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  1. LOL...a lot of us are stuck in waiting mode, for one reason or the other. I am not expecting a 3-digit price EVER, but at this point one buck would seem miraculous.
  2. Dare I say, there are many who fall into both of the above? Those who are both haters AND "believers," (or hopium-clingers),...resentful of the current reality, but hanging onto life support and dreaming/waiting/hoping that the price will eventually surge.
  3. Thanks for sharing that info, @mike91...I'm not sure why anyone would take the risk of attempting to trade on a brand new exchange, with all the currently available and relatively verified exchanges already in existence.
  4. Nope, but XRP could be. Jump, Tommen!
  5. Dedicated team that work their A$$es off and has some nice partnerships as possibilities. Also, if they succeed (a BIG "IF") the gambling industry is a massive market, ripe for a solid & universally available method of verifying legitimacy of funds, while protecting customer privacy.
  6. Yeah, total satire, nothing else...but I bet the people who chased bear cartoons and their interpretations will latch on to this for another round of idiocy.
  7. Forget about big banks? Seriously? This is what I'm not following: "In particular, we are reducing emphasis on large treasury payments—which are traditionally used to fund businesses and services in the absence of real-time transfers—to support individual, low-value transactions, addressing the growing need in remittances and SME payments. This may reduce overall ODL transaction volumes." How is this a good thing?
  8. Interesting and conditional prediction. Relying on "if's," hope and decades of "maybe's" doesn't work too well for many...
  9. Good point! I got the email and it was obviously a scam, but I wondered how I was targeted as being interested in XRP specifically.
  10. if it ever went that high, then we'd all be standing in line to buy a head of cabbage at $1,000,000+.
  11. Payback is over-rated, but not a great justification for lack of civility, IMHO. Regarding who may be an idiot, that's open to interpretation, but last time I checked, it is widely believed to be within the domain of those who are trained to administer published and standardized IQ tests. Cheers!
  12. Haha. True story. 2022 should be a great year, assuming there’s still a planet intact.
  13. Dude, all due respect but you are definitely making a name for yourself that’s not complimentary. There are many of us here who have been watching the market longer than you have. Continual whining about Brad and his (perceived) debt to you makes you look childish and uneducated. Nobody likes waiting this out, but we all have choices. Ripple owes you nothing. They never encouraged anyone to speculate in this market with any kind of promise for a profit. To the contrary, the company clearly stated that they did not recommend XRP as an investment. They were very wise to use this language. There are so many factors relating to regulatory clarity as well as the larger financial landscape, and all of these factors impact the market. Ripple hasn’t done a damn thing to you personally. Maybe read and educate yourself before looking so clueless. Cheers!
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