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  1. I look on here and I see 20 something reply's I am like wow what great content it must have been. Then I see all the bickering
  2. There is no way to tell if the volume we saw the last couple of days is because of xrapid or not. If this price increase was done only by investors and speculators then we might have hit an intermediate high, which is not bad it just means too much too soon.
  3. The wife is going to just hate his new attitude around the house.
  4. Michael didn't need to be there. The only meaningful information that came out of his mouth was regarding the speed and cost of sending xrp around the world as compared with the alternatives. Brad couldn't get the opportunity to answer important questions because of the Madonna and Trump interruptions brought on by Michael Arrington.
  5. Does anyone know why doesn't a company try and get an etf through another country maybe with less regulation. Germany? Japan?
  6. I know... If will feel like home once it hits $3.00 again.
  7. Same with mine... I haven't been able to do anything for the last 3 days. Jack Dorsey must be really scared of Ripple in order to pull this kind of stunt.
  8. This is a Cory Johnson interview (audio only) with Adam Johnson of Bloomberg speaking about how XCurrent, XRapid and XVia work. Again with Amazon as an example. https://secure-hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/c/c/8/cc8538aa519c2b6b/Bullseye_Brief_Ep41_Johnson_and_Johnson.mp3?c_id=20160181&cs_id=20160181&expiration=1526579404&hwt=4f60a6f447064ab316dec3a3579e3b82 Starts talking about Amazon at 8:20 The interview is from 2-3 weeks ago.
  9. Exactly... So how would he know if it was past tense? He would need to have first hand knowledge that it isn't true anymore.
  10. The money that has supported the market until now has been 100% (or close to that ) investing (or speculation) related. We haven't even touched base in to the utility that each coin or XRP brings, in other words the demand for the coin as an efficiency tool. XRP hasn't been used at all (except for Cuallix and other small players). When real usage begins such as with Moneygram, Western Union and SBI we can expect an increase in volume in exchanges as well as OTC sales of XRP. In general institutional money will be coming in over the next 6 months and this institutional money will be
  11. Finally resolved my issue with SWIFT. I had to pay an extra $60 for an amendment to be made to the wire. Truly incredible... So overall I paid roughly 10% ($100) out of $1,000 to send money overseas. I can't wait for XRP to lower my cost and have better reliability. @Dutch_ins did your issue get resolved?
  12. Do you have a source... or are you the source? ?
  13. They still have that damn error rate too, and my money is still stuck somewhere between Peru and Mexico!
  14. These three names are constantly used as examples by ripple employees in interviews. I doubt that it can just be "chance". Also from Cory Jonhson's interview the other day... How could he know that Amazon has 300 employees writing APIs to deal with banks in several countries? I speculate that Ripple is doing some sort of service for these 3.
  15. I am so sorry that your 50K transfer has taken this long. My amount is peanuts compared to yours. I would be losing my mind if that amount would be frozen. That is exactly why I believe in Ripple 100%. I hope that your issue gets resolved quick... keep me updated through IM. Good luck.
  16. I can't tell you what a pain it is to work with SWIFT. I've been trying to get back $955 dollars which is frozen right now. The bank in Mexico doesn't know how to deal with the issue and the bank in Peru doesn't have a clue either. I've spent so much time trying to get this amount in the right account and it is just incredible all the trouble and time that I have to go through. SWIFT has to replaced, there is just no excuse for this to happen in this time and date. We can get signals back from the space station before money can get to another country....ridiculous. My 2 cents...
  17. I like Cory's demeanor and experience. Great add. Good for us. Great interview.
  18. I live in Peru. At the beginning I was thinking that it could be between Citi and BBVA, but then I realize that he mentions specifically "money center banks" which means it could only mean Citi. There aren't any branches of Citi like you would expect but they do have a presence in business services. I assume the reason why the bank doesn't want to keep PEN (Peruvian Soles) is because we have had lots of government corruption in the past 2 years specifically and there is danger that the PEN could devaluate itself due to this uncertainty. I don't blame them trying to keep XRPs rather than PE
  19. Didn't CasinoCoin just say that they were building their coin on the Ripple network?
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