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  1. Does anyone know how these max tps are calculated? Wouldn't it depend how fast the computer was? I find it hard to believe someone has achieved a 1000x -on ledger- performance gain over the XRPL. Is there somehow a limit of around 1500 tps for the XRP ledger regardless of how fast the validators are?
  2. why would he get on stage to provide an example of an ex customer who ripple couldn't or wouldn't help?
  3. elias

    Open-source project for new XRP symbol on github

    That guy reminds me of me "Waiting for XRP". "XRP will set us free"
  4. elias

    Open-source project for new XRP symbol on github

    I really like peebo38's suggestion. It focuses on the 'X' instead of the 'RP', I like the send/receive idea, its symmetrical and new yet it simple enough to feel familiar and would be easy to write. It would fit in 3x5 pixels. I don't like the blue 'XRP' logo with the drop at the top right at all. It looks a lop sided and wonky, and the whole thing goes too far to the right. The other suggestion I like is this one. Just an X with an extra line across. https://github.com/xrpsymbol/xrpsymbol.github.io/blob/master/suggestions-box/suggested-by-jeremy-marko-eremija.jpg I think it's a good idea to focus on the X. We have B for bitcoin, 'Y' for yen, 'S' for dollars .. and then we have XBT, XRP etc. XRP should be 'X' as in the cross currency. So I like peebo38's idea but maybe Jeremy Marko's looks more traditional, 'financial'.
  5. elias

    A Snoop Dogg Discussion

    Snoop is ****.
  6. Bitfinex allows unlimited withdrawals without registration.
  7. Was it Mr Ripple that paid huge fees not so long ago by not setting MaxFee?
  8. dizzy new heights? wasn't it there a few weeks ago?
  9. It doesn't look like we can effectively communicate, thanks anyway.
  10. How do you think BTC got to 2000? AFAIK Tether are supposed to issue and destroy USDT, your language is loaded. There were many factors affecting BTC price last year, not least the free cash fork.
  11. Have you been to tether.to and read the faq etc.? https://tether.to https://tether.to/faqs/ https://tether.to/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/TetherWhitePaper.pdf https://wallet.tether.to/transparency
  12. Where are you lot getting this stuff? Are you trying to imply no fiat came into the market through coinbase etc. since btc was 2000?
  13. elias

    This Is Why Ripple Will Surge!

    I thought this was already possible. What do you mean by a real Euro/Dollar?
  14. Unlikely considering what we know.