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  1. uhhhh, I don't know if steady is the right word
  2. Yeah, I've had a long position open on XLM for the past few days. Fingers crossed it does Around 50c will be a biggie
  3. haha yeah I did the same with this channel for a few weeks, the videos would be suggested to me but I'd ignore them. But I have to say, they're not bad videos. He admits the name is a joke and he does actually provide a lot of context to the stories he reports on so it's not just hype. Decent channel, terrible name.
  4. Over the past few weeks I'd sold about 60% of my XRP and moved into XLM & ADA but XRP was just soooo low, so I sold off my BTC to restore my original XRP position. I'm looking at others but it's always a bit hard to pick out other coins from the crowd. If we dip below this support then I'm definitely buying about 1/3 of the money I've set a side
  5. I was a little surprised at how high it clipped before the Coinbase suspension. Based on absolutely nothing, I'm looking for a bit of a slow bleed before picking up some more in the coming days
  6. Yeah it does seem odd. I wonder if they were holding back on pumping funds into lobbying while the Trump administration was in. It's no secret the Ripple exec's aren't really fans. I do think lobbying is kind of.....evil, but I really do hope we see a significant increase in Ripple's lobbying efforts. It does seem to be a crucially vital part of the US political system.
  7. That is exactly what I've been doing too, glad I didn't just hold out of fear this time
  8. Fresh video by Jeremy Hogan Lawyer Analysis of XRP Lawsuit with the "Kit Interactive" Judgment! Lobbying, & the Tether Lawsuit!
  9. I am really struggling with when to re enter XRP, it's hard to take your eyes off the charts right now, I wonder if we'll see a run up or a sell off before the bigger exchanges stop trading? The thing that scares me most is news of an unexpected settlement being dropped while I'm asleep,
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