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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that part in particular!! YAY PNC! PITTTTTTSBURGHHHHHHH!!!!!
  2. Sharkey

    PNC Bank joins RippleNet

    link, please?
  3. Well, for one thing, that is a YUUUUGEEE "IF...."
  4. WHOA! Some people here are naturally more cautious or conservative in their estimations. Why does that make them losers? Most of us are either ALL IN or at least reasonably well invested in XRP, and want to see the price appreciate substantially. But there is a pretty wide range of opinion about where the price will go and when. Your enthusiasm is great, but not everyone shares your predictions, so why is that not OK? Cheers!
  5. Agree that quote seems to be taken out of context, and, even so, there is nothing in that quote to suggest that JK "clearly thinks 3 figures is possible." Also, I am wondering if his reference to not missing the "next Ethereum" is a quasi-personal joke relating to his own sale of ETH before the price shot up (IF I'm even remembering that correctly). In any case, most of the posts and tweets from the most knowledgeable people (JK included) have carefully avoided price speculation. It can be fun to answer polls like the current one for purposes of entertainment, but, beyond that, it's anybody's guess IMO. It seems to me that there are quite a few people reading these posts who are either very gullible or so eager to hear the most outlandish estimates and predictions that they are unable to think very rationally.
  6. "supposed to??" For real? By whose predictions? Some anonymous wackadoo who posted something cryptic on reddit? LMAO. I want to think you are joking, but maybe not. Unrealistic expectations almost always lead to massive disappointment, if not despair. If XRP hit $10 by EOY 2019 or even EOY 2020, that would be major, and unlike anything you will ever see in any other investment venue. It makes so much sense to keep it real, and be prepared for whatever. An expectation of a triple digit price is a big set-up for disillusionment, IMHO. If, over the next few years, we see a price increase to $10 USD/XRP, that would be life changing for many, and, if not life-changing, an incredible financial benefit to many others. Now, this..THIS is more like reality:
  7. That's very interesting; I haven't seen that reference before. Can you please share the link? Thanks!
  8. Sharkey

    Revolut Vault & XRP

    Thanks! Signed up for the waitlist. Can you load your card by linking it to your bank account?
  9. Sharkey

    Revolut Vault & XRP

    Thanks. I'm not too familiar with this. Can US citizens register for these accounts?
  10. "support group without substance?" LOL...Hardly. I am not here to coddle anyone who may have realized in hindsight that they made an incorrect or even completely failed decision or judgment. Nor am I here to harshly criticize them. Contrary to your analysis, I don't accept the premise that everyone here who invested during the bull run was basing their decisions on hyper-bullish mentality, or hope devoid of any strategy. There were, and will continue to be, many, many educated people who miscalculated the top and got burned. It happens. I just don't think that it is useful to be rude and/or hypercritical of others for their vulnerabilities when they disclose their errors or misjudgments. And if you really want to "impact that guy," I would venture to say that you would have more of a chance of doing so by extending a tad bit of respect. But, whatever. My thoughts only. We all have our rights to our own opinions and how we choose to interact with others. If you are having the effect you hope to have by your method of giving feedback, then kudos to you. Cheers!
  11. Agree. I read and re-read the so-called hateful and disrespectful comments and found nothing that would upset anyone but the most delicately sensitive flower/snowflake.
  12. Dude, I see no need to be rude and judging of someone you don’t even know after he honestly discloses some information that already is stressful for him. There are MANY people on this forum with similar stories. We all learn from the mistakes we make and not the perfect decisions. You could show a little class IMO.
  13. Well, i thought that the interviewer was fairly antagonistic but Arrington added some levity and BG handled all of the inappropriate questions as well as interruptions very well. I found the interview to be fresh and somewhat playful, in spite of the interviewer. There wasn’t anything new but it was cool and matched the Joe Cool venue.