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  1. "The future is here" "Now?" "No" "When?" "3..."
  2. There is no need. But you really should read what you selectively quote, Bookworm. It is not 2018! Volume of $1trillion? 23c Q1-Q3? Don't work too hard now! I'll send a postcard.
  3. This bit was supposed to be a joke, Miguel didn't write that (yet) .. I was imagining my horror reading next years Q3 report.
  4. Ripple XRP Volumes and Volatility

    Apologies here, this was supposed to be an attempt at satire. I posted it as coming from Miguels 2018 Q3 report. People are expecting a total crypto market cap of maybe a trillion next year. Sounds like Ripple though, right? I was disturbed by the first quote you posted, from the actual 2017 Q3 report, and wondered what might be in store for next year.
  5. XRP-Native token to ILP

    I wonder how much of the pie is settlement vs exchange, would Cuallix involve settlement with XRP or just exchange for example.
  6. XRP-Native token to ILP

    If we forget about the technical/software aspects of XRP, what have Ripple accomplished with it, except selling a lot for profit? I've seen it mentioned on their website, a few pdfs, the odd plug here and there. I think the price of XRP is as high as it is because people see the potential of XRP. Now I hear the solitary Cuallix deployment will probably not add any volume to the exchange volume on the ledger when/if it ever goes live. If they are using the proprietary/secret software xCurrent their contact with the ledger may just be a payment between two MM accounts, or get a quote and route a payment directly through a MM exchange with xRapid/xTicker and not touch the XRPLedger at all! if so, why even use XRP (with its "better" software) and not just BTC with its much better liquidity?
  7. Tracking Cuallix

    Thanks a lot. It's a shame this is all using software that is closed source and we aren't allowed to buy. I wonder if HyperLedger/Quilt could perhaps be used with XRP Ledger to do something similar, or are there any other ILP implementations. I suppose the ILP protocol itself is too simple to give any clues. From what I'm reading, it feels like Ripple are moving away from using the XRP Ledger as an exchange. Does anyone know what exchanges (Bitso etc.) actually have their books on the XRPLedger? It looked to me like GateHub did.
  8. If Ripple have been working with Crypto Facilities to create a marketplace for XRP derivatives since February 2016, it is strange that nothing has materialized yet. edit: Sorry, zerpdigger mentioned that they already listed XRP futures. Maybe there is just not much demand. Can we expect FI money arriving in 2018 to continue ignoring XRP in a similar manner, even though the means to trade it are available?
  9. Tracking Cuallix

    It sounds like Ripplenet (xCurrent/ILP) may not actually add exchange volume to the books on the XRP ledger, but only increase the payment volume. So would a market maker wanting to provide liquidity through XRP to payment providers etc. require a copy of xCurrent/xRapid and their own xTicker or whatever? I wonder how much they cost .. could anyone declare themselves a market maker add buy them?
  10. Tracking Cuallix

    The figures here look bizarre to me. Why would going CNY->AUD be so different in cost to AUD->CNY, wouldn't liquidity be similar on both sides of the book? Looks like that pattern is repeated throughout the chart. And does this chart really say that USD->EUR would be 3.88% cheaper if going through XRP than traditional FX?
  11. I don't really know what Ripple mean by "healthy and stable", it is as you say pretty subjective. I would like to know what they mean. By fake volume I mean volume that doesn't stick around.
  12. I agree with all that Alluvial. I think Ripple believe that being deflationary is most important for a store of value, but liquidity is most important for a medium of exchange. So they think they have an advantage when it comes to payments because they can directly increase liquidity with their big stash. They can get the 'benefits' of inflation but without lowering the price as much because the market already knows those coins exist. Wikipedia on monetary policy: "Monetary policy like the central bank or currency board, controls the supply of money, often targeting an inflation rate or interest rate to ensure price stability and general trust in the currency." On positive aspects of inflation: "Positive effects include reducing the real burden of public and private debt, keeping nominal interest rates above zero so that central banks can adjust interest rates to stabilize the economy, and reducing unemployment due to nominal wage rigidity." But does any of that really apply to XRP? They are putting the cart before the horse. Liquidity doesn't just depend on sellers, buyers are needed too. Sustainable stability and liquidity comes from increased demand, which will only come if XRP can compete with other coins on price. Which in XRPs case, because Ripple emphasize this role, means real settlement - not hypothetical or implied by yet another SBI pdf. Cuallix seems to have brought no discernable volume. We languish in perpetual stagnation at 20c with liquidity far worse than other leading digital assets. Next time Brad says "I'm long bitcoin" I hope someone asks him if he's more long XRP! Miguel's XRP 2018 Q3 "Halloween" Report: "While markets suffered increasing volatility as total volume leaped to over $1trillion, XRP showed remarkable resiliency and maintained a healthy, stable price of 23c for Q1-Q3."
  13. The record volume around SWELL was entirely based on hype; it disappeared quick when no "good" news came out. It wasn't healthy or stable, more like fake and illusory. Exactly where and when are you looking at the volume for Q4?
  14. I don't understand why this is impressive. Wasn't volatility high in Q2 because of the SBI news, and didn't the lack of further good news (of the price lifting sort) lead to the low volatility in Q3? XRP volume was high in Q3 also because of good news in Q2, but now in Q4 volume is not so good.
  15. Was Ripple bank software ever open source?