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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/former-ripple-board-member-tapped-to-lead-bidens-occ-wsj He understands that Ripple(XRP)is not a security?
  2. He might brace for lifting up XRP price,expecting successful negotiation with new SEC team?
  3. Also Poloniex.com and binance.com have longtime experience selling and buying XRP . Maybe Binance .com suspended trading XRP in the US but you can buy XRP outside the US at Binance.
  4. if Coinbase and Kraken and other US exchanges halt trading, there are many US exchanges you can select as Bitrex etc. You are a UK customer. So Recommend : http://cex.io which is a longtime XRP exchange in the UK and USA
  5. https://coinmarketcap.com/ko/rankings/exchanges/ Select another exchange to buy Ripple in America Pray the SEC will withdraw the lawsuit against Ripple before Jan 29 or Ripple successfully complete negotiation with the SEC not later than the end of Jan.
  6. Pray that New SEC Chairman will withdraw the lawsuit against Ripple before pre-trial meeting !!
  7. Yes !! I believe Great America will never kill American Ripple which is number one blockchain firm specialized in cross border payment tech. America is not foolish enough to kill Ripple. The SEC will realize that its lawsuit against Ripple is wrong.
  8. Instead Ripple company might consider buying lots of XRP in order to prevent XRP price from falling? Maybe !!
  9. Japan FSA Disagrees with SEC Meanwhile, Japan’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) has weighed into the XRP debate saying it does not classify the token as a security. According to the FSA, the token does not fulfill all the requirements of a security asset under the country’s laws. Indeed, XRP is a popular crypto-asset in Japan, with SBI Holdings, one of the largest financial services firm in the country, being a known advocate of the cryptocurrency.
  10. The tortoise step. Need speedy action for airdrop. Better airdrop all SPARK at once than Partial aidrop. Flare's airdrop schedule is a chicken-hearted strategy !!! From the begining flooding the coin market with SPARK is recommendable for occupying DeFi market. I do not like dribbling out when airdropping
  11. Hearsay unidentfied line has a hidden intention to destroy the blockchain firms like Ripple in order to kill digital asset market? Why? I think they do not realize the importance of blockchain tech industry which will be a crucial part of the 4th industrial revolution !! Do you believe it or not?
  12. Great News. Anchorage is" the first national digital asset bank" which has secured approval for a national trust charter from OCC. The digital asset bank, Anchorage added Ripple(XRP) to its custodial service .It means Ripple is not a security.!!! Now it is the time for the SEC to withdraw its lawsuit agianst Ripple.
  13. It is common sense Ripple is not a security but a digital asset or a digital currency.
  14. I bought lots of Ripple(XRP) at 0.45 - 0,50 just before the SEC filed its lawsuit against Ripple. Owing to the SEC lawsuit the Ripple price has been plummeted 50%-60%. What shall I do? I still keep holding all Ripple(XRP) I bought ,expecting a Ripple(XRP) to reach at least one dollar before the end of this month. Pray for me
  15. It is common sense that Ripple(XRP) is not a security. Those who insist XRP is a security might be politcally motivated or have a hidden intention for selfish purposes? May be ...To kill American blockchain firms like Ripple? If Ripple is a security the SEC should have done an action 7 years ago when Ripple was born. The SEC has done nothing to protect American houshold investing in Ripple over 7 years. Ripple is not a security.
  16. Pray a Ripple(XRP) will reach at least one dollar within this month
  17. XRP price prepares for a massive liftoff amid Ripple plans for major central bank adoption (coingape.com) https://coingape.com/79369-2/
  18. New administration should learn from South Korea how South Korea stabilized the cripto currency market with reasonable regulatory format in collaboration with the exchanges and the banks.
  19. Dear the SEC , We the innocent ripple retail holders are suffering big losses due to your nonsense lawsuit against Ripple. Please withdraw your lawsuit against Ripple. Dear Ripple, Please accelerate your utmost efforts to resolve the lawsuit by negotiation with the SEC before the pre trial day.
  20. Why don't Flare airdrop SPARK coin all at once? Why does Flare airdrop partially over more than two years? Please airdrop all SPARKs at once. Intensive airdrop would be much better than dribbling out. Flooding the cripto-market with SPARK from the beggining could be a nice marketing strategy. Is Flare Network a American company?
  21. It is common sense that Ripple(XRP) is not a security . The SEC must withdraw its lawsuit immediately. Why are we squandering valuable time and suffering big loss owing to the frivolous lawsuit?
  22. Let us promote aggressively our petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-people-ask-federal-government-deem-xrp-virtual-currency-currency
  23. If the SEC's mission is to protect American housholds and investors, the SEC would have issued clear guidance about what is and is not a security when XRP was born 7 years ago. We the XRP traders have been trading XRP as a digital currency or a digital asset for about 7 years. So the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple(XRP) is unacceptable and unreasonable. The White House should review the petition from the XRP investors and persuade and ask the SEC to withdraw its lawsuit against Ripple. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-people-ask-federal-government-deem-xrp-virtual-currency-curr
  24. https://www.coindesk.com/xrp-is-a-crypto-asset-in-japan-not-a-security-ripple-partner-sbi-claims Ripple(XRP) is not a security .
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