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    taebuoytogI reacted to dassy23 in XRapid Volume Chart Updating Daily   
    Hi Guys, I  put together a chart that shows xrapid volume on the Bitstamp to Bitso and Bitstamp to Coins.ph corridors. It updates daily at 530am PST.
    I used hmatejx's queries, his scripts are here https://github.com/hmatejx/xrapid_search.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to VanGogh in Ripples Cross Border Payments Launch in 40 Countries Across Six Continents   
    "Ripple says its cross-border payments technology is now up and running in 40 countries across six continents."
    "The majority of Ripple’s clients are using the company’s payment messaging system xCurrent to power payments.
    But Light says he believes the company’s XRP-based solution xRapid will increasingly be adopted as companies and regulators become more comfortable with the emerging technology."
    Sourced from: x@HamEggsnSam
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    taebuoytogI reacted to xrpmommy in 4 banks added to SBI money tap (29 total)   
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    taebuoytogI reacted to BruceWhale in IMF article instant payments   
    Hello there. It has been some time since I did a post here.
    But this information could be something really good. The IMF is looking to adopt instant payment. Not now, but they are looking at it seriously as an alternative. It could be related to ripple, maybe not. But it is definitely concerning cryptocurrencies.
    If it's real, mass adoption of cryptocurrency is on track

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    taebuoytogI reacted to DreXRP in The Ripple Drop - 14   
    In this episode we take a special look at Xpring and the work they've done to support ILP (Interledger Protocol) and XRP adoption. We interview SVP of Xpring Ethan Beard, Founder and CEO of Coil Stefan Thomas and the leadership team of Raised in Space Enterprises: CEO Zach Katz and President Shara Senderoff.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to KarmaCoverage in Panel with Sagar Sarbhai,@BKK Fintech Fair 2019   
    I found it invigorating  , So fun to see all the collaboration and progress.
    The thing about fundamental innovation, is that it always "takes root at the edges" of the market. China has been wanting to see the IMF/World Bank have some competition for 20 years. It's been clear for a while, but this video drove home the point... the Asian 10 payment markets are going to be the first stepping stone for the IoV.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to hallwaymonitor in Ripple eyeing 'multiple' deals after MoneyGram investment   
    Those who are interested can monitor the XRP volume in Bitso and Coins.Ph from these links when you navigate to "Analyze" tab. For now it shows just past 30 days but the volume should still be trending upwards during the coming months. If not then something must be wrong.
    PS. The "Aug 9" nosedive within the pictures is simply caused by the fact that it is early Friday at the moment when I'm typing this. Also try not pay too much attention to the number of payments in Coins.Ph because the exchange has been constantly targeted by the known XRP spamming accounts.

