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    Spending a littlw

    Good day Hope someone can provide some real info, as it seems all those exchanges are slow to respond, and provide close to zero support, and slow support .. is worthless, as it seems the rates of these currencies are super dynamic. So, I have opened an account on gatehub, and have a XRP wallet there with 20 XRP. I also have an active verified tear 2 account at Kraken. I have downloaded the Ripplerm Wallet and have gone through the guide posted (very detailed thank you Kakoyla!!). I want to use that as I want to create a wallet offline and want this wallet super secure. I plan to activate that wallet with the first deposit into it . What I would like to do ASAP is buy XRP for 50 euro . KRAKEN: It seems Karken are not really ready.. as all i get when i enter 50 euro trade (EUR--->>XRP) is "Order minimum volume not met" and no where on their site does it say what the minimum is for a XRP order. Even when I put down 100 euro.!!. same message. !!?? GATEHUB: slow in approving my documents.. so can't trade, but i also can't find anywhere on the site if its possible to feed the purchased XRP into a non-GATEHUB wallet, or if I can move my XRP from the gatehub wallet to my own cold wallet after the trade. anyway.. thoughts? where can I actually do as I want: end up with XRP at the value of around 50-100 euro on my own cold ripple wallet? thanks for your help. )