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  1. Xrp keeps dropping more compare to other coins but didn't go up as much during the bull run. So irritating
  2. It is sad to see that xrp never broke the ath. It's one of few top 50 coins that never recovered and broke ath. Let's hope after the sec lawsuit comes to an end we see a huge correction.
  3. Xrp will probably reach 4 usd soon and then when SEC lawsuit drops 10usd
  4. Was this unexpected? It was well know that a pump and dump group was organizing this all along. What you guys expect.
  5. I love how people are bashing SEC. Of course they have a legal case otherwise they won't do what they are doing know. Why don't they target other altcoins? Use your brain. This is bad for xrp and ripple super bad just sell before its to late
  6. Of course xrp is rebounding back becuase BTC just hit ATH. But its very fragile its enough with a drop from BTC and some bad news from the ongoing investigation we will se 0.20 again. I sold half of my coins today after this rebound
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