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  1. Go back to med school and request a full refund.
  2. Can someone enlighten me regarding the latest Stellar news? And, please, let's keep assessments of individuals' personalities out of this.
  3. OMG, this is really great! Another great production from @Silkjaer
  4. Doesn't Coinbase allow CC purchases for US residents?
  5. Hmmmm, interesting, indeed. I'm not concluding that this is "rubbish," in fact it may be a very clever move, but I'd like to see an actual ad, and get a sense of how it's targeting the intended audience.
  6. Wow, major kudos to @Silkjaer for this much-deserved award! https://alphazetta.ai/data-art-and-visualisations-competition-2019/
  7. LOL...on reflection, that might improve investor interest.
  8. And the postal services worldwide...and landline phones for that matter.
  9. Depends on your timeframe and the amount you can comfortably lose without regret. Make your decisions on your best long term projections and considering the risk to (possible) reward balance. But don’t let yourself forget that your stack could go to $0 through no fault of your own. Which brings up this topic——>>> ->>Reminder: it’s not a good idea to talk about your holdings. There are some greedy mofo sociopaths out there.
  10. I smell a "Thread is closed for further comments" coming!!
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