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  1. I thought Ripple had patented a method to incentivize anyone who provided liquidity? The one Bob Way was talking about. Do you know what happened to that?
  2. Not really a level playing field if Ripple only subsidizes their market makers.
  3. Ripple at least doesn't seem interested in promoting the XRPL distributed exchange. I don't think it's clear why. There's very little liquidity on there these days. It's been hung out to dry. Why wouldn't people use the DEX, if it had liquidity?
  4. Why not add XRP to an already existing game?
  5. "40 percent of staff specialised in Anti-Money Laundering ...." How many staff does EEB actually have? If 40% are in AML that could be 2 out of 5. "As the first regulated bank to join the Ripple network" What about all the other banks that are supposed to be on RippleNet?
  6. Almost zero liquidity: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/markets/XAU:rrh7rf1gV2pXAoqA8oYbpHd8TKv5ZQeo67/XRP?interval=30m&range=3d&type=line
  7. It is amazing to me that Ripple, who are supposedly focused on building liquidity, having the best asset technically for liquidity provision, a huge "war chest", the banking contacts and years head start, have somehow managed to get XRP trade volume lower than that of EOS. The XRP DEX itself is completely dead these days.
  8. So why are these companies not using XRP? At least internally, for testing. I'm not sure I understand this.
  9. If ILP allows me to settle between say, BTC and DOGE, why choose XRP?
  10. Still, I think it needs a settlement system to transfer value. They must be using something even in the testing stage. I assume it's an ERC20 token. Why not XRP/L? Then they could reply something like "Yes! XRP is the default settlement system in our new ILP product! Why use slow, expensive methods when the XRPL exists!"
  11. Could Ripple, for some mysterious reason, actually be trying to fail?
  12. It is very strange. Why not just build on the XRPL? All it needs is liquidity, which these unrelated investments won't help. I also wonder why these other companies are choosing not to use the XRPL. It seems to be the most stable, well documented, cheapest, fastest etc. What gives?
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