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  1. The distribution is not a taxable event, flare said this last week. When they release the token it will be worth 0, you then exchange it for FLR. The IOU being traded is not the token you will be receiving.
  2. I made the suggestion a couple of weeks ago that other companies wont add bitcoin to their balance sheet as it correlates to their stock price, i was told i was mad, looks like its all playing out now.
  3. Oh look microstrat, tesla and square all going down in the premarket, bloomberg talking about the effect of having bitcoin on their balance sheets and how its effecting the share price.
  4. Explain to us what "cooperate paper" its backed by? You cant answer that. 80-90 percent is the daily volume for tether of the crypto market.
  5. oh yeah, did anyone tell erick that tether is only backed by 3 percent cash? I bet he still doesn't see any problems.
  6. bitcoin dumping - guys how can any asset survive if one ******* can put out a tweet and move the price? Its all coming out now in the wash
  7. He knows all about it, but he cant just click is finger and lower the fees, this will need layer 2 or even layer 3 solutions to solve it.
  8. Mate we are in a bubble and when it pops you will know all about it. Ive been in crypto since 2012. This time it is no different. Look you can buy two for the price of one Stimulus has driven crypto/tech/innovate bubble - all retail retards going crazy.
  9. There is a massive difference with the book values netflix, google and facebook compared to tesla who cant turn a profit and microstrat who was at 3000 a share during the .com bubble by doing the same hype antics. Quit while you are behind on this one.
  10. Add more to your ARKK ETF it's going to the moon
  11. You see these companies rallied on bitcoins moves up, because it's all from retail traders. Now they are dumping but why are they dumping more than other companies? It's pointless replying to you are a million miles away from reality.
  12. What are you talking about dummy numbers?? Tesla being unable to get back to the heights it was at, putting in lower highs means its weak. Hammered is the perfect word for losing 40 percent of your share value.
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