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  1. Last days I’m getting more confident in a good outcome regarding the suit. Only thing that scares me a bit is that Gensler said that xrp should be treated as a security. Although that was a couple of years back, it could be the motivation to keep the lawsuit going to a jury. In the end however I think ripple will win it but it could take years if the sec keeps being stubborn. Im now 2/3 into xrp again and will set some buy orders if its gonna fly
  2. All true, I guess a quick settlement under the Biden administration would be great. Neither the SEC and Ripple losing face then and we can indeed start catching up
  3. Yeah thats what Im thinking too. And to see it rise now without any news means that it will explode like a bomb imo
  4. Hi guys, My first post here! I’m reading this forum for about 3,5 years now with much pleasure but I have a dilemma and was wondering how you guys think about it. I’m a hodler since the summer of 2017 and watched xrp go up to its ath and go down again to where we are now. Uncertainty, excitement and greed kept me from selling at the high ranges but when the news came from the SEC I sold half of my stack at 0.4$ and bought eth (with a lot of grief). So my dilemma is if I should hold on to the other half or ride the train with some other coins during this bullrun. However, and thats whats keeping me doubting, is when positive news about xrp not being a security should break that xrp will double or more within an hour. I live in Europe so unless that news breaks in the morning in the US, I could be well asleep 😅 I know you guys don’t know the exact answer but maybe you guys have the same dilemma or some advice. Thanks and lets hope for the best!
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