    Update: in below is something that might help to gauge xRapid flows as well. 
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    taebuoytogI reacted to hallwaymonitor in Ripple eyeing 'multiple' deals after MoneyGram investment   
    Yahoo Finance UK had an interview with Brad Garlinghouse about MoneyGram investment and xRapid outlook.
    Key takeaways from the article:
    "Garlinghouse said active discussions on “multiple” potential investments and acquisitions were currently underway but declined to give further details."
    “If you’re the Bank of Oscar and you’re holding £1 and you want to shoot a payment over to Mexico, you buy XRP with the pound, that takes fractions of a second on any digital exchange; you move the XRP to an exchange in Mexico, that takes about three seconds, there’s an exchange in Mexico we work with called BitSo; they now have the XRP, they sell the XRP, and they buy pesos,” Garlinghouse said. “It’ll start to ramp in Q4 but really we’ll start to see more consequential volumes in Q1,” he said."
    “The more liquidity there is, that means the spreads get tighter. The tighter the spreads get, the more efficient that corridor gets. The more efficient that corridor is, the more comes through there. So there’s a flywheel that happens and once you get it moving it starts to feed itself.”
    “The Moneygram deal is really one of the first scaled use cases of a digital asset in production,” Garlinghouse said. “This is a big deal. If I were betting now, a year from now the Moneygram deal will have a more consequential impact on the crypto markets than the Libra white paper [Facebook’s cryptocurrency project].”
    "Garlinghouse said he expected “over $1bn of xRapid volume” by the end of 2020."
    “Banks that two years ago told me: Hey we love your technology, we’re thrilled to be working with you but we’re not going to use crypto. I said OK great. Some of those same banks are now coming back and saying hey let’s talk about that because they see the value,” Garlinghouse said.
    My thoughts:
    - I hope the biggest investments and acquisitions of Ripple will be similar than MoneyGram which will provide more XRP/FIAT liquidity and hence encourage xRapid adoption even more.
    - I don't find it coincidence that Brad is using British Pound (£) as an example. Bitstamp should open GBP corridor "soon" and I hope they will start offering XRP/GBP pairing from the get-go because as an xRapid preferred exchange they would start to gain more revenue from XRP/GBP trading in addition to their XRP/USD & XRP/EUR pairings.
    - Remember that Brad said a couple of weeks back that Libra white paper brought the best week for Ripple ever and also it was call to action for banks. IMO according to Brad during Q3/2020 MoneyGram should bring even more customers to Ripple than Libra white paper did. We should also see xRapid overall volume around $1bn by the end of 2020.
    - Remember that in June 2018 Brad said at least one major bank should be using xRapid in the end of 2018. Well, we got Euro Exim bank in end of 2018 and it is not major bank by any means to be honest. Thus, I won't expect any major banks using xRapid in the end of 2019 as well even if there would be some banks asking about XRP from Ripple right at the moment.
    PS. Credits to Eric Dadoun (@EDadoun) from Twitter for sharing the article.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to wrongbenson in [Bloomberg](Video) Ripple's Senior VP (Monica Long) On The US Senate Cryptocurrency Hearing   
    July 29th, 2019, 7:37 PM EDT
    Monica Long, Ripple Senior VP of Marketing discusses the upcoming U.S. Senate hearing on cryptocurrency and how she expects to change lawmakers minds on the subject. She speaks with Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology." (Source: Bloomberg)
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    taebuoytogI reacted to LeonidasH in Ripple expands into Chile   
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    taebuoytogI got a reaction from Roaring_Twenties in David Schwartz popped into the Alex Cobb chat today to answer some questions.   
    I look on here and I see 20 something reply's I am like wow what great content it must have been.  Then I see all the bickering 
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    taebuoytogI reacted to JannaOneTrick in Q3 - Paradigm shift on the buying pressure of XRP   
    Q3 - Paradigm shift on the buying pressure of XRP
    Janna's interpretation
    After a very exhausting 2018 year during which the XRP/BTC chart was going in oblivion and a half of the 2019 year also quite frankly unsatisfying considering the +/- 300% surges of some of the top 15 coins, reading the Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report I personally felt a huge relief, which I have not really expressed because I am quite the private person.
    But here I will explain my reasoning and my own interpretation of what is most likely happening.
    Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report
    Before going any further, I will point out some key information which are coming straight out of the report.

    Since 2017, Ripple began providing XRP to meet FI's demand through the OTC desks in response to a lack of liquidity.
    The direct impact was obviously felt from everyone who had invested in XRP and even today. The price plummeted not only because of the BTC 85% drop, since XRP price is highly correlated to BTC, but in a more stealthy way from the strategy implemented by Ripple.
    During the past weeks, many members, myself included, were collecting information regarding the XRP exchanged on the network. Personally, I was trying to find comfort, because this is how I cope with it. Being still a fresh member, of this community and also an investor in this asset, my understanding of the network is ongoing.
    What was the most devastating to me and most likely to some other members was that the XRP exchanged and thus sold (for the most part) were a direct cause of the price being dropping / stagnant / sluggish compared to BTC slightly dropping / stagnant / increasing.
    Although, as stated in the report, this very strategy is the necessary step prior to what is coming.
    Since 2017, there is institutional demand for XRP which has heavily been sourced by the OTC desks, resulting in sale pressure (mostly observed on the XRP/BTC chart).

