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  1. Nice! Glad to see constant improvements on the software <-> hardware improvements.
  2. Of course SEC won't stop if they win the lawsuit. They're out for blood now hopefully Gary Gensler can rope them back in line getting a bit too gallus for my liking.
  3. If it ever hit 110 I'd have 1 million. Need to let it hit 300 for me to be in the perfect spicy money spot.
  4. Hmm food for thought though. If SEC can sell them as unreg securities does that mean XRP overall would peak price wise? I assume they'd be cutting it off from the main flow of XRP that's currently around since that's already in circulation. I guess time will tell.
  5. I really don't see SEC holding any cards for this one. Ripple is going in swinging and given the old SEC lead just yeeted himself (already a bit sus to me but presidential administrations and all that) and Gensler seems very quick in wanting to get some proper regs for crypto which only strengthens the case for XRP and other functional cryptos to be used. It's not looking particularly good for SEC if i'm honest but time will tell once the dust settles. IF SEC wins, ripple burns 55% of all XRP which to the best of my knowledge means XRP goes up in value but maybe cripples da ripples
  6. You withdrew it (to much jungle juice?) Someone who isn't you withdrew it (you've been robbed) Any transaction log you can follow it with? Coinbase didn't say they'd stop you trading just buying or selling if memory serves.
  7. Tether is a real turd in the punch bowl. I've read how it's just used by China to pump up the prices of BTC hence why it flew up the last week because most of the purchases came from outside the US and was being hosted on Chinese crypto wallets. Seems BTC seems ponzi sometimes.
  8. Good well constructed and informative. I like XRP / Ripple because it has utility whereas a lot of other cryptos are just cash in cash out flips or used for illicit stuff BTC needed to have a proper system in place to be far more useful it missed the boat and is now a pump and dump which is a shame. See the weird thing with BTC is the higher the price the harder it is for the laymen to get their foot in the door without have a substantial fund pool to draw from it's ponzi-eque to me but DAMN anyone who bought at under £80 per BTC...whew....wish I did.
  9. XRP is still finding its feet and the news of VPs and CXXs coming into ripples fold is great news. SEC set it back a few weeks but it'll be fine I have a lot of faith in Ripple given the amount of Lawyers they're pumping into this lawsuit and the confidence of BG and the other is pretty strong they're fighting tooth and nail for this case.
  10. I hope you're right! SEC just wasting time and it still being the 4th most popular coin on the coindesk shows it's resilient thus far despite the set back that have occurred.
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