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  1. People move capital to where it gives them a return. OMG, Neo, etc. Those coins will pull money from low performers. Again, a feedback loop. But there could be a number of reasons.
  2. Current price drops: Ongoing offload of some level of XRP onto markets from old holders, but this isn't the big one. Price at this point is pure speculation based on future promise. Low daily volume, general downtrend and erratic swings keep traders/speculators away. This turns into a feedback loop. Everything about XRP is largely priced in. The market wants to see an announcement on day to day adoption by a bank or banks. This is why all other news actually does nothing or even ticks it down. it just reminds people they haven't seen the big announcement.
  3. That's my point. There are none. There are only two things that will swing the price in any significant fashion. The news of a bank adopting XRP for day to day (i.e. not "evaluating") or a whale pumping. That's it right now. Everything else is priced in.
  4. No, that's NOT what I am saying. What bank is using it now in day to day?
  5. No. Ripple staff giving positive feedback about XRP or the Ripple network is not a bank using it day to day per the stated use-case for the currency. Do you have any banks who have adopted XRP?
  6. What banks are actively using it for day to day activity per the use-case? Please cite your sources.
  7. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    To relax and ride it down is an opportunity loss.
  8. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    IOTA .85 on bitfinex and dropping....
  9. True believer

    Ok, one way or the other BTC will make 5K+, barring a black swan event. It's already below 4K now so its a better buy-in than even a few hours ago. You can profit off the $1K delta. Either go in now and ride the correction down and back up (if there is one) or go to cash and buy after the correction (a slight risk if there isn't a downturn).
  10. True believer

    All you had to do is sit in bitcoin and you would have been appreciating this entire time. For example, now is a good time for being in cash as it strongly feels like a small correction is happening soon. Then grab a low coin that you know will bounce right back, catch the improvement and move on. Convert to XRP at that point if you must. There are many ways to do it, but "hodl" is a lot like "close your eyes and pray".
  11. True believer

    What he said. If you are absolutely dedicated to XRP, go double your money with some other crypto and come into XRP with more resources later.
  12. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    .91 on Bitfinex. Many alts down significantly and BTC is looking like a correction is about to hit. Don't think $1 is happening yet.
  13. IOTA #5 Marketcap

    I would sell, hold the cash and see what happens. You might be able to buy at a discount. The rise has been VERY fast. Reasonable chance for a contraction, especially if BTC undergoes any reversal on the way to $5K.
  14. Bitcoin is completely NOT anonymous. All transactions can be traced. Even mixing offers no protection. Only exchanging into Monero offers anonymity, and you can do that with XRP just as easy as bitcoin. There is no benefit with XRP on this point.
  15. Lots of cryptos pumped 3 to 5 months ago. There was a general speculative frenzy that impacted the entire field, with some cryptos benefiting more. Fundamentals played only a small part. That past means nothing at this point. There won't be speculative improvement without specific news of XRP use-case success. This is why all the news has no effect or takes the price down. The only news anyone wants to hear is core use-case going live, not being tested or evaluated. Price will bleed until that news comes out. Ripple liquidity, daily volume and price swings are not attractive for day trading/scalp trading and XRP is decoupled from BTC except in crashes. My opinion is you would be better off holding capital in bitcoin and rapidly coming back into XRP (since they are a trading pair) in the event of good news on the use-case. The price is so low at this point, you would only miss the initial upswing. Minimizes exposure to an all or nothing situation and further price erosion while adding some value in the meantime. My opinion. Do as you will.