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  1. A large part of Tone Vays argument seems to be that BTC has better code than BCH. He thinks a lot of developers (20!) producing lots of code (50,000 lines!) are what makes "good code". He even scolds Nakamoto for not prematurely optimizing. The more I hear from him the more I'm convinced he is indeed clueless. The more I hear from Roger Ver, the more he seem like one of the few serious people in crypto. BTC/BCH must have been quite annoying for him. Hopefully his vast fortune will help ease the pain!
  2. elias

    Binance and Xrapid

    I wonder why Binance are in no rush to add xrapid to their exchange. Surely they would appreciate the extra volume. Maybe this Binance boss knows there won't be much volume, or xrapid is somehow difficult to implement. Maybe Ripple or Binance are short of funds. But how hard can it be?
  3. elias

    How Ripple Is Screwing XRP Bagholders

    Surely all we know is that some "financial institutions" have bought XRP from Ripple. We don't know they were banks. We don't know what they paid for their XRP. Also I don't see the point in considering "restrictive resale-agreements" when we have no idea what these agreements might be.
  4. elias

    UAE and Saudi Arabia unveil new cryptocurrency

    What software is this ... did they write their own cryptocurrency from scratch?
  5. elias

    Ripple Network forked to create SystemD

    Could you give a reason or two why it would make little sense?
  6. elias

    Biggest Banks until today?

    What we do know is that the XRP ledger volume and TPS haven't budged an inch, which gives an indication how much use xRapid is actually getting.
  7. So todays news is ... a repeat of yesterdays news that there is no news?
  8. "This is called a "chain reorganization," or "reorg" for short. All reorgs have a "depth," which is the number of blocks that were replaced, and a "length," which is the number of new blocks that did the replacing." Who cares? It's broken. I see no need to learn the terminology of some broken crap. Ripple are doing an amazing job of stagnating XRP alongside all this PoW rubbish. How do they do it?
  9. elias

    Bakt delay launch date

    What is the "CFTC’s process and timeline"?
  10. if credit union=bank does catalyst already satisfy brads 'dozens' of banks in 2019? it seems like they have negligible volume.
  11. Regarding @NMNR BoA/Ripple partnership claim. Are there any other software products where the developer agreed with a customer that they will have veto over what other companies can buy the software? It sounds very strange, especially when the whole point of this software is to connect a network of users.
  12. elias

    no-action letters from SEC

    Maybe Ripple will think to ask.
  13. elias

    no-action letters from SEC

    I'm getting very bored of the SEC and the US generally.