    I was explaining the XRP/BTC chart with mainly one factor, the performance of XRP compared to BTC throughout the whole bull phase (2015 - 2017).
    BTC bottom: 180 (January 2015) BTC peak: 19,000 (December 2017) BTC multiplier: 105  
    XRP bottom: 0.004 (December 2015) XRP peak: 3.8 (January 2018) XRP multiplier: 950 While this factor is a heavy participant in the equation of the XRP/BTC chart going downward to oblivion ever since the bull run was exhausted, throughout 2019 the trend was still ongoing while other top 15 assets were drastically increasing.
    In the report, Ripple states they decided to make a switch pulling back from providing XRP over-the-counter at scale toward the end of Q2. The key word is "decided", it does not mean they did it right away. Although, toward the end of Q2 it is true the sales had decreased, but it is only 1 of the 2 parts of the equation.
    Provide XRP to FI through the OTC desks Provide XRP to FI through the open-market (exchanges)  
    Paradigm shift
    Throughout the month I observed a new trend on the XRP/BTC chart, starting the 11th July.

    The trend is ongoing and obviously translates into XRP gaining traction over BTC, but this is pretty new and I have not all the necessary information to confirm my theory, so I cannot say with full confidence I am right. As I said earlier, this is all my own interpretation.
    I think Ripple started providing XRP to FI through the open-market this month, meaning there is now enough liquidity from the exchanges for the current institutional demand.
    This results in buying pressure which translates into the XRP price soaring.
    We do not see the effect as of yet because XRP is still heavily coupled to BTC and BTC having recently surged a lot now needs momentum to find some new grounds. So in fine, BTC price dropped from 14k to 9k, which resulted in XRP price going from 0.5 to 0.3.
    But, now I want to focus on the 07/11/2019 to 07/26/2019 time frame and compare both BTC and XRP performances over the past 2 weeks.
    07/11 Midnight UTC +2 BTC: $12,044 XRP: $0.36000  
    07/26 10 am UTC +2 BTC: $9760 XRP: $0.31300  
    BTC lost 19% of its value XRP lost 13% of its value  
    I had noticed both BTC and XRP were finally moving in tandem, but given the information provided in the Q2 report together with the very recent trend I observed, it looks like the buying pressure from the institutions could be resulting in the XRP price slightly gaining traction.
    Again, this is all too new and I cannot confirm everything. But if Ripple started not only to decrease their sales OTC and also started providing XRP to FI through the open-market, then the direct consequence would be XRP/BTC moving upward, or at the very least a relative reduction of the XRP/BTC downtrend (depending on the % of the XRP allocated to OTC and open-market).
    Obviously, if the trend for BTC was moving upward, we would notice it even better.
    I am eager to see how the trend will play out but I feel much more positive after reading the Q2 report coupled with my observations of this very recent trend.
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    taebuoytogI got a reaction from 7strings in David Schwartz popped into the Alex Cobb chat today to answer some questions.   
    I look on here and I see 20 something reply's I am like wow what great content it must have been.  Then I see all the bickering 
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    taebuoytogI reacted to JannaOneTrick in Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report   
    Q2 2019 XRP Markets Report
    24th July 2019
    Q1 escrow: 2.30 billion XRP were returned to escrow.
    Q2 escrow: 2.10 billion returned to escrow.
    xRapid transactions increased 170% from Q1 to Q2.
    Ripple had a 30% increase in the number of live xRapid partners in Q2.
    Ripple decided to pull back from providing XRP over-the-counter at scale toward the end of Q2, in light of the OTC desks’ ability to source institutional demand for XRP in the open markets. Going forward, Ripple plans to focus institutional sales on markets where the on-exchange liquidity for XRP is insufficient to meet institutional demand.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to ADingoAteMyXRP in UnionBank is First PH Bank to Use Blockchain-based Tokenized Fiat for Account-to-account Cross-border Remittance   
    Unionbank recently partnered with Coins.ph to leverage Ripple's xRapid.
    Adhara is run by former head of blockchain at Santander, a Ripple partner.
    Wonder how those payments are getting settled...
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    taebuoytogI reacted to wrongbenson in Ripple Director appointed to New York State Digital Currency Taskforce   
    Ryan Zagone is Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple;
    As per Clyde Vanel, NYS Assemblyman and Chair of the Subcommittee on Internet and New Technologies:
    New York State Digital Currency Taskforce:
    Body consists of 13 members: 
    6 appointed by the Assembly and the Senate Joseph Lubin - co-founder Ethereum Project, founder ConsenSys Sandra Ro - CEO Global Blockchain Business Council Yaya Funusie - Chief Strategist Cryptocurrency AML Strategies LLC, Fellow at the Center on Economic and Financial Power (Foundation for Defense of Democracies) Yorke Rhodes - Co-founder Blockchain at Microsoft, Principal Program manager of Blockchain Engineering at Microsoft Azure Ryan Zagone - ! Aaron Wright - Co-founder OpenLaw, Law professor at Cardozo Law 7 appointed by Governor NYS first state to create digital currency / cryptocurrency taskforce to determine how to properly regulate for digital currency and blockchain technology 
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    taebuoytogI reacted to Danny in WIREX co-founder and CEO Pavel Matveev: “...XRP is a good example here, which is purely a security token...”   
    There is regulatory clarity in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Wirex both have their offices in London, UK, and the FCA says Ripple XRP is not a security.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to zerocool in Bank of America's new patent   
    Patent# US2019/0172059AI
    "Real-time net settlement by distributed ledger system"

