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  1. Yet another inconsequential post citing more IG (inconsequential gibberish).
  2. Thanks for saying what I (and many others, I'm sure) have been thinking when reading that gibberish. His user ID alone is a pretty good indicator of what we can expect in terms of value added....
  3. Dude, you don’t need to quote half of the article in the title....just sayin’
  4. Can you please elaborate on the process for staking XTZ? Thanks!
  5. This is a great topic for discussion IMHO especially during this very tiresome flat market. I have also looked into a number of options but have found that each one presents its own combination of risk and potential reward, with some of them more disproportionately skewed towards risk. I agree with others that there’s no “free lunch,” but if you can sleep well knowing there is an assumed risk, you might want to put a small stack into one of the interest yielding alternatives. To me, it’s definitely a case of finding the sweet spot that I can live with if everything goes horrifically wrong. Doing a simple future value calculation may help you decide if the potential gain is worth the risk of losing the entire “invested” stack.
  6. Hey @codiusrex have you happened to notice that the entire crypto market is anemic?
  7. Sorry, LOL, love your memes. I meant "old" by the timelines of XRP transactions, haha....Actually I was attempting to respond to "Freaky" without giving him/her a "like."
  8. LOL...And the guy on the right is Kitao, correct? LMAO.
  9. Agree, strange, creepy, and also kinda funny in a "funny/peculiar" way. Yup, me too
  10. You made some interesting points, and raised some reasonably arguable possibilities, but you lost me with the assumption that their plans of long-term escrow control were "obvious." Others have already commented on the over-promising point, and I agree.
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