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    저도 그게 궁금하네요
  2. http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/05/18/ripple-xrp-six-exchange-platforms/
  3. 빗썸 Since it's written in Korean and Korean doesn't have the TH sound, it's pronounced as Bit-some in Korean. the B in the end is not pronounced.
  4. Hi, I'm from South Korea and new to this website. Many of you are wondering When Bithumb will open Ripple trading. People thought the website would open it on Monday, but since it didn't specify the exact date, it will probably be this weekend(Bithumb said it was gonna open it on the third week of this month) And I think there might be another spike on Ripple very soon as Bithumb is bigger than Coinone(Coinone's Ripple volume is on the second after Poloniex). When I came across Ripple on the internet, I perceived it has a good prospect. So I bought a few dozens of thousands Ripple when It was around twenty something cents. Ripple price has been rippling for the last few days and the same thing will happen again. I didn't sell it when It went up to 0.42. I didn't sell it when it went down to 0.3. I didn't want to risk my coins as I know It will go up even more eventually. I think it's worth investing Ripple for a long time. I'm not gonna list the reasons because the reasons are out there on the internet. Sorry for my bad English, but I wouldn't have bought Ripple If I didn't know English. You guys are lucky.
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