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  1. And Bill Clinton voted for Donald.
  2. "Low costs" are not "unique" to Bitcoin. It is far more expensive (and slow) than other digital assets.
  3. This doesn't sound right: "What Makes Bitcoin Unique?" "Bitcoin is a globally fungible commodity with low transaction costs, near-zero transportation costs and low-to-zero storage costs."
  4. Thanks a lot .. so do you think Ripple is intentionally letting the XRPL exchange fade away? According to xrpcharts it has almost no activity these days. Stellar seems to be promoting their exchange more.
  5. This ripple-data-api file seems to have some information on issued currencies. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ripple/ripple-data-api/develop/api/gateways.json Does anyone know why say bitstamp only issue BTC and USD on ledger? They support more currencies on their site and there are even some more in this file but they have 'featured' set to false which seems to mean they don't really exist. Why don't more exchanges become gateways, or existing gateways issue more currencies?
  6. "Ripple" technology is conveniently vague. Also, why not just release a library and offer support? It sounds like they are paying game companies XRP so they will use the Ethereum blockchain. It's a shame Ripple can't commit to helping the XRPL exchange for once, that's almost dead.
  7. Looking at the XRP chart, I don't understand how you can think this.
  8. I certainly wouldn't trust anything that Ripple "we regularly meet with regulators" said about regulation at this point. I think it's quite possible Ripple thinks XRP will be banned for use by banks and is not telling people so they can dump more XRP. If they are doing this maybe it wouldn't even be illegal because it's unregulated.
  9. Maybe Asheesh Birla should give Facebook a call instead of writing blogs. I would have assumed being on the Ripple sales team it might have occurred to him, but then...
  10. The Ripple/XRP decentralized exchange looks almost dead https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/metrics Amazing how with all those million$ from XRP sales Ripple has managed to get the DEX less active than 3+ years ago, before the last bull run!
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