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  1. GG's public calendar shows he is at least a phone a friend colleague with Jim Hime's, enough said. This is all part n parcel of a certain clique in the USA trying to gain power and domination over the crypto space, by hook or by crook, legalities be dammed
  2. Charles Hoskinson is an American software developer and entrepreneur who is the founder of the Cardano blockchain platform and co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain platform. 3/ Bank Secrecy Act §5318A allows the Secretary to identify a "primary money laundering concern" and take "special measures" to (1) require financial institutions to report information on the concern, and/or (2) prohibit FIs from maintaining accounts related to the concern. 4/ "Special measures" authority is vast power that the Secretary of the Treasury has today, so in the current statute there are checks on that power. 5/ First, the law requires that Treasury engage in a public rulemaking before instituting a prohibition. Second, the secretary can impose a surveillance special measure through a simple order, but its duration is limited to 120 days and must be accompanied by a public rulemaking. 6/ While not full due process, these limitations at least alert the public and gives the public some opportunity to comment on a special measure's merit or constitutionality. 7/ The new provision would do three things: -Add "certain transmittal of funds" to the list of things that can be banned by the Secretary -Eliminate all public notice and comment requirements -Eliminate the 120-day limitation for measures imposed without regulation 8/ If adopted into law, this provision would be disaster not just for crypto but for privacy and democratic public process related to *all* types of financial transactions. 9/ It empowers the Secretary to prohibit any (or indeed all) cryptocurrency transactions (or any other kind of transaction) without any process, rulemaking, or limitation on the duration of the prohibition. 10/ This provision was first introduced as an amendment to the national Defense Authorization Act last year by Rep. jahimes https://amendments-rules.house.gov/amendments/D091421.082.xml210915100132965.pdf 11/ After alerting folks in the House and Senate of that amendment's unintended consequences, it was removed from the final bill that passed. Unfortunately it's back verbatim without any improvements. 12/ It still strips out *all* administrative process and duration limitations on the Secretary’s power to condition or prohibit transactions at financial institutions associated with primary money laundering concerns. 13/ It's time to call your member of Congress and ask that they take action to make sure that notice and comment and duration limitations are not removed from 31 U.S.C. § 5318A as the America COMPETES Act would do
  3. More guidance from the SEC on how digital assets should be viewed, i.e... the tokens themselves are NOT securities:- The SEC's case against Ripple alleges, XRP is a security WTF. How the hell was Ripple supposed to know, when a regulator puts out this type of mixed up insane set of statements to the market. Don't know about you, but I see:- "FEDERAL GOVERNMENT RULES AROUND CRYPTO" With the SEC mentioned in the background. The SEC are a bunch of market manipulating liars, full of Self Enriching Criminals. How is anyone supposed to figure out what the rules are, when you see and hear this? This is beyond a joke of a case and GG is a Goldman Sachs political puppet, who has zero interest in protecting US investors.
  4. If you live outside the USA and wish to join John Deaton's campaign to basically get the SEC and congress to see sense when it comes to XRP, then click HERE to join the petition. It will take you 30 seconds, so please click above and at least take a look or let the SEC, and some of it's corrupt officials, get away with it:-
  5. Shut up Brian, I've warned you about not getting invited to parties and ruining everything, before
  6. And for all the noobs who have no idea who Bill Hinman is or what is being discussed, here is the man himself, SEC logos included and 15 million dollars richer (how did he manage that?):-
  7. And then we have poor old Hester who was also duped by Bill and JC, what a sad story:-
  8. Keep in mind that Robert Jackson as a SEC commissioner at the time, ALSO publicly pointed to Bill Hinman's speech as SEC guidance:- And as he said, "Hinman's speech and the chairman's work on this, has moved the market forward a great deal" So JC chairman of the SEC + Robert Jackson (SEC commissioner) + of course Bill Hinman himself (SEC's head of corporate finance) + Hester Pearce (SEC commissioner as shown below), have all appeared in public forums on video pointing to Bill Hinman's speech as MARKET GUIDANCE. This is farcical beyond belief.
  9. If you give someone the opportunity to do something wrong or detrimental to themselves, they will usually do it; one does not need to interfere to bring about someone's downfall. The full version is "Give one enough rope, and one will hang oneself." Don't interrupt him with questions.
  10. And it gets worse + It's nice to know experts took Hinman's speech as guidance as well, this is a farce of a case and needs to come to an immediate end with CLARITY for XRP.
  12. I have some SOL already dropped and some not and all my trustlines are fine, so just give it another 48 hours.
  13. Yes distribution is still ongoing, patience
  14. reconsideration by February 17, 2022, and the Defendants may file their response by February 25, 2022. No reply briefs are permitted. Briefs shall be limited to ten pages (double-spaced) and the publicly-filed versions should be minimally redacted. The SEC may submit 10 additional documents for in camera review, along with its motion. The deadline for either party to file an objection to District Judge Torres from the Court's January 13, 2022 Opinion & Order is stayed until 14 days from a decision on the motion for reconsideration."
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