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  1. Ripples new employee...interesting

    I dunno Matt....I saw that tweet where @nikb encouraged you to apply...I think he saw something in you. Good luck with your job application
  2. That sounds like a good plan....are there any risks at all doing that? (other than the obvious...don’t lose your trans ID and hash)
  3. Based on circulating supply of approx 38 billion makes it approx $12
  4. Understood. Can we just go through two examples to help provide clear understanding for all tech levels reading this based on current available wallets; 1. Escrow release address is Ledger Nano S XRP wallet; if Ledger is no longer operating , you can retrieve your ledger XRP wallet using github instructions. (This option is clear) 2. Escrow release address is Toast XRP wallet; If Toast is no longer operating which interface would you apply your secret key to, to retrieve address...Gatehub? Or is there a Github method for this? @Di3twater
  5. My thoughts as well. Which ‘wallet’ would be the best choice to receive the future released escrow? One has to consider which wallet would have the best chance of being ‘reclaimed’ via another service in the event the chosen wallet provider no longer exists when escrow is released. @Sukrim @Hodor @SBC-Daniel Do you see any issues with this?
  6. Wow.....what an awesome addition to the family! Great share GiddyUp.
  7. Cuallix are thrilled with their trial of XRP
  8. Not only that, there are risks involved in moving in and out of exchanges
  9. Cuallix tweet about xRapid & Hodor blog

    It’s awesome alright....cheers buddy
  10. Cuallix tweet about xRapid & Hodor blog

    Oh okay @MoonLambo I missed that...Cuallix themselves retweeted Hodor’s blog..that is.fantastic! @Hodor certainly deserves the acknowledgement. (I am a Senorita)
  11. Cuallix tweet about xRapid & Hodor blog

    Here is some discussion on this
  12. Generational* changes in cryptoforums

    Hello Tiny..thank you for being here.....The feeling is very mutual my friend.
  13. noticed you started 5 topics in the last hour.....you wouldn’t happen to know @berzerker by any chance?