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  1. Thanks for your replies. I have to admit, none of this makes any sense to me. As far as I can tell, you are saying this is NOT Corda as such but rather some bespoke proprietary code R3 and SWIFT have created that may use parts of Corda but not all of it. Specifically the XRP settlement module has been replaced by a SWIFT/GPI fiat module that will never appear in the github repo. Hopefully that's close enough.
  2. If Corda is hidden behind GPI, then what is the purpose of it? If GPI is a simply another settlement option for Corda, then XRP is already integrated into Corda for that purpose.
  3. So gpi/fiat is another settlement option for Corda. But if SWIFT is pushing Corda adoption isn't that good for XRP, because XRP is already a settlement option for Corda?
  4. Do you think this is Corda but with XRP settlement disabled? Doesn't RippleNet also offer the option of fiat?
  5. I don't understand how people are interpreting this otherwise.
  6. elias


    Can someone explain why the police cannot find the owners of now-ethers.com?
  7. Well, the market doesn't believe him. And who can blame it? Ripple have been crying wolf over 'actual use' for years.
  8. So is the logo going to be rainbow for one month every year?
  9. I heard Ripple is incentivizing market makers through their XRP sales. I wonder if there is somewhere we can sign up, otherwise we will be trading at a disadvantage to those preferred market makers.
  10. Sounds good to me! Ripple, can we move on now?
  11. This tactic seems to have been a flop so far. Liquidity has not improved for a long time. Ripple have temporarily increased liquidity in the past by hyping BS like "2 household names" etc. while knowing they had no need of liquidity anytime soon. Why not announce some actual decent news now to jump start the process with speculative liquidity.
  12. "..if the markets are there with liquidity..." Gee ... if only there was some way to increase liquidity. Ah well.
  13. elias


    ... if there was any chance of them actually doing something?
  14. I've become a little suspicious of this Ripple "testing" phase! How long do they expect to "test" for?
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