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  1. Questions on rippled setup

    I should have properly read through the rippled-example.cfg Maybe it would be clearer if the actual default setting was in the example file, possibly commented out, and the documentation for each section to be just above the settings it refers to.
  2. Questions on rippled setup

    I see what you're saying.
  3. Questions on rippled setup

    Yes it looks like setting node_size to 'tiny' is all that is required. There is an error in the rippled documentation, in rippled-example.cfg it says 'tiny' is the default node size here: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/eaff9a0e6aec0ad077f118501791c7684debcfd5/doc/rippled-example.cfg#L577 But then sets it to 'medium' here: https://github.com/ripple/rippled/blob/eaff9a0e6aec0ad077f118501791c7684debcfd5/doc/rippled-example.cfg#L1060 Even on 'medium' setting my CPU, memory and network look OK. Maybe my disk is slow or something, but without a way to see how far the rippled is getting behind its difficult to narrow down the problem.
  4. Hodl with private key - why nano ledger

    Not really, they store bits in a distributed database! In the end, all ledgers store account balances. It may be stored indirectly, but the information is still there. When you go to bithomp and type in an address and it tells you that address has 100xrp, where did it get this information from if not the XRP ledger? If it got the information from the XRP ledger, then the XRP ledger has to store this information. Is the source code available for these wallets?
  5. Hodl with private key - why nano ledger

    It may sometimes be literally true at the code level, but its completely false in context. The Nano S does not store your XRP balance or your BTC balance, they store the keys. Also, consider that even the BTC ledger stores coins associated with each address, they have just been encoded as a series of transactions. They decrease security by being another point of failure.
  6. Hodl with private key - why nano ledger

    There are loads of people going around saying coins are stored on these hardware wallets and the XRP, BTC, etc. ledgers only store transactions! I assume it's because the charlatans who created the Nano S deliberately called it the 'ledger' to confuse people. I think hardware wallets are ridiculous and a security problem.
  7. Questions on rippled setup

    Hey Tulo I guess you got this working on your NUC? Log level looks like; # Turn down default logging to save disk space in the long run. # Valid values here are trace, debug, info, warning, error, and fatal [rpc_startup] { "command": "log_level", "severity": "info" } I think jf it isn't synced then you will get lots of "WRN: We are not running on the consensus ledger" messages. I managed to get even my slow machine synced ok by adding a few options at the bottom of rippled.cfg, dunno which did the trick. [ledger_history] 5 [peers_max] 10 [node_size] tiny [fetch_depth] 128
  8. Are Mojaloop and HyperLedger Quilt open source ILP code from Ripple?
  9. They might not be perfect languages, but what other serious choice is there other than Java on the server and JavaScript on the client? Anyway Clojure and ClojureScript compile to Java and JavaScript...
  10. I'm wondering how we get from 1 to 2 in the list above? Personally I don't understand how tether works but it is obvious to anyone that it isn't worth the same as a dollar, as it has a price in dollars. Why would people suddenly begin dumping their tether based on information they already know, unless perhaps their was an avalanche of articles trying to convince them to do so?
  11. Questions on rippled setup

    I assumed that by setting a local address (e.g. 192.xxx 10.xxx) then it wasn't visible from outside. I changed the top of rippled.cfg [server] port_rpc_admin_local port_peer port_ws_admin_local port_ws_public <- uncomment this then further down [port_ws_public] port = 5004 ip = protocol = ws Verbosity is set at the bottom of rippled.cfg I'd also like to know if rippled is synced ok, ideally some kind of estimate on how far behind it is. Recently even my fastest machine keeps slipping into 'NoNetworkMode' which I think means something is too slow to catch up with the latest ledger. Without some kind of indication on whether things are getting worse or better it's hard to try random stuff to fix it.

    I assume that means you agree that coins are stored on ledgers/blockchains and not on your website, in a wallet etc.

    I'm pretty sure XRP is stored on the XRP ledger.

    "There is a phenomenal amount of consideration that must be considered before you choose to store your own coins." Don't the ledgers/blockchains themselves store the coins?
  15. Had two XRP wallets cleared out.

    It is strange that the wallet generators 'fork me on github' link is dead - that is where the source code should be available. I have previously used TheWorldExchange.net to access the ledger/generate keys etc. Its source code is available and it runs entirely client side (apart from connecting to the ledger or Ripple servers). I trust TWE, at least the version I downloaded from github and run myself, but I would not trust that paper wallet thing you posted. Apparently some people trust hardware wallets, but personally I wouldn't trust those either and don't even see the point.