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  1. Are we really decentralised?

    By "community members" do you mean Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse? "With respect to centralization, if Ripple (the company) went away tomorrow, the XRP ledger would continue to exist and trade. So it is decentralized." https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/11/ripple-ceo-brad-garlinghouse-on-bitcoin-and-xrp.html
  2. If you mean this one: The link it gives to say BoA is still on the Advisory Group is dead: https://ripple.com/network/ But I guess that is different from the Steering Group (GPSG)? In August BoA filed blockchain patents of their own: I suppose insight that mentions BoA on the GPSG from back in March still stands: https://ripple.com/insights/mufg-joins-ripples-global-payments-steering-group/
  3. I'm more worried about whether the success of Ripple and XRP depends on the US government or perceptions of it.
  4. I think Bank of America was a client, but isn't on the list now: https://ripple.com/solutions/
  5. So if GateHub has bad liquidity that means the XRP Ledger itself has bad liquidity. Why does the XRP Ledger have bad liquidity - is it because the interfaces to it like GateHub are badly designed? Would people still use Polo, Kraken etc. over GateHub even if GateHub had decent liquidity?
  6. Ripple. ILP, RCL, XRPLedger - none of these mean XRP is being used for settlement. It doesn't matter if Ripple have an office in India or the Bank of England tested ILP. I don't know what to say - perhaps someone else can explain this better.
  7. That looks like a link to me dude. Either way, I can't see anything in there that says XRP is being used for settlement.
  8. Could you post the specific quote that says XRP is currently being used for settlement?
  9. Ripple, XRP, and the Future

    I hope Ripple is aiming a little higher than Netflix! What did they ever invent or do to improve the world? Also the Netflix time frame just looks terrible. It took them 20 years to say "Netflix is available worldwide" when the internet had been there the whole time, streaming videos every day, worldwide? Maybe I don't watch enough TV.
  10. Fine, but if we are talking why this doesn't make the price go up: "Confirmation of XRP being used in Japanese-Thai corridor, England, Australia/Hong Kong, UAE" The reason is because it's not true. Saying "it will be used" just begs the question "when?"
  11. Isn't the CNBC article talking about hypothetical, not actual, use? Testing XRP for settlement has been going on since last year I think. And XRP is always being burned, but that isn't settlement.
  12. Thanks, but none of this seems to mention anything about XRP or a digital asset? Any news that just talks about "Ripple technology" just makes people think Ripple are expanding their software business/buying BTC etc. on XRP investors dime. It seems silly, but then Ripple tweet that they don't really think about the price/value of their most valuable asset, and provide no actual XRP use news, and around we go.
  13. "Confirmation of XRP being used in Japanese-Thai corridor, England, Australia/Hong Kong, UAE" Where is this?
  14. Ripple - Swell - Tim Berners-Lee

    Thanks, watching it now. I've always thought the HTML syntax he invented is pretty pointless and obtuse, like many languages, given that Lisp had already existed for decades.
  15. This Kugler guy is a straight liar. Remind me who gets their investment advice from the Huffington Post again?