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  1. I wonder what the reasons are for ending this program...anyone?
  2. @Hodor I will miss my fellow GOT fan....thank you for making me feel welcome when I first joined xrpchat. I recall your post asking what everyone thought of your idea to start blogging...it was met with great encouragement because your posts were very well informed and you... a joy to interact with. Look how far you took that....you’re famous. Best wishes for your future.
  3. Hi Sukrim, I think the advantages are that the reserve could be raised (an even better spam deterrent) and there would be less complaints about the reserve being lost value.
  4. Hello, where are the “community choice” votes located please?
  5. Welcome...I just posted to get one point
  6. ‘Rothschild Crypto Exchange’ - Trademarks filed 16th August 2018 by Dalya Rothschild (relationship to the Rothschilds not confirmed) http://www.wipo.int/branddb/en/# screen shot below Credit to Digital Asset Investor on Twitter
  7. That was an exceptional read...thank you for the ongoing thoughts
  8. Some background context from Ripple Insights 2016.....this is a major breakthrough! https://ripple.com/insights/pieces-players-payments-standardization/ Extract; “W3C Web Payments” “Web payments standards are a long time coming.” “A Web Payments Community Group was set up nearly four years ago and in October 2015 it graduated to a working group of 175 members comprised of large incumbents such as Visa Europe, Google and the Fed as well as smaller startups.” “The working group’s current goal is to develop a browser-based checkout API that makes it easy for developers to integrate payments into the Web without playing favorites to certain methods. For instance, the working group doesn’t care whether a consumer wants to purchase with ACH, a credit card or Bitcoin, but instead wants all those options to have the same chance of being deployed, expanding both consumer and merchant choice.” “Ripple, for instance, will be one of the solutions sitting on top of ILP. The company is creating software that integrates the legacy bank systems with the protocol. These top layers are where regulatory guidelines must be upheld.” “Thomas compares ILP to TCP/IP, the basic communication protocol of the internet, because ILP doesn’t care why two parties are transacting, just that both parties agree to transact. Layers on top of ILP, such as Ripple he equates to HTTP, SMTP and so on–application-specific protocols that know the details of a transaction, such as whether they’re legal and intended.” “Having a standardized protocol for payments could drastically change the ecosystem.”
  9. Microsoft demonstrates how to use the new PaymentRequest API (a @w3c standard, soon available in all major browsers) https://mobile.twitter.com/ahopebailie/status/955381835411939328
  10. I dunno Matt....I saw that tweet where @nikb encouraged you to apply...I think he saw something in you. Good luck with your job application
  11. That sounds like a good plan....are there any risks at all doing that? (other than the obvious...don’t lose your trans ID and hash)
  12. Understood. Can we just go through two examples to help provide clear understanding for all tech levels reading this based on current available wallets; 1. Escrow release address is Ledger Nano S XRP wallet; if Ledger is no longer operating , you can retrieve your ledger XRP wallet using github instructions. (This option is clear) 2. Escrow release address is Toast XRP wallet; If Toast is no longer operating which interface would you apply your secret key to, to retrieve address...Gatehub? Or is there a Github method for this? @Di3twater
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