Gemini is #22, itBit is #55, and Kraken is #12? Not meant as criticism as much as information-seeking...Appreciated! Also, on your site, I entered "XRP" in the search, and got: "There are no results." Seems odd to me.
  14. Thanks for posting this, @tony71! It looks like this event was March 6-7 (this past Wednesday and Thursday) and I wonder if any traction was made in Washington.... I don't know all the details, BUT I must admit it's frustrating to see that Soto, who is the co-sponsor of the Token Taxonomy bill and also was the co-chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, was "unable to be there in person." WUT? Seems to me that an event of that magnitude would carry enough weight to be a priority to him, as he could have had a bigger impact if attending in person. I like Skype as much as the next person, but, seriously, if you primary job is based in DC, AND there's an event of this nature in DC, AND you are there anyway, AND you are a co-chair, you really can't find a way to pull yourself away from your "voting duties" for a few hours in order to be there? I venture to say that this is part of the reason that the US is falling so far behind in tech and regulation surrounding it. He'd be getting at least one letter if I were one of his constituents...anyone reading this from Florida's 9th district? Speak up!
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