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  1. I learn through my 11 years trading that never sell when you are in loss unless you really really need money. If you want to sell, wait until you are in profit. If exchanges want to stop their US customers trading XRP, they already announce that in advance.
  2. they claim million per second You are absolutely right. I have no idea about payment channels and try to understand it. Not much success I guess It is really greateful that links to easy to understand docs is provided. I really appreciate that.
  3. yes, she is. She knows about securities than all of us in this forum. In her opinion, XRP is not securities. If one want to argue, come and debate with her SEC vs SEC
  4. totally agree, a lot of thing change
  5. without a court decision, xrp is currently not securities in us. period. Japan, UK (2021) ... firmly say xrp is not securities. I have my right to post as any one else. block me if you don't want to see mine --- we saw his opinion three years ago, not NOW
  6. eth and any PoS is more likely securities (smart contract, staking, farming, yield is very similar to dividend), xrp is not.
  7. thanks , others will follow. some exchanges still allow us customers buy Kraken, Uphold...
  8. DOT, Solana, ETH layer 2, lightning network are making very good moves. xrp may not be able to take 2nd position of eth
  9. I use xrpup in binance, x2 - x4, similar to margin trade but no worry about liquidation. created a post about it a few days ago. mentioned several times here as well even xrp goes to 0.0000001, I sleep well, because 1 btc will up till dec 2021 2 xrp/btc goes up My specialisation is risk management and statistics. I have been playing with numbers, probability very well. the chace xrp goes to 0.01 is nearly zero since the crash happend already. xrp/btc is extremely low. it is just a matter of time that the xrp hit 3 it is 100% win bet. In fact, given xrp/btc is
  10. you just need to edit the post, and title can be changedp
  11. thanks, I should delete my post then. --- thanks mods for merging the posts
  12. That's is what I have been trying to tell over last few days. No coins is better then XRP in terms of price. XRP/BTC is 840, 810 - 820 is becoming support over last 15 days, approximately
  13. Sorry, XRP may make you Millionaire if you trade correctly, not billionaires. BTC may make you billionaires if you hold it next 20 - 50 years
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