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  1. This is the absolute definition of a meme shit coin, so I already got my original stake out + I now have 3 times that amount still left in it, this is a ***** (female dog), I'm going to ride till I see the retail investors get dumped on. Ethical NOT, but if you're in crypto to make money, then yeah, this is how the game is played.
  2. This thing is going nuts, I ain't dumbed a lot in, compared to some of my holdings, but when you consider how insane Doge went even if it is a just shit meme coin, I see this as a come back in a year or two. Keep in mind, getting in as early as possible and getting as many as you can is always the way to get rich, this thing is so new and its market cap is nothing right now. This is a risk vs reward deal, what I put in, I can afford to lose, but when you can get billions of these things for less than a $1000, it's a no-brainer for me. DYOR - but this is the kind of investment where you can put 000 on the end of your investment being this early.
  3. https://www.space.com/spacex-dogecoin-moon-mission SpaceX books a mission to the moon funded entirely by Dogecoin just days after SpaceX founder Elon Musk joked on Saturday Night Live about his role in spreading memes about the cryptocurrency. Geometric Energy Corp. has planned a rideshare mission to the moon aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which usually costs about $62 million to book, or about 129 million Dogecoin (at the cryptocurrency's $0.48 value as of 2:30 p.m. on Monday (May 10)). How much money or crypto will actually change hands, however, has not yet been revealed, nor has information about what other missions will fly on the rocket. Musk tweeted about the deal on Sunday, saying this is the first time that cryptocurrency will be used in space, and that it will also be the first meme used in space. "To the mooooonnn!!" he added. (We couldn't immediately verify his claims about being the first (with either crypto or memes), but it is important to note that the cryptocurrency Blockstream has a satellite network that broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain as a backup for ground network interruptions.) Elon Musk says he's going to put Dogecoin on 'the literal moon' And now Doge's GF can go to, keep this in mind kids:- https://www.dogegf.com/#section_how_to_buy
  4. DOGE GF = DOGE - GIRL FRIEND - oh this could be such a meme coin, you know how the net is, OMG, and it ain't even on Coinmarket cap or CoinGecko yet. Not shilling, just an FYI - https://www.dogegf.com/ DYOR You know if Elon so much as twits one single thing about Doge now having a girlfriend - MOON, STARS, NEXT GALAXY, you name it from current prices, and it's not even on any exchanges yet. This is a Metamask / Uniswap deal. https://www.dogegf.com/
  5. Just use a lot of profanity and hurl abuse at others here and become a BTC maxi, that should do the trick
  6. Are you saying you're looking for clarity from both this poster and Bad Gardenhose! Sorry, I work for the SEC, I need to pass this around at least 63 times in email, to get feed back and get the wording correct. Keep in mind at all times, that all this is just my personal opinion though
  7. "Concerning discussions with a third party whom Defendants understand received guidance from the SEC to analyze its digital asset under the framework set forth in Director William Hinman’s June 14, 2018 speech."
  8. https://interestingengineering.com/nikola-tesla-engineer-ufo-patents-us-navy A New Nikola Tesla? Engineer Devises “UFO Patents” for the U.S. Navy!
  9. To sum up - money flows out of banks into other platforms that offer better terms and returns etc, banks have power because they hold investors money, no money, no power. The powers that be, well, you get the gist! Politicians answer to the voters!, but as most people know they invariably answer to big money. Who pulls the strings of regulators, the powers that be, those with the money Coming soon, trust in the code, not the banks, not the politicians, not the regulators. DEFI putting a dent in the universe. Satoshi's vision.
  10. https://xrpl.community/
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