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  1. I’d love to see time-bound NFTs. Because then you could sell hotel reservations, or tickets, etc. 😈 PS: I think this is inevitable and I personally might want to see it on XRPL instead, because I’m biased
  2. I’d love to see a tax reporting application. Flare has enough stuff happening around it that I think there’s value in building something that’s Flare specific. I’m happy to collaborate/code if necessary.
  3. Thank you! I vaguely remember seeing Hugo mention that, but I could be mistaken. @BillyOckham, please see comment above.
  4. Ethereum is on its way to close the gap. Soon it will be XRP's time. Unless October 18 bombs for some reason.
  5. Hmm. Number of FTSOs is now higher than 25. Brings down peak reward rate to 5% per FTSO. Things are going to get interesting this epoch.
  6. They made changes to significantly improve win rate a few days ago. They called it v2 and this was their way of rewarding/attracting delegators. They were pretty open about it and that it’ll go back to 20% with epoch 6. Reasonable strategy. Gives them 3 weeks to be a good FTSO.
  7. Guess we’ll know on Saturday once the reward epoch starts. Bitrue support for ExFi could also be a factor.
  8. This structure also continues to be in play, much to my surprise.
  9. Someone mentioned that if BTC were to cross 56K, 60K is next. If that ends up happening, I think XRP and ETH will be closing the 1M gap below, against BTC. Note: That doesn't necessarily mean that XRP and ETH will go up by 24% and 20% respectively. BTC could also come down a bit.
  10. I hope (and expect) #2 is where we end up. #3 might still be a problem, even if the limitations are within the U.S. markets. None of the central exchanges are licensed as broker-dealers. I don't think they will get that anytime soon either because several coins on those exchanges could be deemed securities. All proof-of-stake tokens are securities per today's laws btw. There may be a couple of options here - I think Kraken is trying to get a license in Wyoming. Perhaps it can be an LP for XRPL. Come to think of it, I think Ripple has also registered an office of some kind there. AMM on DEX may obviate the need for broker-dealers in the U.S. Possible Alternative Outcomes [Highly Unlikely] Congress passes a law as a bi-lateral compromise deal along with other infrastructure and tax bills that are due later this year. [Possible, but don't know if it is probable] Judge Torres doesn't issue a ruling, and instead says this is too important to be ruled in a court (apparently this has happened before), that Congress should pass a law and that until then secondary markets are off limits for the SEC to protect investors. Remember that speculation in crypto shouldn't be seen as a bug. It should be seen as a feature. Where there's money, there's entrepreneurship. With that, jobs. And taxes. That sweet sweet tax money that governments crave. I am hopeful that we will land on our feet, here in the U.S.
  11. I agree with 1. That’s why we have a lawsuit. I agree that the DEX is the future too.
  12. Commissioner Crenshaw's letter (see below) ultimately draws the battle lines for me with the lawsuit. SEC doesn't want Ripple (along with Consensus, Cardano, any other company) to make any money or any profit from token sales without providing some form of returns to the speculators - dividend, portion of a company, treat it as a loan, etc. Ripple doesn't want XRP to be deemed a security, or even their sales to be a security, in the current definition of a security because that effectively means that it kills the secondary market for XRP. None of the crypto exchanges have broker-dealer licenses and are unlikely to get it any time soon. None of the securities exchanges are likely to get license to support crypto trading any time soon. Needless to say, the implications aren't just XRP/Ripple related. The trick is to solve for #2 above, but at the same time also solve for #1 without killing crypto. Ref: https://www.sec.gov/news/speech/crenshaw-sec-speaks-20211012
  13. OpenSea/Rarible was needed because Ethereum can't scale for sh*t. I expect there to be native user interfaces on Flare/Songbird.
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