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  1. More HOPIUM. ALL of these reports ALWAYS sound very good, but it's gonna take time...It will happen when it happens, and it seems to me that we would be well served to prepare ourselves for the "marathon," and stay away from the sprint fantasies. Just my modest thoughts on the (much repeated) topic. Cheers!
  2. Um, clicked on the link above and got this, so proceed with caution:
  3. @Stedas This is great, thanks for sharing!
  4. was just wondering if it was fake news, LOL
  5. He was CEO of a company named YouSendit? That's news to me!
  6. OK, @Helmsdeep, kudos on the name change, though I didn't know that was possible,...probably not a bad idea. And welcome, dude. If you stick around, you will find that this is an extraordinary group of people who collectively have an unbelievably vast knowledge base. And you will also find that not everyone "sings from the same hymn book," but to the contrary, there is a lot of lively discussion and debate, and for the most part, everyone sticks to some level of decorum.
  7. is it this? Not sure if all the details are accurate, and there is certainly some bias, but it's an interesting read, IMHO. https://steemit.com/ripple/@olyup/fck-you-money-the-rise-and-fall-of-xrp
  8. Q1 $0.35 USD Q2. $0.33 USD Q3. $0.45 USD Q4. $0.37 USD cheers!
  9. This is encouraging: "to ensure America remains a global leader in fostering innovation in this evolving global marketplace,..." And this: "That’s why we must ensure that the United States is at the forefront of protecting consumers and the financial well-being of virtual currency investors, while also promoting an environment of innovation to maximize the potential of these technological advances. This bill will provide data on how Congress can best mitigate these risks while propelling development that benefits our economy. ”
  10. But who knows if "Truckdriver" drives trucks...I suspects he/she works in finance somewhere, or tech...