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  1. This looks like Xrp is expected to be the default over Swift as the most probable code path is usually checked first.
  2. You don't think it's odd to keep using the same examples for years if those companies have made clear they are not interested?
  3. Wouldn't Amazon etc. have to grant permission for Ripple to use their logos in their presentations? If so, why would they grant permission if they are supposed to be operating under an NDA? Asheesh Birla once said Amazon was a Ripple customer, which is also strange if there is an NDA in place.
  4. Do you think they have all already bought one or more of Ripple's three products, XCurrent XVia and XRapid? Why would Ripple pretend they are not customers, what would be the point? And if an NDA is in place, why use them if it's supposed to be a secret?
  5. David Schwartz was at a conference last week using these same companies that Ripple has been using in presentations in recent years. “If you’re a Seagate or an Amazon or an Airbnb or an Uber, these companies all make large numbers of small payments. Amazon has thousands of merchants that they make payments to. Uber, if you’re in the Philippines and you’re a driver and you need money for milk, Uber would love you to drive for them and buy milk right that day." @joelkatz I think you or the Ripple sales department should give these companies a call or maybe send an email describing the solution Ripple offers. If they aren't interested then you should probably stop using them as examples of potential customers. There are other fish in the sea. If they become customers, they won't be potential customers anymore and then shouldn't be presented as such.
  6. "Every entrepreneur will use the digital asset XRP and the XRP Ledger...." More like damn liars.
  7. Ripple has a history of placing misleading company logos on their slides. I'm suprised its legal.
  8. Is Ripples routine actually for the banks, or for the XRP buying public. Did it ever seriously believe, with all its experts and lawyers, that dozens of banks would be using XRP this year? There are supposedly 20 companies (including Moneygram) using xrapid right now! Is that believable? It may even be literally true, but it is very misleading.
  9. Who are these gateways and can we trust their IOUs? I trust Bitstamp IOUs, but for some reason they only have BTC and USD on ledger. Is there a site or page somewhere that explains who these other issuers are?
  10. Just seems a bit nerdy, that's all.
  11. So why hashtag #McDonalds? To wind people up?
  12. They look so happy! Great to see a company like Ripple helping out the SF homeless like this.
  13. So is this a "real" bank using XRP? Where is the liquidity for xrapid coming from?
  14. So they have spent a lot of money. But what have they built? e.g. the gaming "platform" Forte, what has it actually created or achieved.
  15. Not sure I understand what this means, doesn't sound like the market maker xrapid model I (thought I) understood. Wasn't Ripple supposed to be the one providing liquidity through XRP order books on exchanges? They have been testing for over a year now.
  16. Moneygram: "We have the liquidity" How can Moneygram provide liquidity, and why don't they just provide it, instead of talking about how they could?
  17. Thanks for your replies. I have to admit, none of this makes any sense to me. As far as I can tell, you are saying this is NOT Corda as such but rather some bespoke proprietary code R3 and SWIFT have created that may use parts of Corda but not all of it. Specifically the XRP settlement module has been replaced by a SWIFT/GPI fiat module that will never appear in the github repo. Hopefully that's close enough.
  18. If Corda is hidden behind GPI, then what is the purpose of it? If GPI is a simply another settlement option for Corda, then XRP is already integrated into Corda for that purpose.
  19. So gpi/fiat is another settlement option for Corda. But if SWIFT is pushing Corda adoption isn't that good for XRP, because XRP is already a settlement option for Corda?
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