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  1. Dear members of XRP Chat, firstly i want to introduce myself as an Austrian guy, who wants to say thank you for many years of reading into this forum, you provided a lot of information and insights…..but now is the time for ripple to react because of this incredible massacre we are experiencing right at the moment….no comments from BG, CL and other representatives of Ripple in the last days, only DS joined discussions on Twitter and i really appreciate that…… so my question is: did we really get fooled by a company, which was worth 10 billion last year, which hired high profiled employees and which seeked and had negotiations with central banks, IMF and so on…….Cause that would mean, not only we as retail investors got fooled, but also these other parties and it is difficult to imagine that….For myself i hold my XRPs till the end, there are so many projects out there, which deserve to survive….
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