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  1. This reporter looks for a more efficient BTC and finds a new proof-of-space coin called Chia. But then they realize it takes energy to create disk space! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2021/05/14/chia-green-cryptocurrency-bounces-elon-musks-bitcoin-u-turn/ They also mention ETH/POS but think it will be a long way off. Of course, no mention of XRP.
  2. heh, i guess not. at least, not yet. i suppose speaking in code has its disadvantages oh well here are a few brads for the forum police BRAD BRAD BRAD
  3. (-> problem (what (how (who (why))))) you can code right lucky? do you know lisp? its a great language. it can really help distill a problem.
  4. Do you not think the Sun contributes to warming at all? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenic_petroleum_origin
  5. Wouldn't Ripple use it anyway if their software is designed to work with it, and it is useful?
  6. https://github.com/ripple/rippled/commit/a3a9dc26b4d4f049cf87fb7152f1fcef6697e505 the DeletableAccounts amendment was added to Feature.cpp here https://github.com/ripple/rippled/commit/a3a9dc26b4d4f049cf87fb7152f1fcef6697e505#diff-dfae006b8a243da54fdda9a81d24056903c1b622dfbc52bcce447e81c1d494eb
  7. I know it's controversial, and possibly even illegal, but I'd still like Ripple to do some "work"".
  8. I think what could be holding back development is nobody wants to compete with a Ripple funded company that receives $millions from XRP sales for doing nothing. XRPL is much more useful than LTC ledger and would get much more development without Ripple suffocating it. @JoelKatz why does Ripple keep giving vast amounts of money to projects that achieve basically nothing at all, is this supposed to be incompetence?
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