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  1. You could be right in your question. I suppose automation is sufficient for now in that the goal would be to eliminate external 3rd party clearing and allow businesses to bring central clearing in-house, cheaply and efficiently. For context, during the last administration, regulations were put in place that didn't allow companies that give retirement advice to be the same ones doing the clearing. So they outsourced their clearing to 3rd parties. With the new admin, that regulation has been lifted so companies are looking to bring central clearing back in-house. But it's easier to outsource
  2. The idea of using blockchains to disrupt the retirement industry, namely 401(k) and other retirement savings accounts isn't necessarily a new one. My question is...how could you leverage smart contracts to eliminate the need for 3rd party clearing firms without putting the underlying 401(k) accounts at risk to volatility of say XRP? It would seem to me as this would be a great use case for such. Another way of asking that is to say...401(k) account holders already have an investment strategy for those funds and they don't want to take on additional risks of crypto fluctuations. One of
  3. Even if the SEC were to determine XRP a security, it would be "fairly easy" to get into compliance given Ripple's resources and relationships. Maybe they pay another fine if the SEC wants to be ***** but I suspect all will be fine.
  4. Meaning, from the Bitcoin space. Almost all of the investors circling around back then hated Ripple. We were proud Ripplers so it made things tougher for sure.
  5. I sure appreciate all the support we got. I think you'll be happy with what we're doing now. I still believe in something like a Casheer app for commerce but there's some other things that have to be built first. I think that was one of the issues in ultimately selling it to investors. Sort of a cart before the horse type of thing. (That and the blacklisting one takes for building on Ripple) But...I think we got it this time, brother.
  6. Don't shoot the messenger. Quilt? Haven't heard of it, will look into it though. Anything of note? Moved on from Casheer quite awhile ago. Some new offerings in the works that I hope we can start beta testing sometime this year.
  7. What big banks think crypto users are like --> What crypto users are actually like -->
  8. You don't need to be an economist to know that just one person wanting Bitcoin, keeps it from 0. It's just basic math.
  9. I'm no fan of Bitcoin (aside from it's foundational success in spawing better decentralized/distributed solutions ) but the idea Bitcoin is going to zero is just silly.
  10. Couple of points that come to mind: 1. It's the banks that write the regulations and laws. The idea that banks will stop trying to control everything is naive at best. That's the delima something like Ripple puts everyone in and their blinders based mission to have only banks running validators. You're basically handing the keys to the future of money over to the most corrupt, greedy and selfish people in the world. Then expect them not to collude and/or to do right by the people. They're banks...they don't care about people. They care about money. 2. If one is paying their b
  11. The fact is, Stellar is far more decentralized and cheaper than Ripple. Thus it garners much more respect from people in the cryptosphere. This isn't surprising to hear this from Danny. Many developers in the space are now looking at and building on Stellar. Some consider it the best tech in the space now.
  12. "Everything is FUD that doesn't fit my narrative." Which is why you didn't find any value in it. Look guys...tell yourselves whatever you have to tell yourselves. Truth is, if they really wanted to FUD Ripple, they'd be talking about reserve amounts and Ripple's inability to scale.
  13. Well I sure appreciate you sharing all those "lies" with me. Maybe next time instead of trying to use other people's voices to explain your personal feelings on the matter, you'll find your own voice based on your own knowledge of the subject.
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