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  1. You could be totally spot on with your white swan events. One question though, where would whales be buying XRP if you can't trade it on exchanges?
  2. Thats entirely correct. XRP is holding up quite well compared to where it was historically. However, it's reasonable to think other exchanges may follow the footsteps of Coinbase and halt trading as well, which will lead to further downward pressure on the price.... and no one knows how low it can go if that happens. I think at this point one has to hope for other major exchanges to deviate from Coinbase's decision and continue to let the market decide XRP's value as the SEC lawsuit takes place. I think it's ridiculous the SEC is forcing exchanges to delist XRP. For example, when the SEC was i
  3. Whether it gets resolved or not the damage has been done unfortunately. The extent of the damage is still playing out and it'll take some time which, like I've said before, might be too long and miss this bull cycle. If more exchanges start to halt XRP trading, then liquidity will start to dry up. You could have the most amazing asset in the entire world, but if no one will buy it from you then its worthless.
  4. Long-term, XRP could be fantastically successful. I'm concerned XRP may miss out on any alt-coin rally in this cycle because of this SEC bombshell, so the timeline for whatever price expectations may be significantly delayed. Crypto is crypto, so fundamentals may not matter at all in the end and XRP may continue as expected. Exchanges removing XRP from trading will definitely cause major issues though and that is what I am watching closely.
  5. Take it with a grain of salt but Kraken trading support told me that they will continue supporting XRP for US customers throughout 2021 and will not delist like Bitstamp... Anyone else have the same answer from Kraken when inquiring?
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