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  1. Agree, I used this process and it was easy and smooth.
  2. I really appreciate your time and efforts. However, I entered some hypothetical figures into the "profit planner" calculator, and indicated a hypothetical plan to see 50%, but the calculator yielded a total of a 100% sell. Unless I'm totally misunderstanding, there's an error at this point. Thanks!
  3. LOL, yessir, Captain (Obvious). Cheers!
  4. I found a cool exit plan file in Excel form, would you be able to look at that and use the formulas for your calculator?
  5. Just curious, why did you just join now, if you were an early adopter?
  6. Well, this surely is developing into a pleasant exchange, so far. Cheers!
  7. Hope so! I am also happy for the recent pump, and hope it holds. This is a long shot, but the price is still so cheap that it didn't feel like a very big risk.
  8. Oh, so sad to think that another person may be butthurt....Call in the social workers, since they will soon be tasked with settling all domestic disputes, civil discord, and other forms of societal disruption.
  9. Good point. I am expecting that there will be a lot of info to XRP holders in advance so they know how to be bet prepared.
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