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  1. Ahh, yes, Laura Shin. That's exactly who I'd turn to for clarification about anything to do with XRP and Ripple too. Nice find.
  2. Well it depends if you're talking about national or international operations. It's likely the IMF would control CBDCs through SDR reserves. The CBDCs could be traded between countries through the IMF, and PSPs would not be included in this network. These PSPs would still have to use CBDCs as part of business operations, and other bridge assets/currencies networks could be used. Of course this is just an opinion and many years down the road.
  3. If my experience in the corporate world is anything to go by, those reports and tax filings are far and away from an accurate assessment of operating costs.
  4. I mean, if we are only dealing with facts and reality, how can one assume to have a complete understanding of Ripple's financial position with cherry picked points from an SEC case? I'm sure an accountant would be able to chime in here. Where is the SEC pulling the 250m operating costs from and have the SEC performed a full audit of Ripple?
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