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  1. No surprise, gatehub is pretty much ripple labs, gatehub took over the original ripple wallets from rippletrade website all those years ago. Uphold also are another of ripples close friends so no surprise there also.
  2. I wouldn't call it being sorted, seems like the can was kicked down the road. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.coindesk.com/nyag-tether-bitfinex-loan-documents-coming-weeks%3famp=1
  3. Who's to say all the money in tether is real and it's all there to be withdrawn? The trillion dollar question.
  4. Where do you get 8 percent of trading? Im Seeing at least 90 percent of daily trading coming from USDT. It may be 8 percent of the market cap but not the daily trading voulme.
  5. 2.7 billion in trading volume is peanuts we had 5 yesterday
  6. That's the actually scary thing about it all, intrinsic value of the tech is being ignored, wonder what happens when we run out of buyers 😂
  7. We don't turn bullish till 0.47. that's the level we broke down on, after that it's red panties night. Till then it's all shakey sailing.
  8. Hey buddy? What does your Crystal Ball say?
  9. I think we are going down from here, pump over
  10. When people like this guy starts to come about it's sell your bags time
  11. The sec doesn't care about your bag
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