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    taebuoytogI reacted to xrpmommy in Nice workshop......   
    ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies
    Integrating with Hyperledger Quilt and the Interledger Protocol
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    taebuoytogI reacted to codiusrex in Ripple-Backed XRPL Labs Reveals New Look at XRP-Powered Banking App   

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    taebuoytogI reacted to AnotherFrenchGuy in Ripple, Moneygram, FAB -- Payit   
    I live in Dubaï and I can tell you that Payit starting to be something here.
    The governement wants the UAE to become the first cashless society.  There are ads in cinemas and the internet incitating to use Payit here.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to ADingoAteMyXRP in MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes live on Cheddar Business: "From a platform perspective xRapid and XRP as an asset is the absolute right one to use for the settlement purposes."   
    Great interview! Thinking through his statements...
    He mentioned using XRapid for backend settlement initially, which actually lines up with how you might expect the initial use case to go. Here’s why:
    If a direct xRapid remittance payment (customer-facing) takes a few minutes to complete, that’s fine in most circumstances, but your customers will want the best possible experience, which is instant payments (not 3 minute payments). Moneygram would probably rather use the instant payout of xCurrent / nostro accounts for the customer experience.
    What I think xRapid will be used for initially is filling those nostro accounts and rebalancing liquidity on an ongoing, 24/7 basis, rather than for direct customer-facing remittances.
    E.g. for transfers from US to Mexico, Moneygram might only need an hour worth of funds in a Mexican bank account at any given time, rather than 3 days worth of liquidity. Those nostro accounts can be much smaller because they’re constantly being refilled, at a lower cost rate than the correspondent banking system.
    At least, that’s how I’m interpreting Moneygram CEO’s comments!
    Which means... I bet Ripple is working on or has some kind of automated liquidity-balancing capabilities built into xRapid. If we didn’t already have a going theory on what xPool is, I would assume that name would fit pretty well for a rebalancing product.
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    taebuoytogI reacted to kenrino in Ripple Whitepaper: Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments   
    Here is a direct link to the full report, thanks to  @Panosmek but if you're interested as a company you should definitely fill the form in the first link.
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