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  1. Agree completely! There is no other imaginable reason for the endless delays of those responsible for taking appropriate action to provide regulatory clarity, whether it is the sluggishly inefficient SEC or the dinosaur lawmakers (Bradley Sherman for instance) who go on ill-informed rants that crypto is "bad" and needs to be "nipped in the bud." There absolutely HAS to be a direct and substantial personal gain to them to be so impervious to progress. Let's see if Ripple's presence in D.C. is successful in opening productive lines of communication with those who may get some legislative traction and aren't bought and sold by the highest bidders.
  2. It could. And we could be hit by a meteorite that wipes out the entire planet as well. Highly improbable things could happen, theoretically. And besides, what was the context in which he said this?
  3. No trustworthy takers among present company, eh?
  4. Generous of you, retails for $45 USD. Surely somebody would be able to use them.
  5. No evidence whatsoever that this is fake. Kudos, George!
  6. It's a great and very catchy ad, and I hope we see it everywhere soon! Branding has really been kicked up a few notches, FINALLY!!
  7. Welcome! You will find a TON of great info, and lots of good people here!
  8. Love this! It has universal appeal and it is so catchy! Also love the elephant rescue vignette!! I hope I see this ad on TV during the super bowl commercials, or better yet, I hope they show this for the next three months and then make a new one for the super bowl.
  9. Wow! this is an awesome amount of info. Thanks!
  10. LOLOL...LMFAO...not "out of likes," but not giving any on this, HAHA...
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