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  1. To win this trade war with China, US has to decouple the Domestic US Dollar from the Trade US Dollar immediately. This was already explained extensively and identified as a potential issue back in 1960s , known as the Triffin Dilemma, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triffin_dilemma However, back then worldwide trade was not as huge as now and therefore the problem is not magnified. We are in cusp of another financial evolution. The only reason that this was not done till now was that there is no suitable candidate to replace the Dollar......until now. I do really suggest that you do some research in this area. Hopefull this will explains why US is in great debt (not that they want to), and reducing the debt without decoupling the Trade US Dollar from Domestic US Dollar will just crash US completely! Looking forward to your next article articulating this
  2. Agree 100% and I'll just repeat the same statement I made 1 year back: If you have held XRP through 2017, you will notice that XRP behaves differently from other coins. The price is "held down" by design to shatter your will, doubt your own judgement and make you regret so much later when it shoots up. It has done that in the past, and it shall repeat again...just "observe" the patterns
  3. Look out 'cause here I come And I'm marching on to the beat I drum I'm not scared to be seen I make no apologies, this is XRP!!!
  4. If you can hold and accumulate as much as you can until Dec 2018....I am sure you will be laughing to the bank
  5. If you have held XRP through in 2017, you will notice that XRP behaves differently from other coins. The price is "held down" by design to shatter your will, doubt your own judgement and make you regret so much later when it shoots up. It has done that in the past, and it shall repeat again...just "observe" the patterns
  6. Don't you recognize the same pattern? This is the final step of a coordinated campaign to shake your confidence and break your will....and the next step is........
  7. Looks exactly the same on 17th January 2018. All coins rebounded at the same time at the same hour across most (if not all exchanges). It's like one big singular mind coordinating a massive buy at the precise hour! You can check out the charts yourselves
  8. Tigee, I recalled you have friends in Ripple Labs that recommended a XRP buy and the price target is way higher than $10. Did he bail out on you now? I believe in Xrpcalling $5 too. XRP is worth more than this because even when the price went below $1 today, Brad and his entire team didn't bail out on the Ripple. Partnerships are still being made, exchanges are being added and employees still wakes up every morning to work on the project. I have survived the low 0.20s for the entire 6 months watching every single coin go boom and bust and started doubting my own HODL , yet I am still around. XRP works in strange ways sometimes.....recall December when it's the only Green crypto? The question we ask ourselves is just, do we have more patience to see XRP perform another 3500% run?
  9. Hmmm..this got me thinking on a completely new business model that can partner with XRP... after all there are already so few of us (apart from those in the forum) that truly appreciates XRP. If only a few can truly harness its full potential!
  10. Now I see why it makes sense. Joel Katz mentioned there will be 2 household name announcement. Starbucks looks like they can use some XRPs for real. 1) They operate worldwide and crossborder payments is costing them a lot of money to repatriate back to the States. 2) They pay their suppliers all over the world. Some of the suppliers comes from the most remote Africa and the currency pairs sucks. XRP can solve this for them and cheaply too. 3) Their Corporate treasury can now hold XRP and release all the locked capital in many countries. XRP can provide on demand liquidity anytime, anywhere in 4 seconds. 4) Starbucks involves high volume but low value products. They can accept XRPs as payment because the transaction fee is soooo low. Starbucks bottom line is not doing very well for the past quarters, they need to cut these costs fast
  11. Institutional Hedging and Custody While customers can use XRP for on-demand liquidity through xRapid, we want to build the necessary markets infrastructure for eventual direct usage of XRP by financial institutions. In Q1, we’ll begin work towards the launch of institutional hedging instruments and custody solutions. Both of these market components are important to institutional adoption and thus are important components of our 2018 roadmap. This is the key piece! The banks are more than ready to load on XRP to their accounting books. The fact that they are saying "testing" was just a smoke and screen talk because its all done and dusted sometime ago . Banks will load XRP and they love it when the XRP price goes up, because it will make every bank with XRP looks super valuable and if XRP falls, we'll they got it hedged! No sweat.
  12. It is ironic that XRP is to speed up money transfer and here we are waiting for money to be paid out via Gatehub through SWIFT....and yes, it would be much faster to just take the money in a suitcase and flew it back to my country!!! I am still waiting for my money too...though a small amount just to test things out.
  13. Maybe we can exchange XRP in all 350,000 Moneygram locations soon....such a convenience!
  14. You are right! Watch their wallets, not even a single XRP moves in or out. Imagine, one day you are on Forbes as one of the richest man and next few days, your networth is halved. Yet, they continue to soldier on, did not resign from the company nor sell their XRPs...because its just the beginning! It's going to be big. I am sure some of you have met the team 1-1, you will understand their mission and enthusiasm.
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