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  1. I all in and predicted xrp hit 1.0 from Jan and now get x5 for that now. I have been looking for the next investment since xrp hit 2 or 3 need about another 100 billion and find blink blink a bsc a version of wink which on tron. Binance invested about 8 mil out of 100 mil for the project, marketcap 54 mil certainly marketcap will hit 550 mil when being listed in binance. Price surely x10 from now. In fact, after 4 months ranging from 0.015 to 0.04, it just hit 0.5 few days ago and now about 0.27.
  2. hello bears, where are you, xrp hit 1.1 recently
  3. hello bears, where are you now? xrp hit 1.1 recently
  4. https://cointelegraph.com/news/hosting-a-cbdc-only-one-of-bitcoin-ethereum-or-xrp-can-do-it-says-report xrp will hit ath, just a matter of time
  5. You bear me every time I am about to post, great job, thanks so much for that
  6. thanks, I don't need to get paid for damages caused by SEC though I lost quite a lot of money. I just need xrp win the case, so xrp hit ath. Would you mind sharing how to register? It seems not clear to me. Really appreciate that
  7. Basically, all XRP holders worldwide can participate in the lawsuit --> is it true?
  8. I am about to post, but you beat me, doing a great job. All lawsuits is unfair and unjustified. This shows that no judge will ever agree with SEC
  9. Last year, people call bitcoin dead and scam, now everyone want it. People do change their opinion based on fact. In fact, he said there is a chance not 100% certain and did not access to necesseary documents to form informed opinion. Now, being head of SEC, he has eveything he need and the fact is that everybody has been asking SEC if xrp is securities with no answer, it means innocent until proven guilty, not securities. If SEC wants to fight, reveals all communication regarding BTC and ETH are not securities.
  10. This is another posibility, however I guess less likely, since many stakeholders will prevent him doing so by all cost. A lot of secrets should not be unfolded.
  11. Former SEC Chair Mary Jo might be some conversation with him as well. Better settle to save face before all proof are given to show how messy SEC is.
  12. I really appreciate your info. SEC is a mess, after 2nd March, it has new chairman, hopefully l, the law suit will be settled. Your email is a great proof, it will certainly very helpful for Ripple legal team if you can give it to them. No judge in the world allow the lawsuit continue after reading your email. Also, it seems that some SEC officers don't agree with the lawsuit as well
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