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  1. I bought HOLO right when Bix mentioned it as the second "elemental" token. He promoted Theta as something that was going to go crazy and it did. The run for Theta is not over, but paused due to their mainnet 3.0 getting delayed 80 days. I expect to see it go up 5 times in a couple months. Has anyone seen Drep? DREP price today, DREP live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap Look at the 7 day. It went up 14,000% in one day. From 3 cents to $3. Then dropped to 30cents...then back to $3 with another 14,000% rise. At first I thought that it was a crazy pump and dump but
  2. I'm looking at the following-- VET, IOTA, ICX, ONT Opinions?
  3. So I am looking for a couple of altcoins that have HUGE potential in the next 30-60 days. I was in THETA and it was amazing over the last 2 weeks. But then they put out negative news that said took the wind out of its sales stating that they would need an extra 70 days to the release of their 3.0 countdown. I think there was a lot of expectation about the countdown and now people are getting out fast for now. I did last night and I'm thinking it's going to continue to drop and then I'll probably buy back in. But that said I am looking for some that are set to soar. And help?
  4. Hi GemHunter- SNTVT sounds like an interesting project. And it's still in the beginning. The chart looks nice and harmless to get a position. Have you heard of THETA? THETA has a similar vision to a new fix to the internet bandwidth problem along with other things that it offers. I was in it heavy until today when they announced that they needed 60 more days to the 28 day countdown to launch their 3.0. It was on a great rise!!! Now I'm looking for something else for the next 60 days or so that has potential!
  5. Right! Now there could be something that happens where if it is relisted that there is a huge buy up and Ripple is not able to release more onto the exchanges and there is a traffic jamb and unavailability that drives the price. That does worry me. But I say all of this because back a couple weeks ago I moved EVERYTHING over to Theta for the 4/21/21 countdown ride. So far it's been great. They have a countdown on their website. Kind of like news that we know is happening with an expected date. I'm hoping for $30 or higher! Then that'll set me up for cash for the year, 2.5 x's
  6. So one of the things that Jeremy Hodan is ''honed'' in the 3/19 hearing is that the SEC said that those other than Ripple can sell / trade XRP and it is not wrong for them. That is you and I and possibly exchanges. The chatter is the exchanges will possibly relist XRP. At first when I heard this I thought that could mean a big boom for XRP, but then upon further thought considered that it really may do nothing more than go to 75 cents and then back down. My thought on this is that XRP gets its value in its utility from the velocity of use. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. My hope for the next month or two is that XRP does what it has been doing......NOTHING! I just dumped all my XRP into THeta. Hoping to triple my money and put back into XRP big. Honestly I'm nervous that the "Reset" will happen overnight and I'll be left out to dry, but I do think there is time. I just want to get back in before the SEC case is over. But then again I wasn't thinking that a month ago. All in all I do think that XRP is going to arrive as the #1 as central banks use it. Yes, it is currently "theory", but at the same time the reason it is even a "theory" to those of us w
  8. I'm not saying you are spam BECAUSE you disagree with me. It's because you are obsessed with debating with me against XRP. I'm done at this point arguing with you. I would like to go somewhere else on this board and talk to others of like mind. Like the other post I posted. You coming there to attack me or you going to leave me be?
  9. If you could buy a chicken that laid 1 golden egg for $0.45.... How many would you buy?
  10. There is plenty of people to attack over here--- Gensler Calls XRP a "Bridge Currency" at Least 6 Times in Short Video. What gives? - General Discussion - Xrp Chat if you want to ruin someone elses post. They are all essentially saying the same thing as me. Maybe without as much detail. Everyone there is saying that XRP is a bridge currency. What does that mean? ITS A BRIDGE CURRENCY TO CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES!!!! Better go over there. They need some negative comments from a nay sayer!
  11. Funny how out of all of DigitalPerspectives videos you picket one from the 2-5% that is not actually about WHAT IS GOING ON WITH RIPPLE/XRP. You have pretty much ruined KarmaCoverage's post by taking up issue with me for radically agreeing with the OP. I will say it again. Archbob---- YOU ARE SPAM! You and all your friends.
  12. The OP of this post posted about XRP being a CBDC. I am not a troll. I am in agreement with the OP and many others on this forum. I do have a theory though... That it is those on this forum that find people who like the OP and myself that are saying good things, even unbelievable things about XRP that are the real trolls. I believe that your types come on here, even a lot, as SPAM, to deter people from being XRP holders. Your arguments are good. Except if one is fully convinced by what he sees happening in the world with the great reset. You tag teem against members accusing the
  13. Watch some of the videos. It's not "bread crumbs" like that. It's more connecting the dots. I wouldn't have put the kind of money into it that I did if it were just conspiracy. Digital Perspectives connects so many dots I just could not deny any more that XRP is way more than we think it is. BUt you'd have to have an open mind and at least give him a chance and watch several of his videos, not just one and pick it apart. You'll like it. Trust me, I don't recommend a whole lot of people to read from or listen to.
  14. THETA is awesome too. If you haven't already check out Theta. What they are doing could be massive. Essentially Theta has created an engine for a new internet with the bandwidth problem. Also they have great partners. I wish I would have bought at 50 cents a few months ago. I think we can all say that about any of them though.
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