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  1. I wonder what was discussed when Ripple met regularly with regulators all those years.
  2. What happens when you click the link? It doesn't appear on my CMC.
  3. They advertised on the Ellen Degeneres Show last year with a donation to a charity she likes.
  4. Thanks, by the way the BUIDL link at the bottom is wrong there should be no dash at the end https://mashable.com/article/buidl-hodl/ This BUIDL term sounds naff though. Are you linking to mashable as a good example of a website full of stupid adverts?
  5. It seems to be happening to all the ledgers. See the close_time on these consecutive ledgers: {:close_time_human "2019-Mar-31 13:53:01.000000000", :account_hash "2079EB9A401A36F123A1C9FDA3D8544BC994A341C17A933E91C6287153A2D2D2", :ledger_hash "CD95AC4844AE12908D77CC31F127A798A561D7B7FBDA9965DA17F69D3A49BDA6", :closed true, :close_time_resolution 10, :transaction_hash "A7EF119C33B4EFC181DBB4AC058EC0A2A3D172E3017F889EF40405CD70B50F80", :hash "CD95AC4844AE12908D77CC31F127A798A561D7B7FBDA9965DA17F69D3A49BDA6", :totalCoins "99991658410335391", :ledger_index "46203555", :accepted true, :parent_hash "C585E5FBD8B206E703C9A3B86CB5209AF77320553CDA8A6A9F82060948B2A379", :close_time 607355581, :total_coins "99991658410335391", :seqNum "46203555", :close_flags 0, :parent_close_time 607355580} {:close_time_human "2019-Mar-31 13:53:02.000000000", :account_hash "D4F7224A0AB01B12A0D669EA13289F292636EC9958BF334BA0C58EEE31A20455", :ledger_hash "0CE73051112484C836B78773A88BB55F5C87D3257CD4286F2E9F5BDEB5E07D48", :closed true, :close_time_resolution 10, :transaction_hash "A60C9553C125EB1708E4E74225D8BD8BD86E8FB86803C03D607B8D948894E2B1", :hash "0CE73051112484C836B78773A88BB55F5C87D3257CD4286F2E9F5BDEB5E07D48", :totalCoins "99991658410335218", :ledger_index "46203556", :accepted true, :parent_hash "CD95AC4844AE12908D77CC31F127A798A561D7B7FBDA9965DA17F69D3A49BDA6", :close_time 607355582, :total_coins "99991658410335218", :seqNum "46203556", :close_flags 0, :parent_close_time 607355581} {:close_time_human "2019-Mar-31 13:53:10.000000000", :account_hash "EA23E736CA919BD6F99EACCD69065FCB64FB622D71F56F11FFC3D60926A4242F", :ledger_hash "EA2B5996AC1E48D9D9F3BB4F43C506BE602FFAF9AF9557B4BE0802A7A3EEF9B4", :closed true, :close_time_resolution 10, :transaction_hash "6293A181A584800B240DA13E85A6ECCE53E18ADD0CD85A930ED06A848E021E6B", :hash "EA2B5996AC1E48D9D9F3BB4F43C506BE602FFAF9AF9557B4BE0802A7A3EEF9B4", :totalCoins "99991658410334793", :ledger_index "46203557", :accepted true, :parent_hash "0CE73051112484C836B78773A88BB55F5C87D3257CD4286F2E9F5BDEB5E07D48", :close_time 607355590, :total_coins "99991658410334793", :seqNum "46203557", :close_flags 0, :parent_close_time 607355582}
  6. Whose 'expertise' are they? Do you even know if that bug is the chart code or the Ripple Data API? And what about the rippled bug? We are still getting two ledgers close in two seconds and then 8 seconds until the next (according to the ledger close_time). Is that @nikb 'expertise'?
  7. "The interview revealed quite a bit about Forte's approach, and indicated that they were intent on both building out the tools for other developers to use to integrate with any crypto network, and also a "blockchain game engine," which indicates an ambitious scope. When developers use that term, they typically mean all of the tools necessary to build a game." The 'blockchain game engine' sounds like a really bad idea. I wonder what they have in mind? Their other approach of building tools so other engines can use any crypto network sounds more sensible, but maybe that wouldn't use XRP.
  8. I believe it's the number of trades going through the XRP decentralized exchange. Looks like Stellar has more has more ledger trade volume than Ripple these days. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/ https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/stellar-decentralized-exchange/ Does anyone know why the Ripple DEX is so dead?
  9. The media is promoting IQ as an explanation for why certain groups are over represented. Personally I have a very low IQ, but it's never been a problem. When I do need to perform a basic shape matching task, or add together a few single digit numbers, I simply ashkenazi.
  10. We don't even know where the bug is. Is the Ripple Data API a consumer facing application? Your response amounts to "Ripple knows best"
  11. Surely Ripple has plenty of cash to spend.
  12. Great. I also noticed this behavior. Hey @nikb maybe you could look at this close time anomaly or the broken charts instead of trolling the twitter threads these bugs cause?
  13. Why doesn't Ripple just fix the charts?
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