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  1. Yeah, just making sure people understand there is anti-XRP propaganda out there. It will have an effect and needs to be countered. Actively. The average person googling XRP and Ripple will come across that at the top of the google page and go away with a skewed impression. The whole blockchain/crypto-currency world is a wild-west of information and disinformation.
  2. Noticed this yesterday when I googled for XRP/Ripple news.
  3. It's all tea leaves. The ONLY thing I have seen that drives price on the non-bitcoin assets is news, rumor and message management from the team that owns that product (ignoring potential manipulation by different parties). This is especially true when people are paying for the PROMISE of future performance. Everyone is effectively bidding on IOUs. It is magnified by the massive daily speculation that controls most of the short-term prices. Maybe if XRP was accepted on alphabay it would swing things.
  4. I have seen this repeatedly.
  5. I ordered the ledger S to get my funds off Poloniex. I don't trust any of the alternatives. I used keepkey for bitcoin and I liked it.
  6. Was there anything new on this?
  7. To some extent this depends on how much press BTC and ethereum get. If they have a load of continuous mainstream press because of their recent success, the money will flow to the "inevitable" currencies, further magnifying their success. Their success will drain investment from the other currencies. You will then be dependent on either a crash of one or both of those currencies or a major boost to XRP that will carry through and excite people for more than a day or two and has the strength to overcome the BTC/Ethereum positive press bandwagon. The increased XRP exchanges will help a bit, but everyone will continue to drift to the current winners without some event to trigger a cascade of people pouring in their money to XRP. Take it with a grain of salt but that's how I see it.
  8. No. It's either people on the outside looking to profit or people on the inside looking to game the system and profit. Or maybe some people on the outside working with people on the inside. Either way, Poloniex's lake of transparency virtually guarantees repeat performances.
  9. It's a start but I would like to see partnerships announced, etc. We need a steady stream of exciting news. Otherwise, you will see all the interest and the press going to bitcoin and ethereum for the foreseeable future.
  10. Ethereum and Bitcoin are pulling back some from their earlier high. Some good news would be timed well right now.
  11. I agree. These posts of his are to create a ******** "paper trail" to be used at a later time.
  12. But it effects the price. There is a lot of XRP movement on Polo. It's a weak link and will be for some time, even as the new exchanges come up.
  13. Senior Ripple people need to get on a plane and go on a tour, if they haven't already, and meet with the key people running each exchange. Do the PR thing and push things on the Asia side. Asia should be a good medium to long term solution. They need to be relentlessly pushing XRP and the Ripple technology in Japan, Korea, etc. Get their comments quoted, in the news, etc. They had a good run-up. To now allow a significant pull-back would be a long road back to the same position. In my opinion, I would like to see Ripple be visibly active with the Asia exchange side, assuming they are not already and I am not missing something. Get quoted in the non-english language crypto news sites, etc. This whole initial run-up is based on emotion, comfort level and rumor. They need to be seen as often as possible now. The initial run-up of the currency was great. Now they have to actively help hold the line. Even if Polo is marginalized somewhat, it will remain a mover. They can't avert their eyes and hope the other exchanges carry the slack. Polo will need to be addressed directly. It's too big. They need to talk to the Polo people and get assurances that this ******** will stop. There needs to be an acknowledgement that XRP has taken the brunt of the abuse at Polo and it will now be better. This communication needs to be publicized. My take.
  14. Another member just made the comment: I also posted up the DDOS question earlier on the prior XRP rallies (at least 3 of them) getting wiped out due to Poloniex trading going down/DDOS. In my opinion, given the current volume of Poloniex XRP trading compared to the daily total, this is a major long term impactor on price. I question the circumstances and Poloniex itself. Will every XRP rally keep getting its knees cut out from under it? Does Ripple see the same thing? Should they approach Poloniex about these problems?
  15. Pardon me if I am asking questions previously answered in other threads or if any of these points are totally off-base. It seems to me if you want to maximize liquidity with XRP you would want to expand the use case for it. To that end, what stands in the way of Ripple gradually expanding the role of XRP to be able to occupy the bitcoin space? Bitcoin is a "store of value" with what is rapidly becoming an antiquated infrastructure unable to handle the traffic it is getting and is hamstrung by its lack of centralized control and ability to implement change. It is beloved by the libertarian side of crypto-currency for its lack of affiliation with any banks or governments. While that status is questionable given the Chinese control of mining and the fact that the Chinese government ultimately could call any shots with that group that they wanted, I would assume the vast majority of users don't care about libertarian ideals or the grey areas around the various currencies. Indeed, bank affiliations and being part of the global financial infrastructure would ultimately provide ease of use benefits people would demand, benefits bitcoin could never really hope to implement. Is there any Ripple roadmap to getting XRP accepted as an online retail currency? Bitcoin is slowly expanding in this area, but it is SLOW to be adopted precisely because the currency is SLOW to process transactions and the bitcoin ecosystem doesn't play well with real business in terms of the needed bells and whistles of integration and customization. This is something that Ethereum could eventually also excel at, given its greater flexibility and better central control than bitcoin. Either way, I certainly have an ulterior motive given my heavy investment in XRP, but I also have a natural tendency to want to aggressively take all of the market share I can when the opening presents itself.