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  1. So I guess the meetings aren't going to be mentioned in court? I can't wrap my head around this. Is the implication that the SEC and Ripple are involved in some kind of ruse? Then why would Schwartz talk about it? Surely Ripple would want to submit the meeting as evidence.. ripple: "hi we sold another x million xrp this week. you sure you're still ok with that?" sec: "<redacted>" Even more than the Fincen ruling or the ethereum pass or fair notice (unless that includes these meetings) , I consider these comments by Schwartz to be the best evidence, from a US regulatory standpoint, that the public had in deciding whether the US saw xrp as a security. Perhaps Ripple never thought to ask the SEC whether xrp was a security! Schwartz talks in somewhat vague terms about telling the SEC "what we were doing" and that would have to include their xrp sales. But legally, maybe not. Is DS saying here that he did ask the SEC whether xrp is a security, or is he implying that he did while not actually saying so? If they did ask the SEC, why don't they tell us what the SEC said in reply? Sorry I'm not understanding this, can someone help me out.
  2. I remember a video of David Schwartz on a stage, and he said something like "It would be really bad if the SEC sued us because we've been meeting with them every week talking about what we're doing" Have these meetings been mentioned in the court case? I wonder what they spoke about?
  3. "Why not pressure everybody on Ripplenet to use XRP?” We probably wouldn’t have any customers if we did that. Like you can’t tell your customers to use things that benefit you and don’t benefit them. The strategy I think has to be to give people a vast array of choices.” I'm beginning to think Ripple may be the most incompetent company ever.
  4. but couldn't you then just trade the els for xrp and close the trustline to get back the 5xrp?
  5. i wonder why didn't ripple just open source ripple trade?
  6. Thanks! I'm confused about limits though... Do you know much state a hook has access to? https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/docs/state-management +Is the best place to look for the fee calculation in the source code, and is there a maximum time a hook can run for? "Guards are used by the XRPL to determine the worst case execution time (in instructions) of your Hook before execution. This is the basis for the fee the XRPL charges for the execution of a Hook and makes execution times predictable and controllable." https://xrpl-hooks.readme.io/docs/loops-and-guarding
  7. This reporter looks for a more efficient BTC and finds a new proof-of-space coin called Chia. But then they realize it takes energy to create disk space! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2021/05/14/chia-green-cryptocurrency-bounces-elon-musks-bitcoin-u-turn/ They also mention ETH/POS but think it will be a long way off. Of course, no mention of XRP.
  8. heh, i guess not. at least, not yet. i suppose speaking in code has its disadvantages oh well here are a few brads for the forum police BRAD BRAD BRAD
  9. (-> problem (what (how (who (why))))) you can code right lucky? do you know lisp? its a great language. it can really help distill a problem.
  10. Do you not think the Sun contributes to warming at all? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenic_petroleum_origin
  11. Wouldn't Ripple use it anyway if their software is designed to work with it, and it is useful?
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