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  1. Good point! I got the email and it was obviously a scam, but I wondered how I was targeted as being interested in XRP specifically.
  2. if it ever went that high, then we'd all be standing in line to buy a head of cabbage at $1,000,000+.
  3. Payback is over-rated, but not a great justification for lack of civility, IMHO. Regarding who may be an idiot, that's open to interpretation, but last time I checked, it is widely believed to be within the domain of those who are trained to administer published and standardized IQ tests. Cheers!
  4. Haha. True story. 2022 should be a great year, assuming there’s still a planet intact.
  5. Dude, all due respect but you are definitely making a name for yourself that’s not complimentary. There are many of us here who have been watching the market longer than you have. Continual whining about Brad and his (perceived) debt to you makes you look childish and uneducated. Nobody likes waiting this out, but we all have choices. Ripple owes you nothing. They never encouraged anyone to speculate in this market with any kind of promise for a profit. To the contrary, the company clearly stated that they did not recommend XRP as an investment. They were very wise to use this language. There are so many factors relating to regulatory clarity as well as the larger financial landscape, and all of these factors impact the market. Ripple hasn’t done a damn thing to you personally. Maybe read and educate yourself before looking so clueless. Cheers!
  6. Why the F would he take that bait when the question of XRP being a security is still undecided? It was very wise of him to be measured in responding to this question.
  7. Agree 1,000%. I just don’t understand why some of the people here are so disillusioned that Brad didn’t reveal some major company strategy or secret in this interview. Seriously, WTF would you all expect him to say? It was a decent and measured interview. End of story. If he had said too much more, you all would probably whine that he was reckless. It’s an interview, not a senate investigation, FFS. Jeeze!!
  8. I’d venture to guess that your “unknown time” will coincide with your $3.50/XRP “break even party.” Cheers!
  9. thanks! who cares about the traditional hallmark exploitation? make you own tradition to indulge YOURSELF or anybody you like (love) especially pets. it’s Friday and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Cheers!
  10. A lot of people are underwater including those who weren’t expecting the depth of this bull cycle, the dragged-out lack of regulatory clarity, and the immense effects of market manipulation. Many people in this forum and elsewhere share your frustration. it just doesn’t seem that productive to get into the doom and gloom rut, and as you probably know, the negativity is contagious. There’s some indication that the market is going to turn around and those with enough patience will benefit, but that’s not likely to happen for many more months, if not years. your choices are the same as everyone else’s. you can sell now in desperation and consider it an expensive lesson, or you can read everything you can about this market and then make an informed decision, or you can continue listening to the purest of pure FUDsters and make yourself more miserable, while alienating yourself from most people here. Those who insult others with their crude estimates of their intelligence (or lack thereof) have essentially no credibility, in my view. As a result, i would more likely follow the opposite of any of their “learned analyses.” Cheers! oh, BTW, the majority of us are not tinfoil hat cheerleaders!
  11. “john lennon moment” in that he ditched his team for a crazy power hungry lady? LOL
  12. yes he’s one and the same. i made up the Frank Necrosis name. it’s a medical term and it ain’t pretty. cheers
  13. Looks like leveraging through the token itself. Interesting.
  14. Dude are you that Member Berries goofball, or Max Entropy? Or are you Frank Necrosis??
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