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  1. Hi guys. Juste chiming in. Still holding my 500k leveraged long from 0.30c. Only took initial investment out of it. Sned it god damn it.
  2. Queen - Dont stop me now. Having a good time
  3. 12th March sounds like a good break out timing to me. Be it up or down.
  4. Im balls deep long on XRP (aprox half a million dollars in leveraged position) so if anyone wants the price up its me not you guys rofl. But you gotta admit XRP price action is dogshit nowadays.
  5. Lets cuck our way down to 0.20 when BTC corrects to 28ke.
  6. I dont get the mental wanking of drawing fibs to 15$ when XRP cant even consolidate at 0.5. If it even pumps to 1$ before the bull run is over that would already be great.
  7. Well at least we get crazy volume, which allows Jed to market dump even more $$$ in xrp value wise per unit of time. Clearly the buyers arnt there to support the sell pressure. Any run up is hammered with a sell wall of 1000 thousands of XRP. Saw it yesterday by 0.62, 10 or 20M sell walls popping in out of nowhere. Out of all coins from 2017 I follow on technical analysis XRP is the only one systematically failing any bullish signal on the verge of breaking out. It's like it's on ******* purpose.
  8. This POS can't even hold its sat price in bullish news lol what a joke. Let's wait another 2 years...
  9. XRP is just the ultimate cuck coin that's all.
  10. Sold some around 0.30. Then all by 0.25. Put stuff in defi shit. X2 or x3ed the bag. Now I bought back 1.5x the XRP I had and wait for lawsuit resolution pump. Feels bad missing alt season but il diversified so its not that bad. XRP is 25% of my holdings right now.
  11. I think. If youre in gain in BTC its retarded not to refill a bit or XRP at sub 700 sats ATL. And if youre all in XRP its retarded to wait maybe 6 month and miss the bull run... The XRP i sold around 0.30 into RSR already x2ed nearly... Dont miss out on other good projets because of XRP grief.
  12. One thing is for sure : we are left holding the shitty side of the woodstick.
  13. Yes, it i's with much sadness that I have to admit that BTC maximalist were right from the start and that Ripple Labs Founders and CEO acted no better than regular ICO scams CEO or even bitconnect (if XRP gets delisted). I have now sold half of my 4 year long XRP bag into XTZ which seems to be the only major alt coin that is currently as low vs BTC than XRP. In hindsight even holding XLM or DOGE would have been safer. Only Garlinghouse or Larsen going to jail or paying a fine greater than what they have dumped unlawfully would satisfy the cost or opportunity of investing in t
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