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  1. Waves do crash down and disappear, ripples become waves and tsunamis haha
  2. I hear they're trying to make a better "ripple"... (Waves, ripple) sounds like a rip off. Another thought is, is the crowd sale going to boost it more? VC funds was how ripple started. Crypto world is evolving rapidly.
  3. There's still a business model that could be adopted by companies that offer FX rates. I think once the competitiveness of RLC transparency on the public blockchain is realized customers would be more attracted to the honesty in what's offered. Ripple is playing it smart and it could go in a million different directions. They have to do what the customer wants.
  4. My "girlfriend" slept with my "friends" now they want to date.(not a short relationship) I was really drunk when I posted this and I want you guys to know that I'm a better person for it. Ripple will have my full attention and hope to build ontop of it. Cheers to success! May we all love again!!
  5. If ripple takes off we should all try to meet up. That would make everything worth it for me. Lol
  6. In my personal life people can be sensitive to such questions. Cheers to you, may all your dreams come true
  7. Yvv what's your story? Still working, or did you inherit money? I mean no disrespect
  8. Are you an under accumulator of wealth?
  9. It's 50 xrp's for gatehub if I'm not mistaken with all my gateways I have 120+ tied up
  10. What's a good guess on how many will be destroyed a day if RLC makes it to the tipping point?
  11. That's a pretty big difference .01. And thank you! I've been trying to wrap my mind around what ripple has and what could be potentially destroyed a day.
  12. i heard it from zieler when he was explaining ripple to a blockchain collage course. Maybe someone can give more evidence to this, it's what I remember.
  13. Yakida and the protocol can only handle 200 transactions a second destroying .00001. If ripple hits the tipping point are there scalability for that? That's only .12 xrp destroyed a minute.
  14. When using the ripple protocol is there transaction that destroy xrp's even if it's fiat only? I wondering because Whats going to control spam in that user case?
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