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  1. DEX will play a big role in the future, I think. Once ODL kicks off in earnest and as developers continue to build on XRPL.
  2. Be careful out there. DYOR. https://www.coalexander.com/post/binance-s-insurance-fund
  3. They do. We’ve had it for a while It’s called Paystring. Jed is tacostand$bithomp.com, Weitse is wietse$xumm.me, etc. Xumm let’s you set one up as do several other domains. See https://write.as/wietse/payid-email-address-for-payments-available-today-in-xumm See https://paystring.org/ for more technical details.
  4. Absolutely. The lawyers will have to confirm that it is in the public sphere for themselves, and that it doesn't negatively impact Brad's or Ripple's chances at the court. David's past statements, for example, were taken out of context in the lawsuit even though they were based on public and well-understood facts.
  5. I’m confident that every tweet from him goes through legal first.
  6. We don’t know, unfortunately. But we will know soon, one way or another.
  7. I think it’s an elaborate strategy to get public’s attention to the lack of clarity. Stuff must be happening behind the scenes.
  8. I think too often we end up mixing up various challenges with crypto, especially in the U.S - Fairness, taxation, legal clarity, burdensome regulations, transparency, etc. To me, the most crucial aspect that needs to be resolved is transparency. Asset concentration. How much does any influencer stand to gain by bad-mouthing or pumping up specific tokens ? We have no idea. How solvent really are some of the companies that offer lending products ? Celsius, BlockFi, Nexo, etc. We have no idea. What guarantee is there that when we spend a certain amount of USD or any other Fiat to get USDC/USDT that we are able to redeem it back for Fiat ? No idea. What are the risks involved in certain DeFi products ? No idea. Is an organization with a huge social media presence really that huge in the real world ? No idea. Where is 100x leverage coming from ? Who are the guaranteers ? Where is the collateral coming from ? No idea. The standard answer for everything has been - "crypto is high risk, high reward. no one guarantees anything and so if you put your own money, do your own research and it's your own fault if you lose money". I don't think that attitude is scalable because it significantly limits the number of people who come in, the quality of people who participate in crypto, and also the amount of money people are willing to bring to the table. It also makes fraud super easy. I think it would be nice to be able to classify crypto products into existing financial products that are well understood. We already have regulated loans, commodities, securities, mutual funds, and other markets. We know how taxation works for those markets. What we need is to be able to build on top of those frameworks to allow for an asset class that behaves differently at different times.
  9. I meant that the comprehensive bill is likely to be that next step. Warren tried to make the SEC responsible for everything and I think that didn’t fly. I suspect a lot of stuff is happening in the background.
  10. Hedera is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR). I believe it is more of a DAG (directed a cyclic graph) and different from typical blockchains.
  11. Only temporarily. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that regulation is going to be devastating for a lot of people for a while. But the good products are going to survive and thrive. I don’t think that miners and those who stake in PoS will be asked to do KYC/AML but if they do, that’s the end of Ethereum, Bitcoin and the current version of DeFi. I don’t think it’ll happen because there is so much money involved, though. From a technology perspective though, XRPL, XLM, Hedera, Flare etc aren’t affected much by the regulation. That said, in the highly unlikely event that this does pass, there will probably be services that make it easy (compliance pays a lot of money for the middlemen).
  12. Warren's gambit didn't fail. A bill was introduced in Congress yesterday - https://beyer.house.gov/uploadedfiles/beyer_028_xml.pdf This will go through amendments of course, but this regulation is a good thing and might help make your guess (Gensler and Ripple coming out as allies) true. The bill, as it stands today, attempts to define what a digital asset security is, a mechanism to delay registration of digital asset securities and also a mechanism to "desecuritize" a previously registered digital asset security. I haven't looked at the details of the proposal yet, but this is very good for all of Crypto. The bill also plans on banning stablecoins that are not registered with the U.S. treasury. I haven't looked at what they define as stablecoins yet. I think this regulation is necessary and important, but I am not clear about short term implications. All they need to do is define what makes something a security or a commodity. We already have well thought out laws on taxation and regulatory frameworks around both of those.
  13. The bill, if it passes without more amendments, has no long term affect on XRPL. Only PoW and PoS blockchains. The settlement, of course. It’s always possible.
  14. Agreed. It’s going to play out in the next week to ten days.
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