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  1. A flow chart that starts with the words “issue worthless XRP token” doesn’t strike me as being too objective. Just sayin’
  2. Well, we've all had our incidents of bad judgment, but it's not productive to beat yourself up. Many of us want to kick ourselves for various decisions we've made (like trading at the wrong time, selling at the wrong time, or not selling at the ATH...But it doesn't help to sink into self-loathing. Learn from your mistake, move on, and don't trust random internet trolls, links, etc. I get that losing 5,500 XRP is painful, but it could have been even more painful. At least you didn't lose 50,000 XRP. The good news is that you can save some money and buy more XRP while the price is rock-bottom, if you want to do that. It looks like you will have some time as this price has been low for awhile, and doesn't seem to be moving all that fast, if at all. Good luck, man!
  3. This cannot be real.........brand new poster and he/she is claiming to have given 5,500 XRP's to somebody anonymous on Twitter??? Dude, you cannot be serious...
  4. Things are heating up; here's a new petition for anyone interested in signing: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/congress-needs-pass-token-taxonomy-act
  5. I love this! I hope you get a lot of responses, to get a good sample of current sentiment.
  6. Whole bunch of nothing useful (to us, anyway), then it will say something like "signing customers daily" and "over 200 partners," and "expect to ___ banks soon," and wrap it up with "if you want to send $10,000 USD to London, the fastest way is to fly it there (in your private plane)." Cheers!
  7. We probably have some time (a decade?) to think and plan for that...
  8. LOL...not working...you'll have to try harder than that!! So, just curious, if you're "OUT" of XRP, what are you "IN?"
  9. Dude, I thought you were "out??" What happened?
  10. She will be OK. She looks to be pretty young and perhaps that talk was a little bit of a heavy lift for her. Still, I thought she did pretty well, and she will get better with some practice. Also, she's very likable and relatable! I think it's cool that she is giving a presentation of this magnitude, and that she's getting a chance to polish her style to her own liking. "Cotton mouth" is a fairly common experience for relatively new presenters, and even some veterans. It's surprising to some folks that many presenters take beta-blockers like propranolol (versus benzodiazepines) before really major speeches, for this very reason. They help to manage the symptoms of anxiety without psychogenic effects that dull mentation. She will get there!
  11. Let's hope it's a joke, LOL...it IS a joke LOVE it, hysterical!
  12. It may be premature to panic because it does look like they did report 5 hours ago that they were "overloaded," and prior to that, 12 hours ago, the reported "scheduled maintenance" on June 29. Agree that it is disconcerting, since they were about to open trading of their native coin BTR this Saturday. GULP. So, as of 10:16 or so, a different story emerges.
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